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APR 14

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"haha, ok yeah maybe ZAP is affordable, but their cars are hideous, and..."

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Fisker to viagra free pills Spread Karma Across the Pond

Hot on the heels of news that Tesla will sell their Roadster EV in Europe, Fisker has announced plans to ship their Karma plug-in hybrid there as well. The company anticipates a production volume of some 15,000 units a year, around half of which will go to Europe, starting late next year.

The "luxury sports sedan" boasts a hybrid powertrain and discount viagra sale a space-age roof with an integrated solar panel. Fisker claims performance figures of 0-60 MPH in less than 6 seconds and a top speed of around 125 MPH.

Although the four-seater Karma will sell for $80,000 in the US, there is speculation that Danish-born CEO Henrik Fisker is planning on a higher price tag in Europe, perhaps as much as €90,000. It seems that the weak dollar may continue to prove good news for US car companies and bad news for many European consumers.

Check out the high-res gallery below...

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written by Robbert, April 14, 2008
a higher price-tag in Europe, perhaps as much as €90,000

That can't be right. That would make the car $133290.00 here in Europe. That's just bad business.
written by Bob Wallace, April 14, 2008
Not if you guys buy some at the higher price.

That's excellent business. ;D
written by T, April 14, 2008
Where are the regular EVs for regular peope?? Why are these muscle cars being pandered to the rich?
There are more affordable EVs
written by Dan, April 14, 2008
They just don't go far or fast. To make a highway speed vehicle that can sell in the US there are incredible safety regulations that you need to be in line with - this takes a tremendous amount of engineering, testing and, in turn, money. Also, with the price of cialis in uk the batteries where they currently are, the costs of the cars is recommended site levitra in australia for sale huge these upstart EV companies have been forced to legal pharmacy online turn their first models into luxury items and cater to the super wealthy while they establish a brand, manufacturing capabilities, etc. As Tesla has said, they'll take the expertise and engineering gained by building the viagra tablet and use it to make the much more affordable Whitestar later.

Anyway, you can see the variety of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles and upcoming Highway Speed EVs over on Huddler
written by T, April 14, 2008
Sad to think GM already pulled it off a decade ago. I read in some article that the batteries should be lease-based. I think that's a fantastic idea.
"Where are the regular EVs for regular p
written by NS, April 20, 2008
THANKS for asking the question! ;D the answer to that is ZAP. This is the only company in the US who delivers a whole range on EVs, including cars, trucks, scooters, off road EVs and bikes. They even have a solar assisted vehicle ( which is a one of its kind.
written by J, April 19, 2009
haha, ok yeah maybe ZAP is affordable, but their cars are hideous, and their "truck" is the size equivalent of a John Deer Gator. ZAP is almost a joke...they sacrifice size, comfort, safety, and style, for a pollution less car. You sound like you work for them, good attempt at advertising.

To the person who said that GM pulled it off a decade ago...Fisker is partially owned by GM. Not exactly a copy cat when it's part of the same company.

lastly, Fisker, as in Heinrich Fisker, was the designer of the latest Aston Martin, the redesigned Mercedes CL55, and the reinvented BMW's. Anything he makes is going to be expensive.

This is an amazing car by an amazing designer, stop whining about it.

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