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JUL 30

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"Tata Nano is the most cheapest car with good technical specification. ..."

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The Tata Nano: World's Cheapest (Electric) Car?

So it looks like the world's cheapest car (the Tata Nano) could soon be the world's cheapest electric car as well.

The price of the Nano is just above $2,500 and Tata's chairman Ratan Tata says he expects demand to exceed supply. Tata's plant in the city of Singur in the state of West Bengal will eventually have the genuine viagra tablets from canada capacity to make 350,000 Nanos a year.

Tata Motors plans to make a second generation of its four-passenger Nano with a diesel engine. But initially, it will have a gasoline engine capable of 50 miles to the gallon.

But the interesting news out of Mr. Tata's talk to shareholders at the annual general meeting last week was that the company is competing for an Eco car in Thailand and best herbal viagra looking at other ways to cialis price in canada make even more fuel-efficient versions of the Nano.

Tata is working with a French firm in developing an electric Nano. The electric car will use compressed air. Tata Motors also announced earlier this year it is in talks with Chrysler on developing electric vehicles.

According to the Economic Times of India, a diesel engine for the Nano is being developed by a German company and will use a fuel injection system. Sources told the newspaper that the 800 cc, turbo charged diesel engine will be a two-cylinder and capable of at least 30 per cent more mileage compared to 800 cc gasoline powered cars.

It's hoped that the cheap vehicle willenable more people in developing countries to be able to afford their own car. But at the same time, there are concerns about the cialis erectile dysfunction congestion and pollution caused by more cars on the road. In India, there are seven motorcycles sold for every car, according to the World Bank.

An all-electric or efficient diesel option would certainly decrease from those concerns. However, with India being coal powered, and lagging on emissions standards, it's not clear how much greener these cars really will be.

Via: Bloomberg and Reuters and Autobloggreen

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India and China are going to own the aut
written by chronomatic, July 31, 2008
These are not just cars for the developing world, they are just as appropriate for the soon to become 2nd world economies like the US and the EU. They could be sold in K-MART or Starbucks (oh yeah Starbucks mightn't be a good idea).

GM, Toyota and follow link cheap levitra from uk Ford will be shown to levitra canada prescription be dinosaurs that they are by these cars.
this is very important
written by cameron, July 31, 2008
If i remember right. Tata was working to make sure they could export the Tata nano to the European market.

Make it electric, and cheap, you have something that will sell like hot cakes.

Maybe Tata should work with Tesla to make something for the american market.
Tata / MDI update
written by DaMs, July 31, 2008
just a small update, tata is working with a french company (MDI) on a green version of the nano.
they signed a deal for 20M € for licensing the engine & co devellopment last february, but it won't be electric.
it's either a full air compressed car or or dual energy (any fuel compressed air to lenghten the range)
you can find further info about MDI and compressed air car for north america here :

thank you
written by ahmmed, July 31, 2008
thank you . ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
thank you
written by ahmmed, July 31, 2008
thank you . ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
written by jared, July 31, 2008
needs bigger wheels imo ;D
written by Ta TA, July 31, 2008
tata is a company that interacts with one billion indians daily, cars are just one line of business among 80 companies run by tata. every indian is touched by tata is some way shape or form on a daily basis
written by BuddyFarr, July 31, 2008
I wish their tatas would touch me! Well, I would love to have a very fuel efficient or electric car too.... ;)
Will NEVER get sold here
written by Evil One, July 31, 2008
They've cut costs to the bone, and made some serious concessions to buy viagra low price doing it cheap. The steering wheel is not welded on but glued on. There's only one brake, not four.

