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MAR 21

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Carectomy Week in Review

AAA Study: Cars, Congestion, Cost, and Carnage

The American Automobile Association (AAA) just published a remarkable study quantifying the economic impacts of both congestion and cialis online australia car crashes. The study looks at 85 metropolitan areas of various sizes across the U.S. Crash costs across the board dwarfed costs associated with congestion. The larger cities lost less to crashes, more to congestion – a ratio of 1.85 to 1 with the average person losing $962 to crashes and $523 to congestion annually...

The Great Car Commuter Challenge

If you’ve ever wondered how the other side lives, here’s your chance to find out. The Nova Channel, “the world’s first online television channel dedicated to transport,” challenged car commuters to use the passenger rail, instead of their cars, to get to work. Their short, documentary film follows Halifax commuter Julian McEvoy as he alternately uses the passenger rail and his car to where can i buy viagra travel to work. The side-by-side comparison of these two commutes is conclusive in its findings.

Foreclosures Rockin’ the Suburbs, Now “Slums”

Greedy developers have grubbed the buy levitra 50 mg last of the land that surrounds many sprawling “urban” centers, and countless Americans commute an hour or more to-and-from their suburban McMansions daily. However, with the real estate market turning ugly, developers seem to have slowed their progress. People, it seems, are starting to take the hint that living in the ‘burbs and beyond just isn’t sustainable—not for their planet or their lifestyle.

Californians on Low-CARB Diet in 2009

California is putting itself on a new low-CARB diet—and it’s not part of the Atkins Revolution. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is issuing new regulations and ratings on vehicle emissions, which require manufacturers to provide and display new global warming information on cars' smog index sticker. The global warming information will debut in 2009.

The End of Ethanol?

Think an ethanol-fueled car is an eco-friendly and economic alternative to your existing gas guzzler? Not so. A recent report by Fortune magazine proves that investors who jumped on the ethanol bandwagon are already taking it in the cornhole. Construction on ethanol plants has halted as quickly as the alterna-fuel trend took hold.

PIRG Smacks Bush for his Highway Hijinks

As most of buy discount cialis online the world looks to diminish greenhouse gases and curb vehicle use, President Bush was more interested in transferring $3.2 billion dedicated to mass transit into the Highway Trust Fund. The U.S. federation of Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG) voiced their displeasure in a recent press release.

Zero Emissions is Our Only Salvation

If we all got a collective carectomy and started walking and riding our bikes—beginning today—would there be hope for the planet? A paper recently published in Geophysical Research Letters says it might be the cheap generic viagra india only way. Co-authors H. Damon Matthews and Ken Caldeira conclude that a change to zero emissions may be the only hope to stop climate change—and our carbon footprint—in its tracks.

Wisconsin Grad Student Divorces his Car

Since moving to Madison 3-and-a-half years ago, it became apparent that things were changing between David Zaks and his car. The car spends most of its time alone: the two have less in common, and have apparently grown apart.

Zaks has announced his impending divorce on his website and is looking for donations to help send his newly-single vehicle off to a better and more productive life.

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I like the burbs Do not want to change s
written by Nerys, April 03, 2008
what it is now. This ignores that only about half of our plants are coal and cialis generico ignores things like regenerative breaking solar/wind supplements and ignores that they use NO power while stopped or slowing down.

With electric cars WE CAN have our cake and eat it too.

I do not want public transportation. I do not want to live in the city. I want to live OUTSIDE the city WAY outside the city without messing up my planet either.

An electric car uses $1 in E per 100 miles driven. JUST from a COST perspective a gas car would need to cialis tablets sale get 300mpg.

NOW lets up the anty. $1600 buys me a GRID tie in for my house. $1000 to Nano Solar once there going commercial to consumers gets me a solar panel large enough to generate more power on average than I will use in a month driving an electric car.(I would actually need about a $2200 panel but I am far from the "average" in miles driven a month)

42 states currently have buy back more are coming online. Thats $2600 and your car is now 100% pollution free to charge up and 100% FREE. Absolutely FREE to drive from then on.

Add in further savings from lack of need for maintenance and repairs and lifespan and its a no brainer (and also why GM killed it 54% of there profit is from parts and buy generic levitra in usa repairs etc.. after the sale of the car)

So the cars will last effectively forever built right will have nearly no maintenance with a $2600 investment cost NOTHING to drive and produce NO pollution at all no matter HOW dirty your power plant is.

There is NO downside (unless you are in that top 2% that depends on expensive dirty costy fuel powered cars)

I find it VERY interesting that the upcoming chevy volt is limited to 40 miles on pure E power. Way to much coincidence that this is ABOUT the average range of a home brew Lead acid EV conversion. NO WAY thats just a coincidence. How about instead of the stinking 12 gallon saddle tank and gasoline generator and instead toss in 2 more battery packs for a 120 mile range and a CHEAPER car. Duh.

