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MAY 30

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"My lease is up in early 2010 and I'm weighing my options. Let's see: $..."

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Toyota Opening $192M Hybrid Battery Plant

Coming on the heels of news about the commercial success of the Prius is an announcement that Toyota plans to expand its battery manufacturing, opening up a $192 million plant in Japan to produce the viagra uk sale nickel-metal hydride batteries used in these popular gas-electric hybrid cars.

With Toyota’s plans to increase sales of its hybrids to buy levitra 50 mg 1 million cars a year, more batteries are a must. Yet, it is saddening to see Toyota pumping funds into their Prius tank, rather than developing new, more eco-friendly technology. A sister plant for lithium-ion batteries for future cars is rumored to be in the works, and Toyota does have plans to move on to a more ecological plug-in version, however, it is clear that Toyota wants to keep flying high on the success of these semi-eco cars. For now, you’ll have dole out even more dough for your own heightened fuel economy.

We know many drivers enjoy the Prius because it offers the slightly less guilt-inducing option of gas-saving tech, but, like smoking filtered cigarettes to stave off blackened lungs, better mileage and buy cialis overnight fewer on-the-road emissions seems to be about all the car really has to it's great! discount drug cialis offer above and beyond other new cars, for now at least. With skyrocketing gas prices, perhaps these hybrids will make more sense, especially for big-city commuters, but with new models starting at over $22,000, it’s not a car Joe or Jane Schmoe can waltz down to the dealership to buy.

Nonetheless, every nickel-metal hydride cloud has a bright lining, and for strapped and asthmatic Americans, it’s a paradigm shift towards economical and environmental responsibility in our daily driving choices. The Prius is one of the forces propelling us toward this shift, and if it means more gas-electric hybrids as we wait for better technology, perhaps that is better than no hybrids at all.


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written by Paul, May 30, 2008
any news on how eco-friendly the plant will be?
don't let the viagra online perfect be the enemy of it's cool drug generic cialis th
written by Alex, May 30, 2008
So there are a million Priuses on the roads now... that's still a pretty small number all told, and $192 million is a modest investment for a giant car company. But if it helps Toyota make boatloads of money off the Prius (which is still arguably the most eco-friendly mass market car you can buy today) it will give them the money and incentive to make even better cars.

I wish I could really call the Prius a "semi-eco" car, but today that only makes sense compared to a carectomy, not compared to other cars.
written by Mark Kiernan, June 05, 2008
Why is the Prius so expensive in Europe it is about 28,000 euros compared to the US. Why can't Toyoto make an Ygo or Yaris hybrid :(
The Chevy Volt will give the buying real levitra without prescription Prius a run
written by ed, June 06, 2008
GM is going to begin full scale production of the Chevy Volt which will get 150 mpg. I am for the most part a Toyota and Honda car enthusiast but I must concede that the the Chevy Volt is going to be the best hybrid on the market when it comes out in 2010.
written by EH Stravinsku, June 26, 2008
Anthropogenic Global Warming = propaganda fed to tramadol with money orders weak minds deluded by "white guilt", and perpetuated by those seeking political control of the world on cialis prescription order multiple levels. Period.

Lenin had it pegged - "Useful Idiots"
Forseeable Prius Improvements
written by Uncle B, October 07, 2008
Prius are being adapted for plug in capability as we speak, and as carbon fiber is refined and comes down in price it could be used to lighten the massive sheet metal body of the prius, yielding a lighter car with extended battery distances and cialis daily over all cheaper to run - real, reachable goals, not vapor ware like the Volt!
Being Green is costly to the consumer
written by Rolling Thunder, November 11, 2009
My lease is up in early 2010 and I'm weighing my options. Let's see: $32K for a Ford Fusion Hybrid. Wait for the Volt at an estimated $35K+. A slightly used Camry Hybrid for $22K. I want to try the diesel option but I'm looking at $3 per gallon for diesel fuel. $4 if I want to fill with bio-diesel in the summer (only). Though I did find a 2007 VW Passat TDI for $14K though.

The Prius and Insight seem to be bargains when you compare the options.

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