This vehicle will NEVER pass safety or emissions standards (you know, the one the greenies insist all cars pass, hence the expensive catalytic converters, computers etc)

One rule for them, another for us.
Ready to look at peak oil DEMAND?
written by Garry Golden, July 31, 2008
I think this faster than expected shift to electric motor systems (battery or fuel cell) could be spurred by a new concept and reality for US-- peak oil demand... just wrote post on it as a catalyst for innovation by auto industry to electrify the global fleet sooner than later!
posted at
written by GS, July 31, 2008
" a diesel engine for the Nano is being developed by a German company and will use a fuel injection system"
All diesel engines are fuel injected.
Fuel injected diesel
written by Chris, July 31, 2008
uhhh, all diesels have to be fuel injected. You'd think someone writing about cars would know this.
written by Mouse, July 31, 2008
The car as the way it is for $2500 would never pass US safety regulations. If they were to make it so it would pass, the price would go up and it would probably be as much as the cheap 4-cylinder fords, pontiacs, etc. Nice idea for a "Walmart car", but not in this country.
100% dominican
written by thony bryant, July 31, 2008
>:(heyyyy who is gonna give me in dominican republic the gasoline is very espenxive...plissss send me one who
written by Fitz, July 31, 2008
Anyone know how one can buy stock from this company?
@chronomatic What parallel universe do y
written by MrDinosaur, July 31, 2008
Chronomatic - I'm not sure where you get your foundational knowledge in economics - as it would seem your presumptions are a little lacking in reality.

You wrote in your post:

These are not just cars for the developing world, they are just as appropriate for the soon to become 2nd world economies like the US and the EU.

I have to take issue with this statement. Ignorance is a pet peeve of mine. Economies can be best summarized by GDP. To put this into perspective the GDP of just one state in the US; take California for instance - has a GDP of 1.7 trillion per annum which is the same range as China, Italy and Spain. This is only one state in the US - representing only 13% of the United States overall GDP.

Yes the US dollar has suffered recently because of foreign policy issues, but a keen mind can recognize that much of that is temporary - and administrations change and so does policy.

Economic cycles tend to run in 7 - 12 year cycles and much of the economic fluctuation that has persisted over the express cialis delivery past 3 years in the US and EU will cycle out just as is did in the early 60's, early 70's and Mid 90's ( see a pattern here? ).

Of late I have become a little irritated at the fallacy of presumption that gets made by those keen to make hasty generalizations about subject matters they know nothing of. I don't often reply to postings on blogs, but felt I had to this time to counter the cacophony of ignorance that undermines the progress Americans and Europeans still are and click now cialis woman continue to make.
written by Elvys, July 31, 2008
Money, money, i want money.-
written by Robs, July 31, 2008
Elvys stand in line... ;)
written by Ty Moss, July 31, 2008
Gah, I will buy one! lol you will be able to buy a car that's cheaper than the MacBook air XD
You get what you pay for......
written by shdwsclan, August 01, 2008
The Tata Nano isn't held up to the highest of look here levitra online 50mg manufacturing standards. It probably doesnt even have safety features such as a crumple zone, or airbags, not exactly the most reliable and safest car built. Additionally, I'm pretty sure its pretty toxic inside too (that new car smell is toxic you know)

Additionally, with electric cars, new problems have arisen. The electromagnetic field generated by the high voltage is harmful to living organisms,and the cabin should be shielded by a Faraday cage.
Notice Chrysler/GM wants to buy them out
written by CitizenX, August 01, 2008
Thats how they have kept electric cars off the market in the US for the last 100 years. >:(
A scenario about the future of US
written by Sierra Bravo, August 01, 2008

MrDinosaur, you may want to read this.
A scenario about the future of US
written by MrDinosaur, August 01, 2008
Sierra Bravo,

Thanks for the link. An interesting read. There is a huge chasm between a free market economy and Socialism. while I agree Social Communism had some great ideas one of it most glaring shortcomings is that the government had more capacity to take advantage of the people then classes of merchants do as we have here in the US. You cant fire the high quality levitra government or just get a new one. When your housing, job and food comes from them it's your only choice. In the US if you don't like your boss, your job you can quit and find a new one, you can go to school and become a doctor if motivated. In free market economies the desire to do and have more is such a compelling force that it pulls social progress along with it even if begrudgingly.

