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MAY 14

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"Good news! We've been considering changing our shipper to FedEx but th..."

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UPS Makes World's Largest Order for Hybrid Trucks

UPS just announced it has ordered 200 hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) - the largest commercial order of such trucks by any company - in addition to another 300 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles for its U.S. delivery fleet.

The purchase of the 500 additional vehicles means the UPS alternative fuel fleet - already the largest such private fleet in the United States - will grow 30 percent from 1,718 to 2,218 low-carbon vehicles.

Obviously, UPS has other reasons besides the environment to get more efficient. Particularly, we expect that rising fuel prices are cutting into their profits. Already they've been taking measures to decrease gasoline use through more quotidian measures, like favoring right turns over left turns in delivery routes.

Nonetheless, the focus on hybrid and no prescription viagra LNG propulsion is definitely a good thing for the environment. The trucks are expected to save 176,000 gallons of fuel annually and reduce CO2 emissions by 1,786 metric tons each year. Delivery trucks are particularly useful for both of these applications because they spend so much time driving in cities. Hybrid technology is most useful when there are lots of stops and starts, while the ultra-low emissions of LNG does a great job of reducing pollution in areas where it generally collects.

The truck's chassis is viagra online in canada being supplied by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. while the hybrid drivetrain was created by Eaton. They'll look just like regular UPS trucks, but don't worry, you'll be able to tell the difference due to UPS's big blazing yellow labels on the side of each one.

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written by EV, May 14, 2008
Now if we can only get the USPS to use the hybrid ones. Although they'd be a candidate in many areas for a pure electric. I was talking to my mailman the other day and found out that some routes only drive 15-30 miles a day.
Wise Choice
written by Brian Green, May 15, 2008
I think it's a wise choice to embrace hybrid technologies, or pure electric as EV mentioned. With fuel prices looking like they will continue to be high, transportation services such as UPS and the countless big-rigs we see on the freeways will start to prescription cialis examine cost cutting measures to maintain their bottom line. It was said that necessity is the mother of invention, and that appears to be what we're entering into here. As diesel prices climb, those truckers are going to be exploring alternative fuels and hybrid technologies. I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing hybrids deployed in larger and larger vehicles necessary for logistics.
Simple Economics...
written by Keith_Indy, May 15, 2008
I've been making the argument for a few years now among conservative/republican/libertarian types, that, even if you don't "buy into" the whole global warming gospel, there are sound economic reasons for doing a number of canadian drug store cialis things.

Increasing efficiency
Reducing emissions
Increased energy independence
Increased use of alternative energy sources

We ought to be able to agree on such measures without getting into huge, ugly debates. And I think government ought to be leading the way by example. Why aren't governments (at various levels) purchasing hybrids, EV's, etc, for it's fleet of vehicles.

If it's a good idea for them to mandate such changes, it ought to be good enough for them to be first adopters.
written by Rashie, May 19, 2008
Good news! We've been considering changing our shipper to FedEx but this gives our company a good reason to stay with Brown. :D

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