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JAN 21

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"What's up with the voiceover? Surely anyone finding the story interest..."

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Human-Electric Hybrid Concept

A lot of interesting projects have been coming out of the Innovate or Die contest. We talked about it a while back and, now that it's over, we've got to buy generic viagra india rx talk about some of the entrants (and of course, the winners).

First, I just wanted to recommended site viagra viagra online share this somewhat intriguing "human-electric" hybrid concept. While it's not immediately suitable for the world most of levitra no rx us live in (with commutes longer than five miles) it could be a real winner in urban envionments.

The vehicle's on-board batteries can be charged via the grid, photovoltaics on the ceiling, or a pedal generator on board. In my opinion, it's a winner because it allows for possible vehicle-to-grid applications (storing renewable power) and it's a tad more convenient than a bike, as it has a roof, and greater stability (you don't have to pit your feet down when you stop.) Plus, it could conceivably shield you from the tramadol medlineplus elements (my main complaint about bicycles during this time of the year.)

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He-Man's Bike?
written by Magnulus, January 22, 2008
So if this is a HE vehicle,they NEED to get He-Man to star in all the ads. I'd call and ask him, but I lost his number.

One problem I can see with this thing is that it doesn't seem nearly as maneuverable as a bike. You would basically HAVE to ride in the roads in countries/ cities that don't have dedicated bicycle routes. In general, I would also say that it is just too huge. I can fit a bike in my flat, but you'd need to make some pretty serious changes to cities' infrastructure to make room for these things.
Not to bash but...
written by Danno, January 22, 2008
This looks remarkably like the "IT" vehicle from South Park.

The size is a big issue as someone mentioned above. It would be more practical to use an electric bike and power the batteries from a renewable source like solar panels and wind turbines.
written by xodus83, January 22, 2008
They totally ripped that from South park. I would rather walk then be seen in one of those.
Made of Awesome
written by Taylor, January 22, 2008
Sweet! I want one! ;D
I want one.
written by Tom Konrad, January 22, 2008
I don't know about the "not fit for cities"... it looks like it will turn on a dime, and it's narrow enough to ride in a bike lane. The electric motor and regen breaking should allow you to reach higher speeds than a bike, though. You would probably have to keep it in the garage, though, not your flat.

I doubt the PV panels make sense though... with the ability to charge by pedaling, anyting you get from the solar will likely be insignificant.
written by Drew, January 23, 2008
The main reason that vehicles with this design are not seen, no matter what the recommended site buy viagra online without prescription fuel source, is because if the whole vehicle is a wheel, emergency braking sends you wheelbarrowing head over heels. If you want a pedal/electric hybrid, a bicycle is probably the best starting point. In fact, they certainly already exist, only not with regenerative or PV capabilities.
written by Magnulus, January 23, 2008
Tom, I think that if you stop completely and then turn, yeah it will probably turn on a dime. However, and this is of course just an uneducated guess, I would suppose the case would be entirely different when you're already moving at good speeds. Also, not all urban environments have bike lanes, and there isn't a whole lot of garage for my flat, nor any other flat in the area. People park along the street.
Sure, I could park in a parking house that was fitted with charging stations, but how much do you think that'd cost me?

Just saying that even if these things cost as little as bikes or even less, they still wouldn't be a viable alternative to a bike for people like me; urban dwellers with little money (aka. students). I'll just dress well when it's raining or cold.
Where to even begin?
written by Virgil, January 24, 2008
-Where do the batteries go?
-How is the area at the top (really narrow) possibly big enough for PV panels?
-How does it avoid rolling forwards/backwards?
-Weight? way-more than a regular bike/trike
-Sideways windage - one big gust and you're tipping over buddy!
-If you don't wanna put your feet down when you stop, get some training wheels!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha (haven't laughed so much in a good while). Was this done by an elementary school student? :D :D :D :D :D
Portal voiceover rip-off?
written by Kris, January 28, 2008
What's up with the voiceover? Surely anyone finding the story interesting would've played (or at least seen someone play) Portal recently. Is anything about this design original?

Seeing these kinds of ideas still alive should make us all GLaD, though.

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