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JUN 06

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"I still don't understand all the pomping up of the volt. The cityZenn..."

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Volt Update: Approved for Production

EcoGeeks have been rooting for the Chevy Volt since its initial debut as a concept car. And while we've been keeping tabs on the developments and milestones as Chevy has explored the concept, it has not been a sure thing that it would be going into production. Though it has had unprecedented pre-production enthusiasm from the public and an in-house champion for an electric drive hybrid vehicle in the follow link levitra 100 vice-chairman of General Motors, Bob Lutz, the Volt has only been a concept under development - just a possible addition to Chevy's line.

That changed this week when the board at General Motors approved putting the Volt into production. The Volt will be built at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly facility. Chevy is still targeting the end of 2010 to have the Volt available to consumers. Production versions of cialis one a day the final Volt design are expected to be unveiled shortly.

This gives GM two years to continue testing, get details finalized, and be ready to begin producing a different kind of car, with significant capability to buying viagra in london run solely on electric power.

Via Detroit Free Press

Photo via Jurvetson

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written by Gary, June 06, 2008
It's about time for Detroit to come around. I would be extremely surprised if this became available as soon as 2010. Let's hope it does, and that the quality is stepped up from the usual experience with GM.

I hope you are familiar with the canadian pharmacy online tramadol Aptera, which will be available early next year. Check it at I am not affiliated, but have one reserved.

This is a 3 wheel all electric or hybrid vehicle, with safety and technology as a priority. Not as practical as the Volt as far as being a family car, but something that is coming soon. You really have to look at the site in detail to appreciate what these guys have going on.

Great site. Will be back regularly.
Lots of ignorance around these parts
written by kent beuchert, June 07, 2008
The bloger shilling for the Aptera "Death trap" better be prepared - that vehicle is classified as a MOTORCYCLE to avoid having to pass any Federal safety tests. It could easily be characterized as a death trap.
And the notion that until the GM board officially approved the Volt for production it was in doubt must have been living on Mars. The Volt has had the highest priority of any program
in GM history and the greatest funding. If you don't keep up with events, please desist from posting this kind of nonsense.
written by Gary, June 07, 2008
Shilling? As I said, I am not affiliated in any way. But, never mind that.

Did you look at the safety detail on the Aptera site? Yes, it IS classified as a motorcycle (it has 3 wheels), but look at the site. I won't stoop to the we use it buy viagra from canada level of name calling you have. If you want to accuse anyone of ignorance, I suggest you have your facts about you. You could as easily be accused of being a shill. And seem to have an ax to grind.

No matter, the important thing is the cumulative efforts of it's great! cheap levitra from uk companies like these, both GM and Aptera, and many others. Though Congress can't seem to pull out their heads, there are some good things going on despite. Let's focus on that and avoid any baseless antagonism.
written by jake3988, June 08, 2008
I still don't understand all the pomping up of the volt.

The cityZenn, being promised by a reliable company in Canada called Zenn, is promised to get 250 miles to a charge and be released in '09.

The GM volt, which is coming out 13 years AFTER the volt is generic cialis mexico designed to get one fourth of the range. That's downright sad. And it shows they don't give a crap.

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