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JUN 19

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Super Duper Duty Electric Trucks At LA Port

The Port Authority of Los Angeles has taken to the idea of using electric trucks for hauling, and they aren’t messing around with rinky-dink trucks. Nope, they’ve tried out an EV truck with some major pulling power. It can go as fast as 40 MPH, as far as 60 miles, and pull as much as 60,000 lbs. The distance and viagra canadian speed seems low for a single charge, but when you figure that since the truck is being used for heavy work on the port, it isn’t exactly needing to get very far very fast, and so the generic viagra capabilities work out just fine for eco-friendly short-haul strength.

Of course, the truck is profoundly expensive, with the 2007 prototype costing nearly $530,000. Despite the price, the LA Harbor Commission approved the production of 20 of these electric yard trucks. Which, when you consider how much fuel diesel trucks eat up and the emissions they spit out just while idling for loading and unloading, the cost is somewhat balanced out. The trucks are plug-ins, so hopefully someday soon we’ll see solar panels or wind turbines popping up at the port to generate clean electricity to power the behemoths. Hey, I can be Polly-Anna when I want to.


Trucks with this type of power are not yet widely seen for obvious reasons. They’re expensive. The batteries are heavy. They can’t go very far on a charge. With these issues, using electric trucks for short hauls like this makes far more sense than using them for long distance driving. However, hybrid garbage trucks and some other massive muscle vehicles are in the works, and UPS is up to the challenge to convert their fleet of cialis tablet trucks to electric and fuel efficient. Perhaps through new developments being taken up by folks like UPS and the LA port, we’ll see examples and milestones set for more eco-friendly heavy duty trucks.


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written by Mad Marcus, June 19, 2008
Nice example of forward-thinking. I wonder, though, why organizations like the LA Port Authority don't enter into partnerships with other agencies in order to negotiate with the suppliers. It's common knowledge that price goes down as volume goes up. Surely other sea-ports and shipping companies in the US have similar requirements for short-haul trucking. Partnering with these organizations for bulk purchasing would be a great way to bring the price down for all involved and levitra australia provide greater opportunities for potential suppliers.
written by Mad Marcus, June 19, 2008
The press release from the port authority itself has a lot of additional information for the curious reader...

Although the prototype cost a hefty $530,000, I was interested to read that the 20 production models are only expected to viagra without prescription in uk cost $190,000 each. Still not cheap by any means, but definitely cost competitive when consider reduced operation costs.
written by EV, June 19, 2008
I've been wondering why no one had done this before. Now to get these motors put in long haul trucks and have an electric on board generator like trains do.

I was interested to read that the 20 production models are only expected to cost $190,000 each. Still not cheap by any means, but definitely cost competitive when consider reduced operation costs.

Cost is a relative term. Consider that your standard city bus costs $250,000. A semi can cost $50,000 used. Not sure what a new one costs. This $190,000 probably pays for itself fairly quickly with the cheaper fuel and lower maintenance.
written by evlife, August 14, 2008
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written by check123, September 16, 2008
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