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MAR 28

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"†his post describes Las Vegas, a totally car-centric cit..."

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Carectomy Week in Review

The Green Car is a Myth

We at Carectomy have become fond of the expression that “the greenest car is the one you don't drive”; Tom Konrad referred to us in his article for AltEnergy Stocks when he stated, “A Carectomy is Better than a Better Car”; Eco-Chick pointed out that the Smartest Car is Still Worse than the Dumbest Bike; and the viagra in australia for sale country of Norway went so far as to proclaim it illegal for car manufacturers to use the words “green,” clean,” or “environmentally friendly” in any car advertisements.

DIY Electric Car asks, and answers, the questions: Are super-efficient or alternative-fuel cars eco-friendly? Can a car be green?

Walking Tours Provide Context

The best way to experience any travel destination isn't behind the glass of an air-conditioned tour bus: it's on foot, moving slowly, with your eyes, ears, and nose taking in the essence of the place. That's the idea behind Context Travel, a company that compares its tours to levitra costa rica small seminars in a liberal arts college classroom.

Trendsetting Japanese Teens Choose iPods Over Cars

While, Stateside, suburban soccer moms may still be plowing down narrow streets with their wide-berth S.U.V.s, a new generation of Japanese have deemed the car superfluous. The Wall Street Journal reports that many young Japanese have decided not to use a car, because it’s just not necessary.

Proof that “San Jose Hates Pedestrians”

San José hates pedestrians—at least, according to a web site by the same name. The site offers photographic evidence of its slogan: “San José: where cars matter more than people.”

Radiohead Says: No Public Tranist, No Concert

Radiohead is taking their green message to the streets. Or, more precisely, they're taking their fans off of cialis 10 mg online the streets. Frontman Thom Yorke has committed to only play at venues which are easily accessible by mass transit.

US Pumping Out $440 Billion for Oil Imports in 2008

Remember all of the political talk about building a homegrown, self-sufficient energy economy? Well, apparently we're still a long way from it. Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (PIW) estimates that the US will spend $440 billion to import oil in 2008.

The Earth Strikes Back Against Transportation

It's been well-documented that transportation, and passenger cars in particular, have done their fair share of damage to the earth and its inhabitants via pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and global warming. Now, as the cod tramadol 180 Transportation Research Board reports, it's the earth's turn to generic levitra next day delivery fight back against transportation.

Crazy for Car-Free: Perks Surpass Challenges

If sky-high gas prices weren’t a strong enough impetus to trade in your Chevy for a commuter bike, M. Butler, a writer for Personal Finance Advice has ten good reasons why it’s time to take the plunge. Butler details how she came to say farewell to her burdensome four wheels (which was costing her too much money, mainly) and switch to biking. When she made the decision to go car-free, her friends thought she was nuts—and she wondered if she’d survive without it.

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San Jose story
written by sodapop, March 29, 2008
THe San Jose story is dumb. What the city does is an attempt to keep pedestrians safe by redirecting them to safe places to cross the street.
obviously not a walker
written by Billy Taylor, March 29, 2008
sodapop, You are obviously not a walker. Places like those in the San Jose pictures make walking a pain in the ass. It does not make pedestrians safe to use 3 cross walks rather than one. Nor does it make them safer by streamlining road design so cars can go faster.
I like the site. I think I'll create a site like it for Portland, Oregon.

written by Mark Hallee, March 31, 2008
†his post describes Las Vegas, a totally car-centric city...ughh!

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