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MAY 27

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"Unless there is something original about the COMET what do you plan on..."

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100 Mile Range TRIAC EV Available Now!

triac The TRIAC is a zero-emission vehicle that's now on sale and canadian pharmacy online does the hybrid car one better by reducing one of the wheels and getting rid of the gas completely. It can reach top speeds of 80 mph and has a range of between 60 to 100 miles. An optional capacity boost battery adds 25 per cent on top of that.

Designed by Green Vehicles, the TRIAC, costs about $20,000 and comes in a nifty range of colors including, of course, green. The zero-emission vehicle charges up in six hours. Green Vehicles claims the mexico viagra charge is as simple as plugging in a toaster.

The company has also taken steps to make sure the grown-up tricycle isn't off-balance. The car's center of gravity is well below that of professional viagra most vehicles and each TRIAC is equipped with a structural steel cage of the kind used in race cars to protect passengers, a safety feature which probably doesn't quite compensate for the lack of air bags.

From Inhabitat and GreenVehicles

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written by andy Liang, May 27, 2008
Dear Sir;
How can i become your distributor in Taiwan.Or Philippine.
Electric vehicles
written by Sam, May 27, 2008
I saw an electric scooter on no prescription next day delivery tramadol that has a similiar range but costs $9,000. they say it is .01 cents per mile so 100 miles = $1.00

Here is a link to the Vectrix Scooter video:

written by Robert, May 27, 2008
Nice website, but has anyone here purchased on, or even seen one of these on the road?
written by John, May 27, 2008
Dear Sir,
How can i become your boyfriend?
written by bob, May 27, 2008
I'd love something like this, but I'd need to know that the 100 mile range is with the heat, radio, and headlights on, over hilly terrain. In the winter my commute each way is in the how to buy viagra on line dark, it's cold, and I go over lots of hills. 20k is a bit steep. It would have to cost less than 10k for me to seriously be interested.
Ditto bob
written by Tim, May 27, 2008
... but 20k seems like a great price to cialis online pharmacy me! The Mitsubishi MiEV is going to be $30k . This is out now, and I'm seriously thinking about it. The big negative for me is that its classified as a motorcycle, and I'd have to wear a helmet.

I live in Iowa, so ya, its gotta go 110 miles each day in the cold, with the heat, radio, headlights, at 70mph. (uphill both ways! *just kidding*) I suppose it would only have to go 55 miles, and then I could recharge at work, and then go 55 miles home.
Economics of mass production
written by Conservationist, May 27, 2008
Prices will go down once they have to make more of them. I'd like to retire cars for good, but we need something to get around locally. My other option is a horse.
No helmet needed
written by Brian, May 27, 2008
Re: Tim
I don't know what Iowa law says, but at least in California you don't need to wear a helmet if your vehicle is an enclosed trike. That's what this thing is.
30k or not 30K
written by Tim, May 29, 2008
Minus the cost of gasoline over the lifespan, the car is generic levitra canadian healthcare practically free.
What are the rules?
written by anon, May 30, 2008
Can you really say it's zero-emission if you plug it in? The ipod story admits plugging in devices still uses coal power... Are we compromising by holding cars to a different standard just because gas is considred the greater of viagra without prescriptions the two evils? Should we really be wow-ing over all this?
written by Analyze, July 13, 2008
It's amazing how we have so many people who complain, in the event of our auto industries striving for solutions, which means stepping out the box.

For the most part, reality is people don't like change, however, what's most important is to analyze the victory in terms of end results, because this will work for some and for others it wont.

We have a choice to remain in this crisis of increased gas costs, while the rich are getting richer, or respect our professional and let them remain at the drawing board seeking to determine solutions for OUR nation!

written by Ed, December 25, 2008
You better activate all possible legal actions against Aptera looks like they stole your idea too. No wait, don't forget to legal action against the Aerorider, the Silence PT2, the T-Rex and wow look it levitra every other electric Tricycle configuration vehicle out there.
Triac and Buckshot Interiors
written by b, January 27, 2009
This dealer website has interior shots of the Triac and Buckshot.
written by Hmmmm, February 11, 2009
Unless there is something original about the COMET what do you plan on getting legal over? Reverse trikes have been around since the 70s, electric RTs since the 80s. Love the style of the COMET but TRIAC is completely different. I would put your money/efforts to bringing it to market instead of shitty legal battles.

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