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JUN 13

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"A vehicle like this could change the world. I have no doubt that more ..."

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Electric Car Less Than 3 Feet Wide

Now, we’ve seen plans for tiny fuel efficient cars, and even tiny electric cars, but this is cialis overnight online a car I’d LOVE to try out as soon as it is a reality. I doubt it’d have a snowball’s chance here in America where, while we say we’re heading back to smaller cars, we still have a “size matters” complex. The itty bitty Lumeneo Smera is in the works – an electric car that drives like a motorcycle. It seats two passengers in the super slim 35.5 inch wide cab, and is about 8 feet long with trunk space.

While it has four wheels, it maneuvers like a motorcycle, tiliting around curves and cialis 100 corners, rather than turning wheels. On initially reading this I had visions of tip-overs and wipeouts, especially if you have a passenger – how are you supposed to shift your weight to get the car to “tilt” around turns? Well, apparently the car has that part under control. The car’s internal gadgets take into account the dynamic parameters of the car, the turning curves, the selected driving mode and the road quality, determining the optimal tilting angle and moving the cabin and four wheels for you so you can make turns without needing special training on how to drive the thing. Who knows – this might be the next generation of driving.

The wheels are powered by dual electric 20hp motors. Using Lithium technology, the battery takes a plug-in electric charge of 15kw to take you about 93 miles, but you only need 7kw to go as far as 62 miles miles. When considering this vehicle is likely to levitra 25mg be used for busy city streets, and not open country roads, 93 miles is a good long way, making these potentially excellent delivery vehicles…for smaller packages. While you plug in to charge the order cialis no prescription battery, you also gain power by braking. Each braking action is transformed into energy by the alternator and is stored in the batteries.

The motors are designed to last about 124,000 miles, or about 10 years – so its right up there with our standard cars today. The cost is expected to be around $31,000 to $46,000. I can just see these taking over rush hour streets of busy European cities.

Via Inhabitat

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Car or Scooter?
written by MaryBeth, June 13, 2008
This looks an awful lot like a 4-wheel scooter...with a roof. And I can't decide if the roof is a good thing or a bad; certainly good for inclement weather, but it seems like it would cut down on your visibility too much.

like it!
written by james, June 13, 2008
This is pretty cool, and I could see making my long commute in it (about 60 mile roundtrip). I don't know why it would only be a round-city car. I wonder what its like to drive something that tilts? Is that a pain, or does it stay fun? Probably subjective. Anyway, it has plenty of womans levitra space for groceries and other stuff I usually tow around.
As for the how to get cialis in canada Americans still love jumbo size quip, I see more and buying viagra online from canada more of those TwoFour (?) things around San Diego. (They are still odd looking...) I like to look of this little car better.
Interesting ride
written by Andrew, June 14, 2008
This is something that intrigues me. The ride of a motorcycle with a little more of the safty offered in an enclosed vehicle. The size issue would definately be an issue for americans though, would be nice to get them to cialis 30 mg get rid of their freaking huge cars. Some people are finally realizing it though, like this guy
written by Robbert, June 14, 2008
This looks like a good replacement for the Canta & the scootmobiles, which are the default 'invalid and old-age pensioners' car here in the Netherlands.
It's small enough to go on the bicycle lanes, and it can go a lot further than most scoots.

With a pricetag 4 times higher than a canta I don't see the system changing over to it soon though... Pity.
Great ... BUT why not make it double the
written by Kas van purchasing viagra with next day delivery der Linde SOUTH AFRICA, June 14, 2008
Man, this is the levitra price in canada features that makes man high about other species. INVENTIONS like this will make life a pleasure. With fuel prices skyrocketting at present, WHY NOT!
Come on make a 4 seater and see how the whole world takes to it. THIS CONCEPT IS A WINNER!
Nice Ride!
written by EVcast, June 14, 2008
YouTube has the CNET review posted on link for you get levitra this car for a more detailed look:

If it were available in the US... I would buy one!

