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MAY 01

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"That form seems to be for registering any sort of interest in the car,..."

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UK Getting Ready for the iMiEV

Mitsubishi is asking folks living in the UK who are interested in their all-electric city car, the iMiEV, to "register their interest." Apparently the cars will arrive at the beginning of 2009 but only in very limited quantities. Mitsubishi has created a website for interested folks to declare their intent to buy one of best online generic levitra the cars. This, I imagine, will help them decide how many to bring the only today cialis pfizer UK...not to mention help them actually sell the cars.

Interestingly,  it looks like Mitsubishi might be changing the name to only now levitra in canada the i-EV, which I would be fine with, since I'm still not sure how to pronounce iMiEV. For the rest of us in the U.S., there's not official place to register our interest...but you can sign this petition to tell Mitsubishi to bring us the car here.

Via EV Discussion List and  AutoBlogGreen

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written by MattKelly, May 01, 2008
I spoke with folks from Mitsubishi during NAIAS in Detorit about the car. While they have no plans to bring the car to the US, after my recorder had stopped, they wanted to know if I thought the free viagra car would sell in the US and if so, where it should be priced. And now, its possibly coming to the UK? Verrrrrrrryyyy interesting......
written by Tomun, May 01, 2008
That form seems to be for registering any sort of interest in the car, not specifically to buy one. There is some information on the car on this page, from which the registration page is linked:

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