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FEB 12

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"you have really made some funny mods. i myself want to put some change..."

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This is order viagra now What a 95 MPG Civic Looks Like

That's right folks, it's a early '90s model Honda CRX that now resembles an airplane more than a car. Ecomodder Mike Turner has turned this car into one of the most efficient cars that has ever touched American asphalt, and, as of his most recent posting in the Ecomodder forums, he's squeezed 95 miles out of cialis online fast delivery a gallon of gas in the thing.

So the question did he do it?

  1. The aerodynamic shell, while making it extremely difficult to remove the tires, has reduced the drag coefficient from 0.34 to 0.17.
  2. The Honda Civic CRX has always been an extremely efficient car, getting upwards of 50 mpg because of aerodynamics, small size, and low weight.
  3. Mike is also a hypermiler, meaning that he does whatever he can to increase mileage. Including drafting, not slowing for turns, cutting off the engine while driving, and using techniques like "feathered acceleration" which, to the rest of us, sound somewhat insane.

Via Ecomodder

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written by dt7y, February 12, 2008
I don't slow for turns either.
Just try bangin' a 90 at a steady 35mph on wow look it cialis and diarrhea a normal city gotta use the whole road.
Now imagine doing it on a bicycle, 3 wide...that is how we race criteriums on the pro circuit in america LOSERS!
Actually !!
written by Jared, February 12, 2008
Its an early 1990's Honda Civic Hatchback. Not CRX sorry had to point it out had to drive a damn CRX in my early days BUH.not fun But super fuel efficient
written by Daniel Bell, February 12, 2008
Mike, you rock.
Do not click on spymac link
written by CNCMike, February 13, 2008
Do not click on the link posted by Kalle. It will attempt to load a Trojan virus on your computer
ZapRoot Covered the AeroCivic
written by Damien, February 13, 2008
Check it out, we did a story about the AeroCivic on my show.

Dangerous driving
written by Nickoli, February 16, 2008
Not slowing for turns and recommended site levitra info cutting off the engine while driving are both rather dangerous techniques. Having the buy xanax online engine running increases your control over the car and actually helps improve stopping distances.
written by spastik, February 24, 2008
its a 5th gen (92-95) civic hatchback, not a crx.. which only came in 3rd(84-87) and 4th(88-91) gen.
great car
written by harry, June 16, 2010
you have really made some funny mods. i myself want to put some changes on my old 95 civic however waiting till the end of the year

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