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MAR 17

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Honda Releasing Two New Hybrids Next Year

Honda CRZHonda is finally learning from its mistakes and canadian drugs viagra they'll be building a couple of link for you buy cialis 50 mg dedicated hybrids for the U.S. market in 2009.

Honda started out a bit before their time with the Insight, a dedicated hybrid that, unfortunately, no one wanted because it was slow and only had two seats. Then they decided, instead, to just make hybrid versions of their Accord and Civic. Unfortunately, poeple wanted a hybrid that everyone could recognize as a hybrid, and only the Prius was delivering a "yes that is definitely a hybrid, I don't have to look at the placard on the back" experience.

So Honda is busting out two dedicated hybrids that will, finally, challenge the Prius as the only widely-selling dedicated hybrid model out there. One of the cars will definitely be based on the concept CR-Z (pictured), a sporty little two-seater that will likely be very fast and efficient. Frankly, this is the one I'm going to want.

The other will be unveiled this year at the Paris auto show. I assume it will be small, likely quite similar to the Fit. But it will certainly be roomier and more practical than the CR-Z. Unfortunately for me, the cars will be released first in Europe and then later (2010) in the United States and possibly other markets.

These two vehicles, in my opinion, are going to beat the visit web site cialis best price Prius for efficiency. And they'll need to do it cheap if Honda wants to meet its goal of selling 500,000 hybrid vehicles by 2011.

Via Left Lane News

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written by Anonymous, March 17, 2008
Your source only mentions one model. Where did you get the other from?
written by Tom Saxton, March 17, 2008
We bought an Insight in 2001 and love it. It's small, maneuverable and fun to brand name levitra drive. It gets better mileage than a Prius, and is fine for two people and grocery shopping. It's not especially sporty, but it's fine for merging into freeway traffic and will break the speed limit on any public road.

The Insight was a great car for its time, but we'll never buy another car with an ICE in the drivetrain. EVs are where the action is (perhaps REEVs) but hybrids debuting in 2010 are far too little, way too late.
Not why I bought a Prius
written by SolarDave, March 17, 2008
I bought a Prius last year to make a statement, and here it is: I will buy the highest MPG car I can get. It has nothing to do with making a "look at me I own a hybrid" statement. I looked at the Honda Civic and Accord; they get worse mileage. Period. Don't make the same assumption that Bob Lutz did regarding why we buy Priuses.

When 4 passenger BEVs come out, w/a range of 80 miles and top speed of 70 or so at around $30K, I'll be on line to buy one. If Bob Lutz wants to sell it, I'll buy it from him. If not, no worries. He can keep his ICE Volt; for the handful of times per year I need more range I'll rent a car.
The Assumption
written by Hank, March 17, 2008
Solar Dave
I commend you. The assumption wasn't based on Bob Lutz, it was based on surveys done on a random sampling of click here viagra india hybrid car owners. These surveys generally indicate that about 60% of hybrid buyers are looking for a green badge of honor.

But that's only 60% of I certainly am not holding you to that, and I shouldn't have lumped all hybrid owners into one group.
written by EV, March 18, 2008
The problem with the hybrid civic is that a lot of people want the features of an accord. The problem with the hybrid accord was that people didn't want a luxury edition hybrid. If Honda wanted to sell hybrid, they needed to take their midrange accord and turn it into a hybrid, not just the high end model accord.
written by Ben Woodard, March 18, 2008
We have a 2002 Insight as our only car. We love it but it is a limited utility vehicle. It can only carry two people and you really can't put kids into it.
IMHO the only problem with the insight is that it was targetted at the economy car market. If they gave it a more upscale feel it would have done better.
The big difference between the hybrid system on the insight and the prius is that the prius's hybrid system gets the biggest advantage in city driving. OTOH with the insight's hybrid system you have to work really hard to generic viagra from china take enough advantage of the hybrid system in city driving to have it matter much. However, on longer trips on visit our site soft tab viagra the highway the hybrid system makes a much bigger difference and very good site viagra on line the gas mileage shows. I was commuting 120mi/day over two mountain ranges for a while and I was getting about 62mpg on average. Now with a shorter commute that includes more city driving I only average about 56-58mpg.
Accord Hybrid
written by Blake, March 18, 2008
I bought an 05 Accord Hybrid specifically because it doesn't advertise itself to everyone as a hybrid. There is only one place on the exterior of the car that says "Hybrid" and it is small.

