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MAR 07

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"I have "Lightning" in my pants!..."

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All-Electric 700 HP Lightning GT

Here's a sweet little new electric number from the UK for you automotive fans. It's the Lightning GT -- which has motors in the wheels and makes use of regenerative braking -- and you'll need to be over in the United Kingdom for now if you'd like to generic low price viagra get yourself one.

The Lightning GT reportedly does 0-60 in four seconds and has 700+ rated bhp. This car, to get where it needs to go, uses "electronically controlled traction control which negates wheel spin and unbalance in the power being applied." The vehicle has no engine, instead offering drivers a "maintenance-free" engine with a few parts, control electronics, and special batteries.

The batteries are obviously the heart of the Lightning GT. The company says these batteries use "nano titanate materials instead of graphite which makes them far more thermally stable" and have a life expectancy of over 12 years. Charging time is said to be 10 minutes and the power delivered per unit weight and unit volume is "several times that of conventional Lithium-Ion batteries."

Also a factor in the design of these vehicle is "Hi-Pa Drive." It is described as "compact, energy-efficient, electric wheel motors" that "produce unrivalled levels of viagra buy in canada torque with internal heavy-duty tapered roller bearings that can withstand heavy radial loads for robust use."

[via Tuvie]

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written by BenE, March 08, 2008
I like how the wheels are also cooling fans for the motors.
written by Buck, March 08, 2008
10 minute charging time? Is this thing actually real? It looks and sounds pretty cool if so.
more information needed
written by James, March 08, 2008
This car seems to have come out of nowhere. After reading the car's site, I am struck by two things: no mention is made of the distance per charge, which has become standard information for EVs; and the cost of the car is conspicuously missing. I assume it costs a bundle, which is levitra soft okay- like the Tesla its a ground breaker. The battery sounds great, and appears to have many advantages. Anyone know anything about this technology? After hearing about every excruciating step in developing the Tesla, how did this car suddenly appear out of nowhere?
written by Billy, March 08, 2008
The information on range and such is buried in the site.This press release lists the per charge range at 250 miles

As to the cost, £15,000 is the required deposit. So, extrapolate from there.
10 minutes charging time ?
written by Frank, March 09, 2008
if it really takes only 10 minutes to fully charge the levitra lowest price battery, and the car has so much range and power, imagine a minute how many amps must flow in the charger cable ?!?! You don't want to it's great! genuine cialis online be anywhere near this cable my friend....can someone do the math ?
written by Tom, March 09, 2008
Slightly less glamourous...but significantly less expensive, here is the OneCat, a french innovation that France let go...once again!!!

The world cleanest car !
written by Billy, March 09, 2008
You don't want to be anywhere near this cable my friend....can someone do the math ?

It'll depend on indian viagra generic how many kwh the batteries hold. Using the Volt as a reference point (8kwh=40mile range), 250 mile range=~50kwh. To charge that in 10 minutes, 300kw instantaneous power. 220v in Europe, gives 300kw/220v=1.5kamps? That ... is outrageously high. Even assuming 3-phase, that is 500 amps per line.
This is too good to be true
written by nipul, March 10, 2008
If nanosafe battery are this great that can charge in 10 minutes and the range is 25o miles then why the other companies are after lithium ion batteries. Frankly I do not think this is true. it is a scam.
Highly suspicious...
written by jungle, March 10, 2008
I agree with nipul, this looks either an elaborate scam or perhaps a pie-in-the-sky dreamer to me, despite their media coverage thus far.

I don't like the fact that their website offers no concrete contact details. I don't like that they emphasise the acceptance of £15,000 deposits and 'private investors' on practically every page.

The address given is an accountant's office. There is no phone number, no email address. I checked the Company Number with Companies House - it exists, but they have filed no returns lately (overdue!) and no accounts so the generic levitra cheap finances could be in any state.

Taken together with the improbable nature of their claims - and the fact that the pictures could quite easily be the product of Photoshop rather than a CAD package - I'd say don't get involved unless you are feeling very brave.
written by jungle, March 10, 2008
On the plus side, their battery and motor suppliers appear to exist (PML Flightlink has a credible Companies House page, if that means anything) and appear to know that Lightning exists.

But I'm still very suspicious for now that it's a real(istic) project.
written by EV, March 11, 2008
If nanosafe battery are this great that can charge in 10 minutes and the range is 25o miles then why the other companies are after lithium ion batteries. Frankly I do not think this is true. it is a scam.

This isn't the first time I've read of we choice similar levitra a 10 minute recharging time. And the other was tested, so it is possible. There are a few problems with this, which is why car companies aren't trying it.

1) Instantaneous Power and the Grid. Recharging a battery this quickly will use several hundred kilowatts (if not megawatts) while recharging. This requires thick wires, is dangerous, and would cause a strain on the grid (effectively 'pulsing' the grid, as opposed to continuous consumption). Additionally, most household circuits are rated for 20 amps tops, while houses have 200 amp breakers for the whole house. In the U.S., that translates to 2.4kw/circuit, 24kw/house. Not sure about the U.K., but double those power listings to get an estimate using the canadian pharmacy viagra same breakers.

2) Cost and Mass Production. Note they are using titanium instead of graphite (carbon). This will increase the cost of the batteries. This is fine for a luxury car, but not for a consumer mass produced automobile. Cost matters to mail order levitra the average buyer. This car is not targeted at the average buyer. Further, the cells for these batteries are probably not being mass produced in the volumes necessary for a regular car. It's not a sure bet the Lithium-ion batteries will be capable of being mass produced enough as well. However, battery companies have more experience with them than titanium.

3) Power density. As they admit, these batteries won't store as much per (weight/volume) as lithium-ion batteries will. This affects storage space and "fuel economy" (power=fuel). They mention the trunk is large enough to hold a set of golf clubs, not much more. Again, something that would be a detriment for the average buyer.

Related to #1, calculating instantaneous power.
Power consumed=Instantaneous power * time.
So, to charge 10kwh in 10 minutes, means 60kw instantaneous power for 10 minutes. So, multiply however much power they charge the batteries for by 6 to get the instantaneous power used. This is why you can get some pretty instantaneous high power usage, without using a lot of kwh.
written by trggrfsh, March 15, 2008
IF this is a real deal, they're clearly not talking about batteries. Check this:

These caps have been in development for a while, the company still exists and is pretty secretive. The charging process does seem to be a big issue, but they're really talking about the outer bounds of the theoretical performance of the caps. In reality, you could charge them at a much lower, available rate.
written by Jethro, August 03, 2008
I have "Lightning" in my pants!

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