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MAY 02

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"how far of efficient using electric car ? because they must be charged..."

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Rumors Fly Concerning BMW All-Electric City Car

A few bits of information have been leaking out here and buy real levitra online without prescription there about BMW's plans to create an all-electric, lithium-ion two-seater for the European and American market. It seems to be possible that it will be a re-incarnation of BMW's tiny Isetta...but there are also indications that it will be co-branded with Smart.

BMW has made it clear that they'll be deciding whether the U.S. will be getting a zero-emissions vehicle sometime this year. But BMW has yet to confirm any rumors concerning the Smart branding, or the Isetta platform. Of course, that hasn't stopped people like Omolody on Flickr from creating some renders of what an updated Isetta might look like (pictured.)

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written by Aaron, May 02, 2008
I kinda wanna put it in a cage and feed it carrots...

Really though, when I finally get a real job and start making enough money to consider getting rid of my panda-eating Ford... I don't think I'd feel safe in one of these. I'm all about having a small car, but if you got in a wreck with a semi they'd never find anything worth digging a grave for.
written by AndyM, May 03, 2008
A few years ago, right at the generic prescription viagra entrance to where I was working, the driver of a loaded dump truck had a head-on with a full-size pickup. The pickup came apart into so many pieces that it took some time to only for you prescription cialis even discover the make, much less the model, of what he had been driving. The pickup driver came apart into a few pieces as well. The dump truck driver did not survive, either.

My point is that no matter what you drive, there is always something out there that is your size or bigger. And I suspect that the only way to survive a wreck with a semi is not to have one, whether you drive a Hummer or a golf cart.
Acapulco Real Estate
written by Joseph, May 03, 2008
Did you guys read about the new electric car that can go 125mph ? - Problem. it is going to cost over 100k.
written by AndyM, May 03, 2008
Yes, Joseph, it is called the Tesla. While very cool, it is very old news.

I have a question for you. Did you hear about the spammer who thought that if he included a semi-relevant reference in his post, somehow the readers (incredibly stupid people all, apparently) would somehow not notice? That is, unless I missed something and buying property in Acapulco would somehow promote renewables, etc.
City Vehicles
written by ksgarvin, May 06, 2008
These cars would be great city vehicles, especially for quick delivery services and taxis. We have a service in D.C. called Flexcar, where you can rent vehicles at the Metro stops (similar to car rental from airports). For someone who doesn't need to carry lots of baggage but needs quick wheels, I think these would be fine.

I agree with the cialis 50 mg earlier comment about safety, but it's true that there is always something bigger on the road. I guess if you feel comfortable riding a bicycle on the public roads, you probably wouldn't have a problem riding in one of these small vehicles. At least they'd be easy to parallel park!
The Ultimate Commuter Car?
written by Albert Ponti, May 07, 2008
smilies/shocked.gif Oops, before BMW goes any further they better check out this three-seater concept. It's called Space Efficient Vehicle. It's by far the best small vehicle I've seen so far. Sleek and comfortable. Fuel-efficient and safe.
written by Albert Ponti, May 07, 2008
efficiency of electric car
written by bmw holic, July 04, 2009
how far of efficient using electric car ? because they must be charged on electric, while worlds are lacking of electric station.

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