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JUL 25

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Add the Smart Car to the List of Electric Cars for 2010

As we noted a few weeks ago, Daimler is planning to get out of petroleum powered vehicles within the next 7 years. And one of usefull link cialis discount the ways they are looking to do where can i get cialis that is with a battery-powered version of the Smart car which, according to online medicine rx cialis viagra order Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, will be available in 2010.

As an all-electric vehicle, the battery Smart would have a more limited range than a plug-in hybrid such as a Prius or the proposed Chevy Volt. But as a commuter car, the Smart is well suited for limited-range city driving, so the combination may be an appealing one. A preliminary fleet of 100 battery-powered Smart cars has been testing in London since last December.

Daimler is also weighing whether to sell or lease the batteries. By leasing them, the initial cost of purchasing the vehicle would be lower, but the operating cost would be higher. On the other hand, being able to swap out first generation nickel metal hydride battery packs (which should have a range of about 65 miles) with lighter weight, higher power, lithium ion batteries to extend the vehicle's range should appeal to those who want to get an electric car now, but also want to be able to take advantage of technological upgrades that come as more battery powered vehicles reach the streets. Others have pointed out that Smart is just coming into the US this year, so the battery powered Smart might well be something only available in European markets.

Even if it doesn't come to the US, 2010 is still looking to be a watershed year for electric vehicles.

Via, Ecomodder, and Autobloggreen ; Photo via joeshlabotnik

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These cars are useless and expensive
written by kerry bradshaw, July 25, 2008
I see articles such as this shilling a totally
impractical technology and laugh at how they will appeal to that small group of people who are convinced that one must suffer in order to be
a good Earth-citizen. The sheer ignorance out there about electric propulsion is incredible to behioold, although it certainly shouldn't be surprising - 80% still believe that we have been visited by aliens, or that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy. You can't explain stupid.
Instead of cialis online from canada mindlessly cheerleading every electrically propelled vehicle, the environmental community should demonstrate some seldom seen logic, else we'll end up with another 30 year nuclear power moratorium, ushering in global warming way too soon. Or another wind power fiasco, where California energy officials became outraged that someone would point out that during the generica viagra sale recent blackouts California's massive fleet of windmills were producing zero power.
The simple facts are that battery-only electrics are oxymorons so long as batteries are expensive and are not quickly rechargeable. Nor do they demonstrate ANY significant advantage over plug-ins with 40 mile or more electric driving ranges,
either in terms of gasoline avoidance or emission avoidance. There is uk viagra sales the real possibility that plug-ins will actually do better at avoiding both,
although the differences are trivial in either case. The battery-only electric without a practical battery is an impractical car. No one can own just one car if one of them is a battery-only EV. That side effect expense, which battery-only advocates carefully avoid mentioning,makes battery-onlies far more expensive. And when was the last time you read an article shilling these vehicles that mentioned the crucial issues of battery costs and battery lifespans? I note that this article mentions neither.
Count me in.
written by Maccabees, July 25, 2008
Yes, battery powered EV's don't have great range; but then again, I don't need it and don't care about it. Neither do thousands and thousands of other drivers. I am sick of being robbed at the gas station.

Battery powered EV's alone are not the answer. No one technology will be "the answer". The cars Chevy, Ford and GM have produced for the brand viagra last umpteen years certainly aren't the answer either. The BEV will be an option that will sell when it is reasonably priced.

The simplicity of BEV design and long-term (relatively) maintenance free life will be welcome by many. The battery technology will get better, but people that have run EV's for years seem to have gotten by some how. See just one example below.

Energy independence is vital to our national wellbeing. We can't afford another war for oil. This one hasn't worked out so well.

written by bill, July 25, 2008
Daimler is not planning to get out of producing petroleum power cars. They are getting out of producing gasoline powered cars. Some of their cars will still be able to use diesel.
written by Jay Hankins, July 25, 2008
mopar 318 big block needs new car for trade for smart car i'd trade my vintage mopar engine for a cruisen start car then they would find a way to run my old motor off hydrogen gas created off a solar panel just be my luck.
American Markets
written by The Food Monster, July 26, 2008
I would think, Los Angeles and New York would be the perfect market for something like this. Most people who would buy one, would also have another car for longer trips.
written by John Thompson, January 12, 2009
Do you think there is a potential market for a detachable swivel wheel (generator trailer) to extend the range of these small B.E.V's. Perhaps just a carrier for additional batteries.
Because of visit web site cheapest prices for viagra NetBooks and iPods batteries
written by Dave, January 13, 2009
It still amazes me how people ask for immediate results from batteries when many of the alternatives have tons of problems when it gets to distribution of the fuel. The beauty with batteries is that we have electric energy sources all around us... pretty much everywhere! Batteries will be ruled by Moore's law before long and will be like LCD panels and CPUs, doubling in performance/price every 18 months or so. The sooner we get on board the quicker we'll see improvements. That's how market economies work. Demand then supply will follow.

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