Hybrids are a waste of money and Hydrogen is just a massive con that will cost us even more money. (most people do not realize that a hydrogen car is just an ELECTRIC car without the only today rx online cialis benefits of a BATTERY)

Why do we not have one right now? I mean GM did it over a decade ago right? that easy GM crushed them all sold ovonics to texaco and a week later chevron bought texaco and buried the large form factor nimh patent and levitra without prescriptions REFUSES to license it and maintains veto privileges to make sure its never licensed while this patent is enforceable. Oh and very shortly after they closed the EV1 plant and the government scaled up the tax breaks on over 6000pound vehicles GM bought Hummer. Go Figure.

IE the problem is the ONLY battery pack that DOES what we need. The low mass high energy long life and low cost we need is the only battery we can not legally have. Go Figure and it does not expire till 2015.

SO unless the carb act forces auto makers to make PURE electric cars its worthless. Continued in next post (apparently my post is too long :-)
written by Nerys, April 03, 2008
Pure electric cars are GOOD for the environment and GOOD for the people. NOT so good for big business.

EVEN WITHOUT auto makers and big money I could make a USABLE electric car conversion for under $11k IF I were allowed to have those NIMH batteries. Thats using hobby produced LOW quantity parts!! Imagine if it were scaled up! (electric cars are REALLY cheap its only expensive when you are just making a prototype. Electric cars are like LED's they scale up economically in a massive way and canadian pharmacy levitra THIS is what scared the crap out of GM. They realized these were going to end up being VERY cheap to produce and eventually once production scaled up competition would ram prices way down really fast. I kid you not we would have $5000 500mile range electric cars TODAY if the best place cialis EV1 was ramped up and other manufacturers had to jump into EV to compete. WHO CARS about range when the battery packs are so cheap that you can just KEEP ADDING battery packs till you get your desired range. In fact multiple battery packs will result in even LONGER life spans since you can alternate battery packs when your not going long distances (all done by the computer off course the user would be oblivious to this) I could see an EV with two battery packs going 500,000 miles before that batteries needed to be replaced LONGER even since at 250k the battery does not die (they project 80% capacity at 250,000 miles)

There is Just NO downside to an EV for the end user.

Now lets talk about the economy. The complainers are right production EV's would RUIN the economy. BUT most people do not realize there are TWO economies in play in america (3 actually but the third is a subset and ignored for this discussion)

You have the economy of the top 2% and you have the economy of the other 90% of us. They are right EV would RUIN the economy ...... of the top 2% what they do not tell you is that for the other 90% of us it would literally be a new golden age!

One example. UPS paid a million dollars for for a softwar engineering firm to make them software to ELIMINATE left turns from there delivery routes. You see they take longer are less safe and also get this uses less gasoline.

How much less gasoline (remember ALL they did was reduce the levitra to order number of left turns they have to make on there routes)

$3 million dollars of gasoline in the first YEAR alone !!!

JUST IMAGINE if you can save $3million JUST avoiding left turns how much would you save if you needed ZERO gasoline at all!! (solar panels on the roof to offset the electrical costs to charge the batteries Driving COSTS NOTHING in the end!)

Now project the trickle down effect of this nation wide as we switch to get viagra free sample EV's !! just BEGIN to comprehend the CONSEQUENCES and results to the average american. EVERYTHING gets cheaper Businesses expand Jobs are created the economy SOARS!!!

EV are faster in every way over a gas car safer lower maintenance and longer lasting.

No new "infrastructure" is needed its already here its called the tramadol ecstasy online electric grid.

NOW ev's will NOT increase the load on the grid they will DECREASE the load. Our cars average 20miles per gallon. Thats 5 gallons to go 100 miles. Even if you have a 35mpg car you need around 3 gallons to go 100 miles. EVEN IF you have a rare or hard to get 50mpg Diesel car you need 2 gallons to go 100 miles. MY BET is that it takes MORE electricity from refinery to gasoline pump to get 2 gallons of gasoline in your car than the $1 electric charge to make your EV go 100 miles. SO in reality the electric grid load will GO DOWN. and this does not even count home/business solar supplementation !!!

Except to that top 2% there is NO DOWNSIDE to an electric car.

We get clean ultra cheap cars and can retain our urban sprawl lifestyle with minimal consequences.

I want my damned electric car!!
Downtown core
written by KateD, December 14, 2012
I like living in the city core...I can walk almost everywhere except to work. Transit takes too long. I'd like to divorce my car too. And it's fun to have a lot of cialis prescription label activities to choose from. We do have to move away from sprawl for the planet.

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