The Toyotas had the word Hybrid all over themselves, which is exactly what I didn't want. I don't want to drive around looking like I sniff my own farts.
High Mileage Vehicles Have Been Around F
written by Jim, March 18, 2008
They're called motorcycles. I've been getting 70mpg for a while now, I love passing a hybrid and think of the much better gas mileage I get.
written by Gary, March 20, 2008
I'm with Solar Dave. I won't buy a Prius, it looks stupid. I won't buy the current Accord or Civic Hybrid because their mileage is non-impressive. I want a "good" looking car that gets "great" fuel mileage. I also agree that 2010 is too late for hybrids. I'll probably wait for an EV or Air Car.
written by Gary, March 20, 2008
Oh Geesh.. They took a survey of generic viagra uk online pharmacy current hybrid owners??? How stupid is that? How about a survey of people who want a hybrid but have not bought one??
That's an awfully long wait
written by Average Jane, March 21, 2008
I drive a 2001 Insight and I intend to keep it until it falls apart or something better comes along. The gas mileage is still higher than anything else on the market, and that's my primary concern.
written by lex, March 23, 2008
If you live in Cali, you can lease a Honda FCX this summer. Internal combustion is 20% efficient; hybrids are 30% efficient; and the FCX fuel cell is 60% efficient.

It has a top range of 350 miles per fill and will reach 100 mph.

Rumor has it that the full production vehicle will come with plug-power's home generator station, allowing you one full fill per day and the ability to power and heat your home. The first generation will be natural gas extraction, and later generations are planned to be electrolysis powered by wind/solar.

And don't let anyone fool you. The United States already has a multi-billion dollar/year hydrogen delivery's a common industrial gas.
Solar powered electric car--I laugh at g
written by Ann, April 14, 2008
In 1980 our Department of Defense partnered with Electrica Industries to produce a fleet of fully electric cars. These cars go 70 mph with a range of 70 miles (on the standard battery pack). I found mine online (price $5000), restored the visit our site canadian levitra and healthcare body (Omni Shelby Charger), improved the battery pack, and now it has a 200 mile range. I charge the power pack from my rooftop solar array. I guess my message is: Electric cars with reasonable range and levitra online canadian pharmacy good power are out there. You just have to look.
written by Des Todd, April 17, 2008
What interests me is that at this stage the information for the future all electric car is very disjointed, a little bit here and a little bit there.Would someone more qualified than me collate it all and lets see what can be in theory built in the future. Hybrids have done a great job so far but they are on the way out.The internal combustion motor is over a hundred years old and old technology. I have been in love with cars for over 70 years, however, I believe today it has done is course so lets move over for the new technology.For what its worth here is my thinking.
A modern combustion motor can have over 100 moving parts. An electric motor 1 to 3 moving parts. CSIRO in Australia has develooped the Ultra battery, Look it up on the web.Electric motor, transmition and braking in the wheels, computer controlled electronics etc etc. Solar,wind etc fast battery charging.Look up Peter Rays,Queensland Australia new technology for charging batteries.A US company is talking about leasing the batteries so the high up front cost is spread over the life of them.Put this all together and I see after development costs an all electric car 4 to 5 seater with a range of 400ks, charging time no more than 15 minutes to one hour and costing around US$20000 plus battery leasing.
Am I right or wrong? Forget the hybrid and the car as we know it. I hear a loud voice saying what about electric power plants. This is another story. Would someone like to discuss it. I know that the technology is being developed to handle that side of things as well.How do I know, well, that is another story .
Future EV Owner
written by Gary, May 30, 2008
I'm with SolarDave. The reason I didn't buy a Honda Hybrid has NOTHING to do with desiring a "Hybrid" look. The Accord and Civic mileage is terrible. The Prius design is a turn-off, it reminds me of a Pontiac Aztec (yuck!!!). Give me a Civic that beats the Prius mileage and I would have been all over it (3 years ago) now I'll wait 2-3 years for an EV.
written by Terry, June 01, 2008
I drive 50 miles r/t M-F to work which at $4/gal and 31mpg highway is becomming impractical. I'm in a "new to me" house and I've been hauling up to 14-40lb bags of mulch at one time in my Scion tC hatchback coupe.

In 2000, I signed a three year lease on a Honda Accord EX Coupe. I bought out the lease after two years because the car was a PIECE OF CRAP. Despite that, I'm REALLY HOPING Honda brings the CR-Z to market as I can't get myself to do a four door car, Hybrid or not.

written by James, June 13, 2008
If Honda brings the CR-Z to the market, I will 100% buy one. I've always been into sleek cars, and I've resisted hybrids since they were first introduced as they looked anything but. Then gas hit $4 a gallon, and now I am forced to look at them due to the price of genuine viagra without prescription fuel.

When Honda releases the CR-Z, I'll be ecstatic. It's a sleek looking sports car, no doubt it's quick. It's everything I used to want in a car, combined with the great MPG's (or better) of a modern hybrid like the fda levitra Prius or Civic Hybrid.

