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JUL 23

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"A swedish company is reselling a solar panel like this. The charging f..."

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Nissan Using Solar to cialis uk Keep Batteries in Cars

While Nissan is working on more eco-friendly cars, it isn’t exactly in the lead. Yet, Nissan has found that solar power can make an impact on cars that aren’t necessarily labeled as eco-friendly, aren’t flex-fuel, aren’t even marketed as solar powered. And more importantly, solar power going into cars can make an impact on the very good site canadian healthcare company’s bottom line well after the cars leave the manufacturing plant.

Cars waiting to be purchased can sit in lots for a long, long time. The effect of sitting out in all sorts of 50mg cialis weather conditions for a month or two can mean batteries lose their charge – not a good thing for a brand new car going to an excited customer. Manufacturers need to replace these discharged batteries, and that adds up to a whole lot of money when we factor in the sheer number of vehicles on lots around the world, especially for a large car maker like Nissan.

To fix the problem and keep batteries from needing to be replaced, Nissan has partnered with ICP Solar Technologies Inc who will provide OEM solar chargers that suction to dash boards of waiting cars. The trickle charge from the solar power unit keeps batteries from being discharged and therefore keeps them from needing replacement. This has worked for Nissan Europe and the program is canadian pharmacy levitra being extended to buy fioricet Nissan North America. ICP Solar Technologies Inc created a similar deal with Volkswagen in 2006, so apparently it is a proven technique.

The solar devices can be taken out of a sold car and put into a new arrival. Nissan will keep millions in their pockets now that they don’t have to swap out old, yet hardly used batteries, and keeping batteries useful longer takes a bit of the cialis medication load off Mother Earth, too.

Via GoodCleanTech, Earth2Tech

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Solar panel on the dashboard to increase
written by Fredrik Johansson, July 24, 2008
A swedish company is reselling a solar panel like this. The charging from the panel means that the battery in the car is always going to be close to full, and as the battery of the car is actually charge by a charger that draws power from the engine it actually improves your fuel economy as well.

That is what they were saying though, and that could be added value to the whole deal even if you are not a car reseller.

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