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JUN 06

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"What a load of knobcheese... And dehydration of ethanol gives ethano..."

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40 MPG Hydrogen Supercar Unveiled

Texas-based Ronn Motor Company has unveiled a hybrid-powered sports car that runs on a mix of hydrogen and gasoline, leading to reduced emissions and efficiency figures of 40 mpg. The Scorpion supercar also boasts a high performance V-6 engine, capable of delivering 289 hp, with an additional option for a 450 hp model.

Unlike other cars using hydrogen, the Scorpion does not contain fuel cells. Instead, it employs an alternative approach by reconfiguring a standard internal combustion engine to run on a combination of gasoline and hydrogen. According to Ronn, this technology enables a 30-50% boost in fuel efficiency over comparable gas-only power trains.

The in-built hydrogen on-demand system, developed by Hydrorunner, uses dual-computer processor controls to produce hydrogen on-board and induct it through the air-intake manifold as required. This means that there is no need for an integrated high-pressure hydrogen storage tank or hydrogen fuelling stations. Instead, the scorpion uses a small on-board water tank.

Speaking at the launch, CEO Ronn Maxwell said, “What we are unveiling today is an innovation in the automotive industry and demonstrates American ingenuity at a time of real need.” Although the price hasn’t been announced yet, it would come as no surprise to EcoGeek if the buy tramadol 180 fedex cod shipping Scorpion proves prohibitively expensive for most buyers. In the long-run, it still remains to be seen whether this “ingenuity” can also be applied to click now viagra tadalafil more affordable models for the average man in the street.

The car is currently in pre-production and due for release by the end of the year. Ronn are currently accepting advance-orders for an initial limited run, with price and production numbers due to be announced “early summer 2008.”

Via Gizmag and Ronn Motors

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written by johno, June 06, 2008
I smell vapourware. This company started selling shares a week ago. Producing on-board hydrogen using electrolysis and then burning it in a standard ICE to produce the electricity to do more electrolysis is rubbish. It's just another perpetual motion machine in disguise.
written by paolo, June 06, 2008
there's a Canadian company doing a similar thing for Trucks,,,, but they are only claiming a 10% increase in fuel efficiency, and a reduction in emissions.

The Ronn car looks like a stock scam, a very pretty stock scam, but a stock scam nonetheless.
written by Geek, June 06, 2008
$150K with a $50 deposit required? Hmmmm.
Wow. Perhaps that HHO DIY kit isn't suc
written by Scott, June 06, 2008
I was just reading through a long website today from a guy hawking an e-book that purports to help you add a distilled water jar to your car, adding some baking soda, and some 12VDC to produce HHO gas that gets directly fed into the intake manifold in your car. He claims as much as 200% increase in MPG efficiency. It seemed too good to be true, until I read this. When trying to find the page again, I ran across this website ( that seems a bit more legit. Hmmmmm.... perhaps I should try this.....

This was the buying viagra without prescription page.....
written by Scott, June 06, 2008
written by ed, June 07, 2008
those who knock HHO generators for cars without trying them are just absolutely clueless about it.

they are not "perpetual motion" or free energy devices. they simply aid the internal combustion engines to burn fuel better and become more efficient.

incidentally, using copper in line with your fuel line can break down ethanol and produce hydrogen which will boost an engines mpg drastically.

so if you haven't actually tried it don't jump to conclusions and say it doesn't work. and don't even say that it's a perpetual motion principle or free energy because they are not.

a lot like the "earth is flat" people of the past. if you haven't tried it don't conclude they don't work. try it and then tell people it doesn't work.

people trapped in the box are destined not to think outside of the box. get out of the box and get your creative juices flowing on generic viagra us how to boost efficiency instead of just claiming it won't work.

there are lots of people all over the country using hydrogen generators and cialis medication are getting excellent increase in mpgs but instead there are people that will continually say it doesn't work instead of analysing WHY IT DID WORK.
Potential rubish
written by James Jones, June 07, 2008
First metallic copper will not break down ethanol to produce hydrogen, not by any reaction i know of and i've got a PhD in Biochem.

One wonder why no one has thought of this, ie why are the airlines not using this, not to mention any military in the world.

Couple of years ago there were products on the market that would "swirl" air before it hit the intakes, ads with enthusiastic users, alot of posts on the internet that remind me of some of these comments.

Of course it was a total scam...

The problem with hydrogen is that it has a very, very low energy density, ie you need a butt-ton of it to go anywhere. The only way these hydrogen assisted engines will work is if hydrogen somehow "improves" the combustion process. Like tetra-ethyl lead.

until someone takes one of these engines and puts it on a test stand, no one in their right mind should invest in this stuff...

If there are "alot of people using this" then where is their PUBLISHED DATA BY AN INDEPENDENT AGENCY, and don't even start with the conspiracy garbage.

