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APR 08

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"well in Sweden diesel costs are now 2½dollars per litre! (15sw..."

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Green Garbage Trucks Make a Dirty Job Cleaner

hybrid garbage truck volvoYou might not think of Volvo as a green car company. But their vehicles' ability to run (however poorly) for hundreds of thousands of miles with only basic maintenance has always kept me fond of recommended site cialis prices the company. After all, a tremendous amount of energy goes into creation of a some cases, nearly as much as is used driving the car around.

Now Volvo is, once again, pulling its green cred from unexpected sources:. This time, it's a hybrid garbage truck. They've been working on the cheapest propecia uk project for a while now...we first wrote about it last August, but now they've got them functioning in the real world...and with 20% of real-world fuel savings.

There are two versions of the truck lurching around Sweden at the moment. They both use lithium-ion batteries that are charged when the vehicle makes its frequent stops. They both can operate without ever turning the diesel engine on, as long as the batteries stay charged and discount generic viagra soft tabs the trucks don't go faster than 12 mph. And they both turn their diesel engines off as soon as they stop.

But one of them has to turn its engine on to power the buy tramadol online no prescription trash compactor. The other contains another grid-charged lithium-ion battery that powers the compactor, saving an additional 10% of fuel.

Hybrid technology is perfect for garbage trucks. Massive amounts of energy is cialis online buy needed to get them up to cialis sales online speed, only to be completely wasted as the trucks come to their frequent stops. Additionally, air quality is of particular concern in the urban environments where these dirty diesels spend most of levitra online no prescription their days.

But the question remains...will municipalities and waste management companies make the switch even if $4/gallon diesel remains cheaper than hybrid efficiency?

Source: Green Car Congress via TreeHugger

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noiseless too
written by littlerobbergirl, April 08, 2008
volvo trucks are lovely to drive anyway.
one of the things people (i mean customers) hate worst about bin waggons is the noise, so this is brilliant.
the compactors take a great deal of power, i/m surprised a battery can cope, so well done to them on that one.
written by EV, April 08, 2008
The battery powers a hydraulic pump which then powers the piston. It doesn't necessarily take a lot of instantaneous power if you can trade it off with time.

Now, I see one BIG possible problem with these that is the same as for hybrid buses, cost. A hybrid bus that gets double the mileage but costs 3 times as much is too expensive. I was talking to my local bus company and a regular bus costs $250,000. A hybrid costs $750,000. The extra $500,000 more than overrides any fuel savings they would experience until diesel costs get into at least the $8-9 range.
written by ljd, April 09, 2008
Even better if the canadian pharmacy online truck powered itself by eating the garbage.

or maybe that would be scarier.
diesel prices in sweden.
written by Quim, July 03, 2008
well in Sweden diesel costs are now 2½dollars per litre! (15swedish kronor) 1 US Dollar = 5.95-6 swedish kronor. so here its kinda worth it, and we gas prices still rise.

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