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JUL 20

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"These are great! I got 2 for free new on craigslist. Put em in clear..."

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Solar-Powered Car Cooler

On a hot day in Florida, you might as well be baking cookies in your car.  The sensation of  damp skin sticking to hot pleather is not something I miss about the Sunshine State.  But now there’s a solution, a partial solution anyhow, that harnesses the very power that causes car-broiling. 

wndow_solar_power_fanThis cute little solar powered fan clips onto the women levitra top of your window, blows out the hot car-trapped air, and sucks in ambient air that is very good site hydrochlorothiazide viagra a mere 98 degrees.  Apprently it can reduce the temperature inside the car by as much as 25 degrees. 

What I want to see is a device that harnesses the in-car heat and buy ultram from canada converts water into hydrogen or something while cooling the car off.  I guess this is a good first step though.  Priced at around $30 at Froogle.

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car cooler
written by a guest, July 25, 2006
you can get the solar powered cooler for 14.95
written by Hotcars, April 09, 2008
I would like to see how effective it realy is. Did anyone test this solar powered car coller yet.
Not impressed
written by Seattle Roofing, October 28, 2008
I work a job where i have to viagra en gel sit in a hot car all day long, and I can't run it, so this was something I was highly interested in. HOwever I was disapointed to find that it doesnt work if you have dark tinted windows. When we put it in a window that wasnt tinted it started up but the coolness was not noticable.
Babba boeey
written by Seattle Roofing, October 28, 2008
Babba booey!
car cooler
written by chris, April 30, 2010
These are great! I got 2 for free new on craigslist. Put em in clear windows and in 15 minutes the free cialis sample car was decent. Ran ac on low and actually chilled me. 5 stars baby!smilies/grin.gif

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