Bo Bennett
Size does matter.
written by Alex Schoenfeldt, June 14, 2008
Apparently, Some people think that cars have to be big and heavy to be safe, and they are wrong. However, they had one thing correct. It turns out that while the weight of a car does NOT make it more safe, the size DOES.

So a big heavy car is safe and inefficient. A small light car is unsafe and efficient, but a big light car is safe and efficient!

FYI My source for this is efficiency Guru Amory Lovins (my new green hero.)
Nitpick -- kw vs kwh
written by JWhitland, June 15, 2008
Surely you mean "kilowatt hours", or kwh, not "kw"? A kilowatt is a rate of flow (1000 Joules/second). A kilowatt hour is a unit of generic cialis soft for sale energy, ( 1000 Joules/second for 1 hour = 3 600 000 J ).
written by Johnny Twotone, June 15, 2008
Isn't that more like a golf cart? Kind of a futuristic golf cart maybe!

written by JOSEPH, June 15, 2008

Another nitpick
written by wuzzo, June 15, 2008
"gain power by braking" NOT breaking
look like a toys
written by William, June 15, 2008
hey its look like a child's toys car smilies/grin.gif
written by Stephanie, June 15, 2008
If you got in a wreck...need I say more? I'm pretty sure your little electric mini-car would not win in a competition with anything except MAYBE a motorcycle.
Where do I plug it in?
written by Brian, June 15, 2008
Ok. Sounds interesting, if a little bit expensive, but as a city-dweller, where do I plug this thing in to charge? I park on the street, as much as 1/4 mile from my apartment at times. I'm *never* near plug-in power and as far as I know, local parking garages (at 4-500 US per month, easily outstripping the energy savings) aren't even offering the option.

Are these pie-in-the-sky electric auto manufacturers planning on solving the energy delivery problem before telling city-dwellers that electric is the way to go?
Looks like...
written by Daniel Marquard, June 15, 2008
...that Smart car. A LOT like it.
I should write a blog about this
written by The Food Monster, June 15, 2008
This thing is sweet, I have added it to wow)) canadian healthcare pharmacy my Green things to get wish list. A long with a smart car, although I guess I need either one or the other or a Prius for that matter. There is a blog about a Green Gas Station in Los Angeles here:
I wish there were more Green Restuarants, energy producers and buy cialis online cialis electric cars like this out there.

-The Food Monster
several other small electric cars data
written by locoroco, June 15, 2008
check these small cars, which i bet are more convenient and most probably has more chance to see the light of day
written by Casey Yano, June 15, 2008
This is a golf cart, not a car
What the hell?
written by Chris, June 15, 2008
Alright, this is officially the 283471st car that is alarmingly innovative, and TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE. Can we please have someone work on a car that's small, electric, and simple, with a price to reflect it?
The idea here is to move into the future and wean ourselves off oil. If you can get a little Toyota Yaris for 11k, what could possibly convince you to get a minuscule, roofed scooter for 3 times as much? The fancy gyros? I'm sick of these concept cars. Please, somebody produce a vehicle that could conceivably be adopted.
written by uprt, June 15, 2008
Chris, these cars are purposely made to look toy like .The high prices make sure they stay rich people's toys.A low cost high capacity electric vehicle would "threaten" conventional auto sales.
Wish granted
written by THe LoW, June 15, 2008
written by ANDREW MAYANJ,A, June 15, 2008
written by Jarrod, June 15, 2008
The tilting technology seems like that designed by Carver International in the Netherlands. Their's is a three-wheeled model. I think an American company licensed the tech and is working on a hybrid and all electric model.
Too Expensive!!!
written by Dan, June 15, 2008
Too Expensive!!! Price of car takes away from any gas-savings :-(
written by dru007, June 15, 2008
It looks awesome but at 20K euros, it's
insanely expensive.......
Looks like the Tango
written by Peter, June 15, 2008
Reminds me of a swooper Tango which is made by
good idea
written by mick, June 15, 2008
awesome idea, but I'd hate to the best site levitra pills get into an accident with an SUV...
if my motor died at 124,000 miles, I'd b
written by gpd209, June 15, 2008
That's not what "our standard cars today" last. If a "green" car last fewer than 200,000 miles, I have to question whether it really is green. A great deal of the environmental cost of a car goes into its production, not just its operation. A good Toyota or Honda or Ford F-150 can last for 250,000 miles.
Ridiculous concept car
written by Master Shake, June 15, 2008
This thing is not commercially viable by ANY stretch of the imagination. Electric cars should be very cheap to produce as they require very few moving parts (the pricepoint should be more like $12K). Why would anyone spend $40K for a death trap toy car when you can wait a year and get a full-sized Tesla luxury car for $10K more. Plus, the Tesla will go 220 miles on a charge (not 90). The Chevy Volt will be ~$20K. Oh, and try driving that scooter thing in the snow.
written by Ken Roberts, June 16, 2008
This is way too expensive for what you get.
written by Karsten, June 16, 2008
Folks, while saving gas may save you money, being less expensive may not be the primary goal of a vehicle like this. Having less impact on the environment can be more expensive in many cases. Maybe it should be more expensive so that fewer people can afford living far away from where they need to be.

