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MAY 12

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"The Bicing program is not just two months old. Had the fun in being in..."

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Carectomy Week in Review #19

Completing the Circle: Gas at the Pump, War in Iraq, and Global Warming

The war in Iraq, originally known as O.I.L. (Operation Iraqi Liberation, that is) recently passed its fifth anniversary. Oil Change International recently published a study that quantifies the greenhouse gas emissions from the Iraq War as well as some of the environmental opportunity costs.

Bicing Takes Barcelona By Storm

In its first two months, Bicing, a bike-sharing program in Barcelona, Spain, garnered over 30,000 subscribers. The program’s popularity has only grown, which is good news for new bike-sharing programs in Washington D.C. and San Francisco.

All Aboard for National Train Day

May 10th marks the first edition of National Train Day, a celebration of trains, tracks, mass transit, and efficient travel. The date is significant as the anniversary of the joining of tramadol best buy the Central Pacific and best way to use viagra Union Pacific railways in Utah 1869 – which created the US' first transcontinental railroad.

Valley Girl Decries Car Culture

The Los Angeles' Times "Emerald City" blog recently ran a great post illustrating how Southern California turned from sunny citrus paradise to car-choked hell. Cassandra Davis mixes an historical account of the evolution of car culture in SoCal with her own firsthand experiences growing up as a Valley Girl.

Commuter Benefits Programs Work

Companies can encourage their employees to use mass transit by offering tax-free commuter benefits. Employees with access to such programs can use pre-tax dollars to pay for train, subway, and bus passes – saving them money and incenting them out of their cars.

Hi-Tech Hitchhiking for Commuters

Decades ago, all you needed to hitch a ride was a wayward thumb and a willingness to propecia pills walk a few miles. Today, thanks to text messaging, cell phones, and advanced computer networks, hitchhiking is making a comeback—sans the buy levitra online pharmacy sketchy side effects of picking up a stranger.

Gas Tax Holiday is No Gift to Consumers or the Planet

Presidential candidates McCain and Clinton are shamelessly pandering for votes with their proposed gas tax holiday, which contradicts their promises to ease dependence on foreign oil, lower emissions, stimulate the souring economy, and create a more sustainable infrastructure.

Love in the Bike Lane: NYC Cyclists Stand Their Ground

It’s arguable as to whether ill-maintained bike lanes actually make cyclists safer, but New Yorkers have taken matters into their own hands—with cans of spray paint and stencils.

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written by EV, May 12, 2008
The war in Iraq, originally known as O.I.L. (Operation Iraqi Liberation, that is)
Hank, you really need to check your facts more and quit posting urban legends.
Urban Legend, huh? Facts checked.
written by Josh, May 12, 2008
Well, the "urban legend" comes from the friggin white house... From a press briefing from Ari Fleischer, March 24, 2003:
MR. FLEISCHER: Good afternoon. Let me give you a report on the President's day. The President this morning has spoken with three foreign leaders. He began with Prime Minister Blair, where the two discussed the ongoing aspects of Operation Iraqi liberation.
written by ASiegel 1, May 13, 2008
The Bicing program is not just two months old. Had the fun in being in Barcelona for a few days last summer and Bicing was well established then. Now, in terms of bike programs, it had a very negative aspect: reserved solely for residents, there is not way for visitors to become part of the program. This frustrated me greatly as I've written about bike-share programs multiple times and discount cialis canada this was the buy levitra online pharmacy first time that I was in a city with a major program and all I could do was touch locked-up bikes and take some photos. :(

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