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APR 11

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"You did realize that, did you not?..."

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To Make Cities “Resilient,” Reduce Car Travel

The goal for modern cities, as environmental scientist Peter Newman describes it, is to move beyond “sustainability” to “resiliency.” The model of constant consumption needs to stop and bying viagra online cheap us cities need to be constructed in such a manner as to make this possible.

One of Newman's main targets is a decrease in oil consumption and, not surprisingly, minimizing the use of cars. Building of suburbs should be scrapped in favor of order propica denser urban settings than enable mass transit, walking, and biking.

U.S. Car Sales Crash in 2008

In the short span of one year, car sales in the United States have come crashing down--and the change is significant. Industry giants Chrysler and General Motors sold 19 percent less automobiles in March 2008 than they did in March of 2007, according to sales reports. Ford isn't faring much better, with sales that are down 14 percent. Meanwhile, Toyota is still hanging on with a mere 10 percent drop.

Introducing Hummer H8: The Earth F@#ker

Tired of tip-toeing around the Hummer's inherent incongruity with things like caring for the planet, giving a damn about anyone's safety, or working towards national energy self-reliance, the auto manufacturer has officially proclaimed*, “Screw it!”

Diesel Exhaust Hurts Your Brain

New research indicates that exposure to diesel exhaust may cause long-term damage to brain function. The study, conducted by Particle & Fibre Toxicology, tracked the effects of the nanoparticles found in diesel exhaust.

Cars Drive Crime, Create Scandal: Eight Bodies of Evidence

Long before high gas prices and the so-called fuel crisis, cars have been the culprit behind many a crime. To compound their gross violations against the planet (too myriad to purchase levitra online name), here are just a few choice infractions in which cars serve as an enabling accomplice.

The Trucker: An Endangered Species?

Will America's truckers say so long to sleeping in cozy cabs in the dim light of the Wal-Mart parking lot, cuddled beside a lukewarm can of Schlitz? That's the threat that some disgruntled truckers have recently brought to the table, given the price of diesel is now around $4 a gallon. Talk of a nationwide strike by truckers has been traveling the Interstate, as has word that truckers are rigging up a plan to revolt.

Cars Conjure A Fate Worse Than Death

It’s common knowledge that you’re more likely to die get viagra cheap in a car accident than in a plane crash. But what about on cialis brand your bike? We don’t mean to scare you with hubbub about on-road ignorance by drivers and society, anti-pedestrian sentiment, and downed cyclists. On the contrary, we want you to ride your bike, and the truth is that it’s one of the safest modes of transport. In fact, a recent study by the National Safety Council shows that the odds of dying from cancer, a stroke, or a motor vehicle accident are far greater than death by bike.

Copenhagen Cycles to link for you viagra from mexico Work

This week the cheapest viagra america city of Copenhagen launched its We Cycle to Work (Vi cykler til arbejde) campaign. Co-workers form teams and agree to cycle as much as possible for their commutes. The teams log how many kilometers they commute as a group in a month with winning teams earning prizes.

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Hummer h8 wesite is a parody
written by Kathleen, April 11, 2008
You did realize that, did you not?

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