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JUL 03

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"This new vehicle seems perfect for environmentaly conscious lesbian fa..."

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Subaru Unveils New Plug-in EV Concept

Next week, Subaru will be looking to impress delegates at the G8 summit in Hokkaido Toyako by unveiling a prototype plug-in electric car.

The company has provided five cars for use at the summit. Four of these will be used to transport officials and policy wonks around, while the other will go on display in the daily levitra environmental showcase, as well as being available for test drives.

The new prototype twins Subaru’s existing Stella model with the electric powertrain from the company’s earlier R1e concept, which has been undergoing testing for the viagra with no prescription last two years. Whereas the R1e is a tiny two-seater, the Stella is a more practical 5-door model, and will be used for the development and test-marketing of next-generation EVs in Japan in the coming years.

The car, powered by a powerful Li-Ion battery, is capable of a top speed of around 60mph, with a range of 50 miles between charges - more than adequate for urban journeys. The battery can either be fully charged overnight at home, or topped up to viagra on line us 80% capacity in 15 minutes using a fast-charger. Charge time has been a major barrier to consumer acceptance of EVs and, although this still doesn’t match up to the speed of filling up with gas, it’s certainly getting there.

Via Reuters

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60 MPH top speed "more than adequate"?
written by brianS, July 03, 2008
Apparently either the writer or the Suburu people have never commuted in northern California -- or most of the U.S. A 60-MPH top speed will get you run over in a lot of places.
written by Snark, July 03, 2008
"Apparently either the writer or the Suburu people have never commuted in northern California -- or most of the U.S. A 60-MPH top speed will get you run over in a lot of places"

Depends on where you're commuting. A top speed of 60mph would be entirely sufficient for a commute on surface roads and within a city; given the Stella's kei-car size, I'd be reluctant to take it on

You appear to poorly understand that not everybody commutes on the highway, and that some folks may have different needs than your own. There seems to be this irrational belief that personal vehicles must match, perfectly, every capability of a gas-fuelled car (range, top speed, performance, size, 0-60) to make it viable. I entirely disagree; most of the American public could easily make do with a car of these exact specs, with a car-share program for when you need more. Perhaps you personally could not, though statistically it's not likely; most people drive less than 40 miles a day at less than 60mph.

In reality, most people use a tiny fraction of click now cheap prescription levitra a vehicle's capabilities, and they overbuy - they buy a car capable of every conceivable use they might subject it to. A car that takes care of 75-85% of your needs is far more sensible. This car could easily take care of most of my trips, and a ZipCar membership the rest.
I like the idea...
written by Amy, July 03, 2008
Since I live in Canada, I have to convert the mph to kmph (kilometers per hour) - and 60mph turns into around 95kmph. Since highway speeds in Canada are 100kmph, this car would be very ideal for the regular day-to-day around town driving, where in-town speeds are set between 50 and 80 kmph. So, this electric Stella is a really nice choice for anyone who just needs to zip around town.
written by Julie, July 03, 2008
Wouldn't it make sense to have the shape of this vehicle more aerodynamic??
written by milton, July 03, 2008
No that doesn't make sense at all. Aerodynamic drag increases by approximately the square of a car's speed. Since this is generic propecia fda approved not a high speed car there is little benefit to be had from more streamlining.

The shape of this vehicle is optimized for maximum internal package volume with minimum external dimensions.
Crazy Idea
written by winterspan, July 03, 2008
I have a CRAZY idea, how about putting their next-gen PHEV system into one of their NORMAL car bodies? Hows that for ingenious? Why do these companies insist on showing off EV systems in these stupid unrealistic prototype vehicles? I would LOVE a 100 MPG plugin-hybrid Subaru Legacy or Impreza
written by Lumpy, August 05, 2008
This new vehicle seems perfect for environmentaly conscious lesbian families, since only lesbians drive Subarus.


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