You get passed by a truck in this vehicle and you are on click here discount generic levitra your side sliding down the road.

written by Ken Roberts, June 16, 2008
Price usually correlates with environmental impact. If this car costs so much, then it is requiring a ton of R&D and perhaps manufacturing changes to accommodate it. Those things emit C02 just as easily as if the money had been spent on gasoline. You cannot ignore the canada pharmacy built-in pollution cost of a product.

written by Vince, June 16, 2008
Some are saying crap about americans..kind of a weight issue with this car..what about ppl who have phobias about this crap. small spaces are hard enough with some cars..y make it an american and where to get levitra cheap i do fit in the car..but i would not drive this b.c on the interstate the wind would probably blow this ting over like nothing..or it would have to tilt so far it would most likely fall over..seriously make this bigger so we can fit the whole family in then maybe in america it would be appreciated..great concept though.
written by Master Shake, June 16, 2008
"Seriously make this bigger so we can fit the whole family in then maybe in america it would be appreciated"
-Many manufacturers already have and will start pumping out plugin electrics soon. This thing will never fly at its current price point. The only advantage I can see with this compared to a full-sized electric is it's easy to park.
written by DG, June 21, 2008
Great idea...ignore the crappy uneducated negative remarks above since they have been deprived of innovation for so long they wouldn't know it if it hit them in the face.For all those commenting on price this is a prototype looking for a manufacturer.The car has not been costed for production so your remarks are unwarranted.This type of car is not for everyone just as a Harley isn't and if your so worried about the safety aspect I would advise staying in bed and certainly not flying.You people area right bunch of wankers.
written by Samantha, June 29, 2008
I think it's super cute (what? Cuteness is def. a factor) but I would be so scared to drive one of these things on the street. I think some dude in a hummer would come out and kill me. Seriously.
And it couldn't handle winter. Not at all.
written by Ed, July 30, 2008
This sort of vehicle is pretty neat and certainly has some very realistic and practical uses. Unfortunately this is the type of vehicle the majority of people picture when they think of an electric vehicle.

If we could get folks into thinking of electric cars as regular cars that simply run on electric fuel instead of gasoline fuel, it would give the industry a large boost and hopefully make commercial electric vehicles more mainstream. I am converting a regular Toyota Tercel to viagra philippines be 100% electric. You can view the project at
i want a electric car!!!
written by olivia, June 26, 2010
I WANT AN ELECTRIC CAR!!!!smilies/wink.gif

written by Austin, July 25, 2012
A vehicle like this could change the world. I have no doubt that more electric cars could lower CO2 emissions and order viagra no prescription facilitate a better quality of cialis dose life for all.

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