This is one car I can't wait for. If Honda is serious about bring it here buy 2010, I will hold off on try it levitra without perscription buying a Prius and the like and wait for the CR-Z. I will 100% buy it straight off the lot on day 1 of it's availability. This IS the hybrid I have been holding out for. Dream come true.
Insight vs motorcycle
written by ted johnson, June 22, 2008
I have put well over 200,000 miles on 2 cylinder motorcycles and never gotten over 50 mpg. My 2000 Insight now has 220,000 miles on it and a lifetime MPG of 64 which includes winter driving, which my bikes did not for obvious reasons. The Insight wins by close to 20 mpg if winter driving in New England was included. Yes, on the CR-Z, but only if it beats my Insight in MPG's.
re: Insight vs. motorcycle
written by Chris, July 08, 2008
I guess it depends on the motorcycle you pick. My last bike was a Honda 929RR, which had a 140hp engine, could do the quarter mile in 10 seconds @ 135mph and cheap no perscription viagra it got 40-45 mph when I rode slowly and about 35 when I was pushing it.

I had several smaller bikes (such as the yamaha seca II and kawasaki ex500) that got well over 60mpg.

I have heard that the Kawasaki ex250 (baby ninja) gets 75mpg, and it still gets up to speed pretty quickly.
written by Brian, December 19, 2008
Ever heard of the Honda CRX... Production began in the mid 80's, featuring a 1.3 liter 4 cyl. rated at an amazing 41 mpg city / 50 mpg highway (NOT a hybrid). The 2008 Prius is rated at 48 mpg city / 45 mpg highway, & the 2008 Honda Civic hybrid is rate at 40 mpg city / 45 mpg highway. Cutting edge hybrids can't even keep up with 80's carbureted technology? Anyone else see anything wrong with that?
written by frank, December 27, 2008
I had a 1995 Honda Civic VX, that's "v" as in Victor. It was the best car ever, nearly 60 MPG highway, all gasoline. Honda sold them in the US from 1992 to 1995. Now, the Prius, etc. all ramp and rave about high efficiency. Those batteries are very expensive to maintain; just keep it simple. If the Japanese had the technology in 1991 with the Civic HF (high fuel) 2-door that got 50 MPG and my 1994 4 door Civic can get 41 MPG, why can't Detroit do the same...??
Insight owner now, possibly CR-Z later
written by Patrick, January 09, 2009
I have a 2002 Insight which I adore. While I watched Toyota slowly but surely expand its advertising for the Prius, I never, ever saw an advertisement for an Insight. In my opinion this is why the Insight didn't sell. (That, plus the fact that you had to wait six months to get one.) If the CR-Z comes out before this car dies, and if the mileage is over 50 mpg, I'll almost certainly buy it (since I can't afford a Tesla, and I probably won't be able to afford a Volt).
Honda Clarity
written by waxner, April 28, 2009
Honda is not using the only here cheapest generic levitra Clarity body for the new hybrid. They are only using similar styling!
Insight 2006 Owner
written by lae2, May 18, 2009
I own a 2006 Insight manual. This car is often misrepresented. At 1800 lbs, the Insight is faster than many cars on the road. No problem with acceleration lanes. I recently drove from Hershey, PA to Allentown PA in traffic at about 65 MPH and got 92 MPG. The Insight was waxed for the trip and had 40 lbs in the tires. I was not drafting. Last week the Insight got 81 MPG on the way (slightly downhill) to Baltimore and 76 MPG on the return. I don't understand how mini cars can only be getting in the mid-40 mpg. With proactive techniques I am able to average about 58 MPH in town.
written by wentzr, October 22, 2009
@not why i bought a prius, who said "I bought a Prius last year to make a statement, and here it is: I will buy the highest MPG car I can get."

...the highest mpg car you can get is a 1st gen honda insight. so how did you get stuck with a prius??!

from the sound of the rumor mill this cr-z will be getting about half the economy of the 1st gen insight (check today's article on wired)... so i'll prolly be replacing my (as of today) totaled 1gen insight with another of the same.... older than 10 year old technology... the first mass-produced hybrid car is still blowing away fuel efficiency ratings of current AND future planned cars from the same company. go FIGURE.

Maybe we should just *all* buy motorcycles.smilies/cool.gif
written by Scoobydoo, November 08, 2009
I have no Idea why people like Hybrids. In the 1985 Honda CR-X HF got 50mpg. Do people not understand that we have the technology to get better mph already. So why are car makers willing to build cars that don't get over 50mph. If Honda could get 50mpg with out hybrid technology then with it they should be over 75-100 mpg. This is backward thinking on the car makers. People Talk about electric. I think that is the best Idea if we want to make a difference on generic levitra using oil for gas but untill they can make cars that have a range of 350-500 miles on a charge then they will not be mainstream. I say stick to using just gas, NO HYBRID, or switch to electric but just stop with the hybrids that dont do anything for us.
Camry Hybrid Impressive
written by Harry Everhart, January 13, 2010
I am visiting Boston. I took a Toyota Camry cab from the airport to the hotel downtown. I was impressed with the Camry's ride and power - but it was supper quiet. I am hard of viagra generic canada hearing and love quiet - makes conversation easier.

Would like a decent all electric car - but this one is good for now.
written by randy, October 06, 2010
Definitely a must have car! smilies/cheesy.gif

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