Free market economies are very difficult to collapse. Even if the government were to go out of business eventfully trader classes of individuals form and fill the vacuum. Eventually pulling the whole system up by the boot straps.

It is estimated the great depression was a much more severe economic problem then the USSR faced before it's collapse. The reason the US was able to pull out was because the inherent way the free market capitalisms works. It's not perfect and as in any complex system some classes of people get the short end of the stick. Like I said it's not perfect - fortunately it doesn't need to be to work.

The desire to buy things and improve the quality of generic cialis life is a significant motivator. It's a powerful motivator for many to know the next shiny new thing is around the corner ... you just need to work for it. With Communism a huge economic drawback was that for the average person additionally effort didn't mean additional compensation or improvement, it just meant you got more work, so why work twice as hard for the same compensation as your coworker. When this happens work product stagnates and so does GDP - the driving force of economies, which was my point in my first posting.

written by Mike, August 01, 2008
Electric Cars follow the order viagra online canada story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. I wish just 1 manufactorer would skip to the end of the book and start making one thats just the right size.
written by ray, August 02, 2008
you all need to watch "who killed the electric car" it will probably make you mad.then go to,it will show you how to build your own.
written by dylan, August 02, 2008

I think you mean
Electric Car finds its niche
written by WillG, August 06, 2008
I read a great article about electric cars in London, called "Electric Car Finds its Niche" at They make sense if you are only going a short distance and not carrying cargo.
tata nano
written by ummer puthu veettil, August 09, 2008
i like wery much this car it is my sweet heart
Tata Nano Expert Review
written by Tata Nano, February 15, 2009
Read Expert review on Tata Nano with numerous user reviews at
The Nano is good for emerging markets
written by WillG, March 25, 2009
This is great news for Tata Motors, as well as for those whose incomes didn't allow for their own car in the past. The Nano is going to make a big difference in the lives of a lot of people, not only for the freedom of movement, but also in increasing the potential for additional commerce (taxis, hauling products longer distances, etc.).

I read a great article about the Nano, though it is actually part of a series of generic cialis usa articles. The latest one is titled "Tata Releases the Nano, No Thanks to Mamata Banerjee" and it is found at

Apparently, the politics behind building this car is out of this world.
R&D engineer
written by mrelectric, March 26, 2009
I will buy a tata nano ev when it becomes available in the US. I will sell my other gas hogs (25-30mpg) when this day comes. America manufactures fuel "inefficient" cars, always has, always will. So my gas hogs will be an easy sell. Which means I won't ever be able to buy a tata Ev... made in the US lol.
written by iyer, March 27, 2009
The Nano from Tata can also be booked online that is what I have learnt but I am unable to find the web site
It would be a great thing to book this vehicle online.
written by Ahmed, April 05, 2009
I am willing to buy Tato Nano car, I am currently in Yemen, is there a way to buy inside Yemen?

written by Honda Jazz In India, February 22, 2011
Nano is comapct car made by tata motors in india. This car is compact in size, money but better mileage to the car. Tata Nano Electric car will capture market with new things..
Honda brio
written by Honda Brio, September 12, 2011
Tata Nano is the most cheapest car with good technical specification. Here is an overview of it's technical specification.

All aluminium rear mounted MPFI
EMS: 32-bit microprocessor
Piston displacement: 624 cc, petrol with single balancer shaft
Drive train: rear wheel drive
Cylinder count: 2 cylinders
Valve gear: 4 valves, 2 valves per cylinder
Max power: 35 Bhp@ 5500rpm
Torque: 4.8kgm@ 3000 rpm
Compression ratio: 9.7:1
Power to weight ratio: 0.58
Acceleration: 0-60 kmph: 8 secs
Top speed: 105 kmph
Gradeability – 30%
KMPL – 23.6
Emission levels -BS II and BS III ( CO2 levels

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