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JUN 13

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"Using fans to fill the void behind a trailer isn't anything new. So fa..."

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Aerodynamic Trucks Cut Fuel By 12%

Georgia Tech is always up to something interesting. Scientists at its Research Institute are working on a circulation control system for heavy trucks. Translation: change the way air maneuvers around the truck so there is less drag and canada cheap cialis less fuel used.

Robert Englar, principal researcher on the buy cialis online without a prescription project, says they’ve cracked a way to make air blow in a steady current around the back of the truck to lessen the drag that slows the vehicle and causes it to click here low cost cialis need so much fuel. We’ve seen semi trucks hauling down the freeway with large curved cab roofs that help get the wind up and over the boxy trailer it is pulling. But this design changes the cialis generic trailer as well, adding curved bumpers on tramadol 180 buy the rear and linking each to a blower that pushes air through them and out the side of the rig. This is canadian cialis 50mg supposed to reduce drag and also help push the vehicle forward. And it seems to work. Tests have shown the system to reduce drag by 32% and therefore reduce fuel consumption by 12%. While 12% doesn’t sound all that dramatic, with today’s fuel prices, everything helps strapped truckers. And another way to look at it is this: if installed on heavy trucks throughout the US, it could equate to saving as much as 2.4 billion gallons of fuel a year.

There are a few issues to address before the system is ready to viagra canada pharmacy be widely used. For instance, how to make the air blow. One option is a small diesel-powered compressor installed on or under the it's great! best price viagra trailer, alongside refrigeration units. Other possibilities are using pressurized air from the truck’s supercharger, or a chain drive from the trailer’s wheels to turn air blowers. Another possibility of the system is to add the ability to reverse air flow for breaking or in gusty conditions, helping to improve safety as well as efficiency.

While it’s no solution to the overall environmental dilemma of trucking, it could be a great temporary solution while we get biodiesel heavy trucks and hybrid working trucks up and running in larger numbers.

Via AutomotiveWorld, AutoSpeed, Georgia Tech

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Kind of a big deal..
written by Dee weezy, June 14, 2008
in your article you say 12% fuel savings isn't a big deal... thats HUGE! if you could add 12 percent to any vehicle that's remarkable. not to mention any vehicle that does 100K plus miles per year... that's more miles free than a good number of people drive in a year.
Also: not so temporary
written by Robert G, June 14, 2008
Let's not forget that this tech can improve ANY kind of fuel efficiency; petroleum diesel, biodiesel, electric... It's necessary for now and the entire future of the trucking industry, no matter what fuel moves the trucks. We need to use less of everything, even if it's green.
written by Ken Roberts, June 14, 2008
Good to see my alma mater is still working hard.

I agree with Robert that such efficiencies need to be taken advantage of no matter the fuel source. Hopefully expensive petroleum will continue to fuel similar innovation.
written by Suricou Raven, June 15, 2008
I hope the viagra pfizer 50 mg energy needed to power the blower doesn't cancel too much of the efficiency gain :>
Fantastic article
written by ECOhank, June 15, 2008
Fantastic article and fantastic sciantists from Georgia Tech Research - they've made a big thing with its 12% savings. I hope for couple of very good site where to get viagra cheap years every truck will save 12% of electric energy instead of fuelsmilies/smiley.gif
written by Ken Roberts, June 15, 2008
The article on the Georgia Tech website says that the energy required by the blower reduces the overall efficiency gains to daily cialis 8%-9%, FYI.
Interesting stuff from the GA boys
written by The Food Monster, June 15, 2008
I love this blog, there is always something cool on it. Check out the super Green Gas Station in Los Angeles.
written by Andy Acott, June 16, 2008
Using fans to fill the void behind a trailer isn't anything new. So far, the biggest drag reduction for trailers is in the use of side skirting which does not require energy to make it run. Diesel engines, chain driven fans, etc all add to the maintenance and cost.

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