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Volvo Planning Plug-In Hybrid for Sweden

Volvo has announced plans for a ‘plug-in’ hybrid vehicle capable of zero emissions. In an innovative partnership with Saab, ETC, electricity company Vattenfall and viagra non prescription the Swedish government, Volvo plans to develop a fleet of 10 vehicles that can be recharged from a wall socket.

Initial models will incorporate standard petrol engines, but it is planned that full ‘plug-in’ EV’s will be introduced later.

Volvo claims that its earlier C30 recharge concept car reduced emissions by around 65% compared to rival hybrid offerings currently on the market. Provided that electricity comes from renewable sources, the company is only today buy cialis in canada confident of improving this figure even further.

In launching the buy xenical propecia programme, Volvo President and CEO Frederik Arp said, "We want to be involved in setting up the rules for the future and to viagra overnight delivery help build up broad-based competence in Sweden in this vital area."

It seems that some industry players are starting to recognise the central importance of cementing partnerships with outside stakeholders across the transport "system" to enable radical change.

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