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"I thought your young gardeners would enjoy an gardening adventure, gro..."

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Carectomy Week in Review

Eight Ways to Overcome Excuses and Start Cycling

You haven’t yet begun bike commuting, but you’ve considered it. What’s putting the brakes on your brilliant plans? A handful of good excuses that have made cycling to work a mere pipe dream. But, whatever your reason for continuing to take the car, there’s likely a simple means to make bike commuting an efficient, reliable, and sustainable way to get to order levitra cheap price work. Here are eight common (however, lame) excuses—and how to overcome them with chutzpah. Prepare to dust off your helmet.

Birmingham's Big City Plan

Leader of the Birmingham, UK City Council Mike Whitby commissioned a study to move the city towards sustainability and revitalize the city centre. Dubbed the buy cialis canadaBig City Plan,” the goals include decreasing the city's carbon emissions by 60% by 2026, revamping mass transit systems, and moving the city towards self-sufficiency with livable and walkable neighborhoods, local produce and products sold locally, and homegrown industries to support the residents.

Paris-Roubaix Inspires Commuters?

Paris-Roubaix is a “hard man's race.” If you never realized that cycling is one of the world's toughest sports – check it out. The event is so over-the-top difficult that it can't help but inspire everyday cyclists to stop making excuses and get out and ride.

Greening the Concrete Jungle

Asphalt gardening is cheap cialis online user growing in popularity, as more green-thumbed urbanites reclaim the concrete and break ground to turn parking spots into lush, green space.

Farmers Ditch Conservation, Cash in on canadian drugs viagra Fuel

The American farmer won’t be taken for granted; their families will grow fat on gas, they say, not on government money. With fuel growing ever more expensive, many farmers have opted for a fat paycheck, breaking their promise to web prescription cialis practice responsible agriculture by preserving conservation lands.

Cyclists: The Intermediate Stage between Humans and real viagra online without prescription Pure Energy

Thanks to time well-spent browsing the wonderful worldwide web, I came across a fantastic Monkey Dust clip that both nails the inherent superiority of just try! gay viagra riding a bike as well as the hypocrisy, elitism, and attitudes some riders exhibit. It's awesome, check it out!

Deliver Us From Evil… in Your S.U.V.

"You don't have to get close to the pope to have him touch you," said Ricky Pequeño of Pope Benedict XVI. Yet Ricky and his family, along with a dozen neighbors, set out on a motorized "pilgrimage" from Spring, Texas to Washington, D.C. to attend a papal Mass in Nationals Park.

Boston Bike Czar, Cheap Tech, Better Riding

Nicole Freedman, Boston's bike czar, faces a monumental challenge: to convert the city's choked roads into a cycling paradise. Freedman used her tech-savvy to build a comprehensive bike route map for peanuts. The Boston Bike Map application builds upon GoogleMaps. Cyclists log their commutes routes every day and the resulting patterns indicate the roads that are conducive to wow it's great viagra tablets riding as well as where improvements are needed.

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Ever Grow A Plant indoors that MOVES whe
written by Jenny, May 31, 2009
I thought your young gardeners would enjoy an gardening adventure, growing the TickleMe Plant (Mimosa pudica). Recently featured by the National Gardening Association,
If you want to give your young gardeners an experience they will never forget, consider having them grow a TickleMe Plant. This is the plant that will close its leaves and lower its branches when you tickle it. They sprout in days and can be grown indoors any time of year. Just Google TickleMe Plants or go to for information seeds and growing kits. This plant has turned many kids into plant and nature lovers. I know, because I grow TickleMe Plants in my classroom.
Happy Growing


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