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MAR 19

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"I want government financed, socialist low fare Bullet Trains, with tax..."

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Top 5 Green Cars for Millionaires

green sports carsAs the first Tesla rolls off the production line and pfizer soft viagra into the hands of some rich white guy, I think it's time to take a look at their competition. While Tesla is certainly the most well-known of the sexy fast green cars, they aren't the first or the last to serve this market.

So where is Tesla's competition coming from? All OVER the place. And while we can't stop loving the drug impotence levitra Roadster there are some other hot green cars that are worth mentioning (and ogling) and some that might even soon be worth buying.

Lets go in order of price, shall we?

The Rinspeed sQuba
It's difficult to lump this car into any one category. In fact, it's a bit difficult to even fit it into the "car" category, as it does pretty well underwater as well. The sQuba is all-electric, not to keep it green, but to levitra attorneys ensure that it can run in an environment that has no oxygen (the bottom of a lake.) Besides fulfilling the dreams of wannabe Bonds, the car is wow look it buy generic viagra completely emissions-free and uses biodegradeable lubricants. And as for the price...well, it's a one-of-a-kind submersible sports car...but the generic viagra fedex people at Rinspeed are leaving it up to our imaginations

The Venturi Fetish
The only electric sports car to beat Tesla to the punch has been on sale since 2002...the Venturi Fetish. Of course, they've only make about 30 of them, and they've had to be a bit more flexible with the price than Tesla's strict $100,000 ceiling. OK, about six times more flexible. The Venturi Fetish can be yours in a couple of canadian levitra 50mg months for the low-low price of $600,000. Venturi doesn't seem to have any goals of getting the price down to Tesla's range. They're looking to serve a more upscale clientèle.

The Lightning GT
Being built by Brittish manufacturer Lightning, and funded in part by the we choice purchasing viagra with next day delivery UK government, the Lightning GT might be the only car on this list capable of beating Tesla's 3.9 second 0-60 time. But we don't have any guarantee of that yet because, so far, the high-capacity nanosafe lithium ion batteries have not been connected to the in-wheel PML Flightlink Hi-Pa Drive™ motors. Yeah! That's some hot car-nerd talk! Of course, those fancy words come with a big pricetag: $300,000 and rising (as the dollar drops against the pound.)

The Tesla Roadster
Really, for what it delivers, the Roadster is starting to look like a real bargain! The fastest zero to sixty time, tied with the Lightning GT for driving range at 250 miles, and faster than the (somewhat outdated) Venturi Fetish...really the only mark against it is that it isn't submersible. Plus, at $100,000, it's the cheapest full electric on this list. Which, I suppose, is why so many of Americas rich and famous are on discount drugs viagra 100mg the waiting list already.

The Fisker Karma
Well, we're cheaper than the Roadster now, so we must be into hybrids...and we are. But the Karma is no normal hybrid. It plugs into the wall and can drive for 50 miles without using a drop of gasoline. Then, a small gasoline-powered generator kicks on to recharge the battery so that you can keep driving without needed to recharge. It has a slower 0-60 time than any other car on the list (6 seconds) but a faster top speed (over 125 mph.) Now, I don't know why you'd need either of levitra 10mg those things, but for the true EcoGeek, you will need the built-in, roof-top solar panels. Of course, that will bump the cost significantly over the $80,000 base price.

So those are five fast and fancy cars that are almost certainly out of your budget. So what's a regular green consumer to do? Well, may I suggest one of the following vehicles as a lower-price, but still excellently fast, sexy and green option.

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written by Magnulus, March 19, 2008
This article is playing havoc with Opera...
written by Anonymous, March 20, 2008
you might also want to look into the Canadian made ZENN (zero emission no noise) electric car. not fast and flashy but a damn good commuter car, for under 15,000
written by Ian George, March 20, 2008
A Zenn at $15,000 for a car that has a top speed of 25MPH and a maximum range of 35 Miles is a NEV... good for a few...

I would sooner use the $15,000 to convert my own car to an EV... It would perform better and have highway speeds...

come to think of it for the money those cars are asking for... I could do a EV conversion that would beat every car on that list, with the possible exception of the sQuba.

Personally though I more like vehicles like Twikes, Aeroriders, and Apteras than cars that only cost more for speed and cheap cialis online acceleration features I will never use.... but to each their own.
I like fast cars
written by Puneet, March 20, 2008
those models are Rocking one .. and btw 1 for me too ;) ... hehehe
written by The Sleepy Surfer .com, March 20, 2008
Do we need to wash that Scuba Car? haha. I love the first one! The driver is wearing a tux.. is it water proof ? lol
White Guy?
written by Tayphyus, March 20, 2008
Why do you say "rich white guy" and not just "rich guy"? That's sort of generic viagra mastercard nimmy don't you think?
Re: White Guy?
written by R. Vargas, March 20, 2008
He said "rich white guy" because that's what the majority still are... rich white guys. I take it that you got offended because you are white, BUT not rich...

grow up.

That set a side... I really don't know why the FISKER car WAS NOT mentioned in the list. That is online propecia uk one SEXY LOOKING CAR!!! I think it looks WAY better than the Tesla, AND it even has an integrated solar roof panel to charge up while it's just being parked.
Ultra-aerodynamic car
written by J, March 27, 2008
Have you seen the new plug-in electric car, the Aptera?
Ultra-aerodynamic car
written by J, March 27, 2008
Have you seen the new plu-in electric car, the Aptera. Looks sweet.
RE: Ultra-aerodynamic car
written by J, March 27, 2008
Why not a REAL car for REAL loads at REA
written by JL, March 30, 2008
These cute little cars might be good for something someday, but we all want MAMCs full sized, full speed and fully loaded non-petro,
non-electric cars. An EV is good for the golf course and LA on saturday night, but when you really need to move across country or carry a load of bricks or tow your boat...
YOU WILL NEED Mealer American Motor Co.
Mealer American Motor Co
written by JL, March 30, 2008
All now obsolete
written by kerry bradshaw, April 05, 2008
Sorry, but those millionaire status symbols
have now been rendered obsolete by the EEStor ultra capacitors. Now you don't need to be rich to afford a fast EV. Sorry, boys, but you'll have to buy sonething else to cheapest viagra 50 mg impress anyone. I doubt that those fellows have a clue as to what's about to happento their new cars
written by Mohamed Imran Ali, July 23, 2008
Really nice article ;)
written by Trisha, August 30, 2008
This website is fab!
You can also check out more hot green cars on a new green website called

Ecoswitch writes about green products, including cars that have this superstar factor and which are friendly to our environment!
Hope that is of interest!
Trish x
Bullet Trains!
written by Uncle B, August 26, 2009
I want government financed, socialist low fare Bullet Trains, with tax free bar cars, with pole dancers! If I have to commute it has to be worth my time! Howcum folks who work on Cruise Ships, and the like, don't get taxed extra because they don't have to subsidize corporatism by buying cars to get to and from workplaces?, and, Who's the screwee and who's the screwer in this case? How did the corporate propagandists convince us that it is a privilege to buy cialis in the uk pay for their wacked out uber profitable locations running our personal cars to them? and pauing the gas? and insurance, repairs depreciation, damages and towings? The "Man" is so far inside our heads we cannot smoke him out, and think straight! Stand in line Doodle Dandy! Take your whacks! Good Boy! Repeat after me "I am lucky and grateful to receive my whacks" Next!

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