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JUL 15

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"The Smart Car is Stupid. And it's not selling. Proof that Americans ..."

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All-Electric Smart Car

Continuing the pattern of cheapest prices for viagra online making electric cars tiny and peculiar, DaimlerChrysler just released their plans to sell an all-electric version of the Fortwo Smart Car.   The EV version actually performs better than its gasoline brother.  The rather lame standard measure of 0 to 30 mph was brought down to 6.5 seconds, no word on how fast it gets up to 60.  The good news is, it does indeed get to 60, and a bit beyond. 

The EV Fortwo Smart Car is slated for release in the EU in 2007 and a year later in the US. 

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um, am I crazy?
written by a guest, July 16, 2006
Or is that an obvious deathtrap. It will only work if we make everyone buy that car. Which reminds me, why can't we raise the price of gas to, say, 11 dollars a gallon?

Also, no word on how fast it goes from 0 to 60 bc I bet it doesn't go to 60.

written by a guest, July 17, 2006
It does go to 60, I think it maxes at 70. But most of these electric vehicles are designed pretty much for city driving, not for long road trips. These ultra-compacts have actually proven to be surprisingly safe in sub-60 mph accidents. EV's have the added advantage of having no engine block that can end up the driver's lap.
written by a guest, July 17, 2006
Umm, JMG, you might want to take a look at the buying levitra in mexico highway statistics, because the numbers show that SUV's cause more death, whether it be to drivers, passengers, or those outside of the vehicle, than do tramadol fed ex no memberships smaller cars. The whole small car = deathtrap is levitra australia just a myth used to make SUV drivers feel safe.
Check out the car specs
written by a guest, July 17, 2006
These cars are actually very safe. Not only are the passengers protected by a frame similar to look there natural levitra pills Formula1 cars, it includes a host of safety features as standard (such as multiple airbags, electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, etc.) Do a search online and you'll find videos of viagra without prescription test crashes where other vehicles fared worse in collisions that the smart did.
About Time
written by a guest, July 20, 2006
If we replaced most of the commuting vehicles with only one passenger with these cars, the economic and environmental impacts would be huge. Domestic coal and nuclear beat OPEC oil hands down.
written by James Adcock, November 06, 2006
The diesel version of the Smart, running biodiesel, results in a car that gets about 200 miles per gallon of fossil fuel -- yes making biodiesel does require some fossil fuel -- but this would still result in a 90% reduction in Green House gases compared to our current cars. Here in Washington State our electricity is 85% hydropower, and we can buy through our electric utility solar/wind electric for the other 15%, making the i recommend viagra legal Smart Electric a true "wells to wheels" zero emissions vehicle. I'm still hoping against all hope that my children will have a planet left to live on!
written by dave, November 01, 2007
I'd be very interested in this car for use in 45-50 mph zones, BUT would laws in iowa and other states have to be changed to allow it? If it goes 60 mph. then it wouldn't be classified as a Low-Speed Vehicle falling under those laws? Could someone get back to me? Any word on cost of this car?
written by CM, April 14, 2008
They've been announcing this for years. It would be nice if they would stop announcing it, and start making it.
written by Tim, June 12, 2008
It's middle of 2008 and not even a sign of these things...

If you want us to how to buy viagra for cheap be green, start giving us some options that we can actually buy.


written by Waiting so long I've got cobwebs, June 21, 2008
So far Zap, Miles and now DaimlerChrysler have all promised that "soon" they will sell highway-speed all-electric vehicles. I'm getting tired of the vaporware aspect of where buy viagra highway-speed EVs. That gripe aside, speed is just half of the equation. The other is range. Anyone know how far the Smart Fortwo EV claims to go per charge?
Re: Can't find them
written by Tristan, July 31, 2008
RE: It's 2008 and not a sign of these cars

You aren't looking very hard. Here, find a dealer near you.

You people are on the internet. Geeze, look things up. Stop wallowing in ignorance.
Best Car
written by asad razA, August 15, 2008
i think this is smart as me and my thinking. as another says that is specfic for some but i think it is very charming for your job localy. it is beautiful with limited shape. if i got it it is enough for me how sweet it... realy i love this car. :P

Is that a car?
written by Fred, July 03, 2009
To be honest, maybe the SmartCar is green like people said but,for me it looks like a bicycle with two doors.I mean how much can you get from a 1.0-liter three-cylinder,it's like taking 5 cylinder out of V-8.
Also this is the way some dealers or infomertials advertise it:
..."They're also cheap! At $12,000, almost anyone can afford a new one."...
Not everyone can afford it,some people make this amount of money a year.
I think it's ridiculuous.
Smart Car is Stupid
written by Laura, July 30, 2009
The Smart Car is Stupid. And it's not selling. Proof that Americans aren't quite as stupid as some say we are. smilies/wink.gif

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