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AUG 01

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"Consider first that a gallon of buy online propecia gas contains about 110000 BTU of energ..."

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Spain Opening Up as Big Electric Car Market

Spain has announced its intention to put 1 million EVs on their roads by 2014 as part of the governement’s plan to hunker down on decreasing energy use, making it a prime place for EV auto makers to target. The plan is expected to online prescriptions without prescriptions viagra gain approval today from the Council of Ministers, and be carried out this year. They’re starting just in time, since 2010 will be a banner year for the EV.

According to Miguel Sebastian, minister of industry, business and tourism, “Electric vehicles are the future and the driver of the industrial revolution.” I think he might have the Industrial Revolution confused with the green movement – but, we'll let that slide... Electric vehicles are certainly part of the future, but so is effective mass transit and a mind shift away from owning three vehicles per family. This is a great eco-friendly and economically-friendly move, but what is often more exciting are cool transit ideas various cities are implementing that have nothing to do with personal vehicles. Still, perhaps a few three wheelers will find homes here.

While the plan will cost some $381 million, it is expected to save about 6 million tons of oil over three years, an important, nearly $8 billion savings for a country that has spent, according to Sebastian, nearly $26.5 billion on oil in the past year alone.

Via Gas2, Stuff; photo via f-r-a-n-k

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Mass transit is useless
written by kerry bradshaw, August 01, 2008
One way to ttell whether someone is timewarped into the 1970's is whether they advocate pointless mass transit systems as solutions to, well, something or other. The Jimmy Carter style thinking is based on fossil fuels and finite energy concepts. That's an obsolete and now irrelevant concept , as are small cars for the generic viagra soft tabs future. The future will provide the opportunity for large cars for everyone, even the round shouldered Europeans - that's what electric propulsion and non-fiossil fule energy add up to, although you'd think the "experts" on this blog
would grasp the simple concept. We don't need to conserve energy, and rightly so, since the future world is cialis australia online going to online cialis pharmacy require a whole lot more to elevate the peoples of India, China and levitra injectable the Third world into a proper standard of living. Conservation is actually a means of trying to suppress those peoples and keep abundent energy only for ourselves. In the world of electric propulsion, weight and size really doesn't matyter much, and even if it did, so what? Solar power (and nucelar as well) is limitless. Conservationsists, as always, are simple minded folk who are still living in the era of leisure suits.
What the cialis online pharmacy Hell?
written by Allison, August 02, 2008
Is your comment a joke? I have a feeling you have never used a mass transit system that works properly. Mass transit is not only about saving fuel, although obviously that is a large part of what makes it a great solution for an oil addicted world. Anyone who has ever waited in traffic for 45 minutes or more just to commute to and from work knows how stressfull it is. If there are no mass transit options that wait just keeps increasing as population grows. Not to mention that cars are a huge money suck, and for many families or individuals having the option of being able to forfeit the price of gas/ car payments/ insurance/ parking/ the countless tolls on one's sanity. I don't think that very many people actually believe that cars, no matter what their fuel source, are going to become completely obsolete....that's why electric and solar powered CARS have been getting so much attention lately. And furthermore, even though conservation efforts or at least the attention thereof are often focused on developing nations and their rising energy consumption, for the most part conservationists are well-intentioned about everyone giving things up. I wonder what planet you are living on? Maybe you live out in the sticks where there are no commute times....obviously mass transit doesn't make much sense in a place where there are no central business districts, or where the cost of building mass transit would never be recouped because of low ridership. I encourage you to get yourself to a city that uses mass transit and see the way it can shape cities, in addition to increasing the quality of life for its residents.
written by Ralph, August 03, 2008
I have seen the Kerry Bradshaw moniker on other comment forums, he is working for the oil companies and big power companies. They are organized and buying viagra uk plan a disinformation campaign, etc. The same thing is being done by the big corporations and Republicans on comment forums concerning the American presidential election.
Big Oil is Scared
written by Bob, August 04, 2008
Consider first that a gallon of gas contains about 110000 BTU of energy. In the U.S. the price for this 110000 BTU is $4.00. The same amount of energy in the form of natural gas costs $1.10. You can run a car on natural gas. For less than 1/3 the cost of oil. Consider the electric car. You can run it for 1/10 the cost of gasoline. With the recent upsurge in investment and interest in electric cars they must be sh**ing bricks. They WILL be HISTORY in 10 to 15 years.

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