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Car of the cialis legal Future Goes Retro

The STM3004 Electric Car – say that three times, fast – uses new EV technology and it takes us back, but not to the future.

We see so many sleek, streamlined versions of cheap viagra in usa electric cars that, while they have a lot of personality all on their own, don’t hold much nostalgia. But they do hold useable, practical capabilities like speed and distance on short charges. And there is a reason for slippery looking new EVs…aerodynamics. Streamlining is great for efficiency. So while the STM3004 Electric Car is fun and holds that missing wistfulness and Chicago gangster fantasy, it might not be all that practical. The Chinese-made EV looks – and runs – much like the model it harkens back to. It tops out at 28 miles an hour. And it looks like the ride might be just as bumpy. Additionally, you can only get 50 miles, even after charging a full 7-10 hours.

Yep, fun – fun like an electric golf cart is viagra discount pharmacy fun - but not our answer. Perhaps soon we’ll see a useful blend of this kind of spirit and advanced technology.

Via Crave; images from Red Ferret

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Steampunk gone too far.
written by tyler, June 20, 2008
Lord is that pretty.

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