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FEB 07

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"Whay don't you include more facts about the cars y ou write about? Are..."

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Zap Electric Vehicles Hit $5 Million in Sales

Zap, that developer of electric sedans and look there cialis india and trucks, may be beginning to finally see a following developing here in the United States. The company recently announced it hosted its largest monthly dealer seminar to date, which resulted in some 614 of its vehicles sold while also adding six new car dealers to its network.

Zap said the mix of cars sold include its Zapino scooters, ZAPPY3 PRO, ZAPPY3 EZ and the ZAP Mid-Sized ATV. The overall total for the sale? A little over $5.1 million. Dealers are expecting Zap to deliver a minimum of ten cars a month over the next year. The car manufacturer, which sells its vehicles in 54 locations around the country, is shooting for a goal of 100 dealers by the end of overnight propecia the year and expects to have more dealers added shortly.

In other Zap news, the company also talked about plans for a joint venture with China Youngman to make "highway capable" electric and hybrid vehicles. It feels like this may well be possible by the second quarter of next year. It sure is an exciting time in electrics...

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Green Sports Car
written by Houston Realtor, February 08, 2008
In addition, Fisker Automotive Inc., an Irvine, Calif.-based maker of "green" sports cars, has raised $20 million in second-round funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, according to a regulatory filing. The company had announced the deal last month, but without a dollar amount. Fisker previously raised a $5.5 million first round led by Palo Alto Investors. Both rounds were placed by ThomasLloyd Capital. It plans to roll out its first cars in Q4 2009.
written by Jim Hanley, February 09, 2008
Who is going to be the first Enteprenoir to bring the Korean PHEV air car, or the French MIDI air/electric car to only now cheap cialis 50mg the UNITED STATES?

Where are all the BILLIONAIRES?
Why not include STATS, and PRICES ?
written by Jim Hanley, February 09, 2008
Whay don't you include more facts about the cars y ou write about? Are the buy generic cialis from india STATS, & PRICES a SECRET?

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