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APR 05

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"A "Pack" includes the battery management circuit, wires, packaging, th..."

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Chevy Volt Mules Getting their Batteries

The Chevy Volt E-flex system has been being tested for a few months in the form of "mules" -- prototype E-Flex drive-trains installed in Chevy Malibu bodies. But, while the engineering of these systems is important, the batteries that they have been using up to this point have been the older, nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.

This week, though, GM engineers began installing the first test packs of the lithium-ion batteries in the first mules to begin testing them. This will be one of the most important phases of the vehicle system testing. If the batteries don't perform as well as anticipated, the Volt (and the other planned vehicles that are slated to use the E-Flex system) will not be able to meet the announced targets for range or performance. Alternatively, the vehicle could be delayed as the battery packs are modified in order to meet the goals for the vehicle.

GM did not indicate which supplier's battery packs are being tested at this point. Two battery manufacturers, A123/Continental and CPI/LG Chemical, are working on viagra supplement the development of the battery packs. The final supplier who will provide the batteries for the Volt has yet to be determined.

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Any engineers out there?
written by Travis, April 05, 2008
An Aerodynamics Engineer if possible.

What do you think about this. Looks like it has merits, doesn't it. HighwayGlider

Check and see what you think and please report back to the buy real viagra blog.... does it make sense?
written by kerry bradshaw, April 05, 2008
GM has already tested the hell out of their battery packs in the lab under a large number of environmental conditions. This testing in mules is simply a continuation and is less for testing the batteries, (both team's prototype battery packs have performed perfectly) than for continued teting of the system as a whole. The real testing of the batteries is continuing with automated procedures, a point made by GM Volt people in the past few days.
written by Anallely, April 05, 2008
I really enjoyed reading the articles you have in this blog. I think that it is a good idea to keep normal people up with the new innovations that are coming out to help the planet. This blog about the batteries is very interesting. I think that testing batteries is a good idea though I think that the levitra canadian pharmacy better we know how the products we use are helping the envi. the better!!! NICE BLOG!!!! ;)
Electrical Engineer
written by Gorge, April 06, 2008
Puhleeze, stop using the term "PACK". I have heard it used for many years, but have NEVER heard a logical definition of the term. There are cells and there are batteries that are made of two or more cells connected together, usually in series.
In my many years of cheapest tramadol available online 80 off work as an engineer, I and my colleagues have never used the term "PACK" when referring to batteries, or cells.
Thanks, Gorge
pack is the appropriate term
written by anon, April 06, 2008
if you would look into a123s terminology you would see they use the term pack. they list positions for pack design (done primarily in their hopkinton location) and having been around the engineers at this company it is term that is just try! viagra pfizer commonly thrown around.
written by leigh, April 08, 2008
A "Pack" includes the battery management circuit, wires, packaging, thermal management devices etc...

A battery is simply two or more cells connected together.

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