And by the way, we're not clueless... just tired of being ripped off..
Dear ed
written by johno, June 08, 2008
If that is your real name. I'm not sitting in a box. I have self-designed and built my own passive solar home and it's hexagon shaped. I have also self-converted my diesel van to levitra on line sale run on vegetable-based oils. I have been building solar and wind powered devices for 15 years. I have a degree in environmental science. I have done my own efficiency measurements of electrolysis systems. My conclusion is that less than half of the energy used in running the electrolysis unit could be reclaimed by the engine when it burns the hydrogen. However if you are really convinced that this system will work, please feel free to invest all of your spare cash in it. The shares seem quite cheap at the moment and in a couple of generic cialis soft comparison years you'll be a millionaire. In the meantime, stop telling me what I can or can't do on this forum.
written by ed, June 08, 2008

until you build your hydrogen booster and put it in your car, again, don't tell me it doesn't work.

plenty of you are still saying it won't work yet have not tried it. that's the point, try it first.

"My conclusion is that less than half of the energy used in running the electrolysis unit could be reclaimed by the engine when it burns the hydrogen"

as some are asking for solid facts, where is yours? where's the calculations? did you use a ulse width modulator, did you compensate for ECU settings to allow some of the hydrogen to replace the fuel being used by the ICE?

again, more points from people who claim that they don't work but lacking actual experimentation.
written by ed, June 08, 2008
James Jones,

as a PhD, have you looked at the dehydrogenation process of ethanol. look into it and you'll see that copper is used as the catalyst.
It cannot work
written by johno, June 08, 2008
I don't need to waste my time and money experimenting with this nonsense. I already get 60MPG from my van and I have no intention of destroying my engine by injecting water into the air intake. A mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas will self combust if subjected to high pressure and/or temperature, leaving nothing but water vapour by the time it gets to the cylinders. That's if it doesn't blow the turbocharger to the best place buy real viagra online without prescription bits first.
Would you care to tell us how many engines you have converted to run on magic gas? Or maybe tell us why it's so important to you that everyone believes in this nonsense? You wouldn't be making money off this scam would you?
written by Bart, June 11, 2008
Johno, you do know that water injection is widely used in the diesel world to gain efficiency right? So youre claimed 60mpg van will not self destruct - as you claim.

On another note - I think i'll try this HHO crap out and see what happens.
written by SirHoax, June 12, 2008
HHO does work.
Prof. electrician t
written by Marcelino, September 24, 2008
Hello, everybody.
I heard about the viagra and women hydrogen stuff or whatever you call it. At first, I thought it was nonsense, and if there is a way of getting some benefit from this stuff (electrolysis) or hydrogen generator whatever name you want to give it, I will find it. The thing seems simple; I have a new Toyota Tacoma, which has one running on it for a few months, and even though it only gives a 15%-25% mpg increase, it’s some economy, and I hope to improve the booster. For those who are skeptical concerning this matter, give it a try; only then, will you be able to judge or critique what other people are saying about this stuff. There are a few things that I can improve and I am working on it. I also have an old Chevrolet Impala using a similar thing that I built myself, and it is working. Nevertheless, I have done little research, and whoever tries using hydrogen in a combustion engine, would have to take their chances. I can get hydrogen from water, and if you put that stuff in a combustion chamber, it will explode; it is an explosive gas. You need to be careful with engine backfire, and make sure you have a safety valve between the engine and the hydro generator. You also need a switch to override or turn off the power, fuses, some other safety … If you don’t understand how it works, get some help doing this; it’s dangerous. Very hot… know what you are doing because I didn’t put it on my car until I knew it was safe after several months of research.
Good luck. Try it may work for you.
The car is real!
written by SM, April 28, 2009
If the car exists and runs as reported why do you still doubt? It was recently featured in the television series, Supercars Exposed!

The affordability may be questionable and brand viagra canada reliability is unknown but the guy is a car guy in the industry and he has built a beautiful car and it runs as reported.

If I won the lottery, I would give lots to charity and buy one of these cars.

Evidence is pointing towards scam
written by Bob Ferris, May 03, 2009
I just checked in with the Ronn Motors web site and stock quotes and I think the viagra prescription label evidence is pointing towards scam. So I am not likely to plunk down my $5000.00 for a non-refundable reservation to buy one of these cars which were promised last fall and are still not ready. Nor will I be purchasing any stock that was riding high at $6.00 a share last summer and is now hovering around 30 cents a share. But what did anyone expect from a cool looking car that contained a device which cannot physically do what it claims and best price pharmcy tramadol is illegal in most of the US and Canada?
why is ronn not legal in most of usa/ canada???
written by kurtskimojo, July 08, 2009
why is this stock going way down ? Is it because they
don't have the cars out of production yet?
Talk to me .... tnkx ,
And if we find a great energy sourse in water, what will happen to our fresh water resourses that indeed are drying up .. got h-o-h ??? kurtis...
mojo risen' ...
written by kurtskimojo, July 08, 2009
If 'they' were are twice as smart as we are, as 'they' claim; 'They' would be indeed 'half' right...
written by TheBear, January 06, 2010
What a load of knobcheese... And dehydration of ethanol gives ethanoic acid NOT hydrogen so if adding copper to your fuel line did anything it would be to turn you petrol into vinegar - GREAT! Love these scams...

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