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AUG 19

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"New Kahn Smart Wheel Available from late Feb What would it mean ..."

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Smart ForTwo Owners Gather on Lombard Street

I’ve seen a total of three Smart cars in my area, and it happened to be all within the last month. Before that, nothing. So I’m thinking that the just try! cheap discount viagra Smart car is starting to gain in popularity. If I feel lucky for seeing three of these cars in a month’s time, imagine what folks in San Francisco might have thought on Sunday.

Hosted by the Smart Owners Club of San Francisco and Smart Car of cheap soft viagra America, Smart owners met up on Lombard Street for a very cool photo shoot. They managed to pack 133 Smart ForTwos on a one-block section of the famously curvaceous street. The owners gathered to show their enthusiasm for the car and their feelings of camaraderie as greenie drivers. I wonder if there will soon be a special handshake for Smarties.

Check out more photos of the event at the links below.

Via SmugMug via AutoblogGreen, and Smart Car of America


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written by cmaceachen, August 19, 2008
Great that it's so small, that certainly counts for something, but what's so green about 33/40 mpg? This is nothing but a publicity stunt.
written by Tekito, August 20, 2008
Smart really ain't that green of a car.
written by Jacob, August 20, 2008
I think it probably costs less resources to make, and it takes up less space in the world meaning less need for carparks and urban sprawl.
written by beamerana, August 20, 2008
Publicity stunt couldn't be further from the truth. True, smart is not the canada cheap viagra greenest of cars, but the driving experience is so unique, owners are compelled to join together with others who understand.
I hope you someday experience something comparable. It's a new world out there & although mainstream media would have you believe otherwise, pretty cool stuff abounds.
one of the 133
written by cmaceachen, August 20, 2008
Seriously? You hope I someday experience something comparable to owning/driving a smart? You sound like a religious fanatic... or an apple fanboy (not to diss the fanboys, but you guys know it's true smilies/wink.gif ). Like I said in my previous comment, small counts for something, but this constant barrage of greenwashed consumerism is sickening.
written by Fernando, September 05, 2008
What is your definition of a green vehicle, you guys? Because according to, GreenCars.Org, and ACEEE's Green Book, the Smart fortwo is rated #4 greenest vehicle. It has the highest mpg for NON-hybrid/NG vehicles.

Everybody talks about the Prius being so green. They conveniently forget to mention that the Honda Insight shattered the record books for mpg (we're talking 60 mpg). Hopefully, the redesigned Insight will remind people of this.

Yes, we all know it was a publicity stunt. That's obvious. I don't see what's the big deal, though (of it being such an event). Mini did similar things over the years.
The New Smart Kahn Wheel
written by John, February 09, 2009
New Kahn Smart Wheel Available from late Feb

What would it mean to take a Smart Car, a derived icon of narrow European streets — and convince Afzal Kahn to design a ‘Smart’ wheel?

Well; according to Afzal Kahn: British masculinity is defined by two ideals: size and speed. The rogue hormone known as testosterone thrives not only on brand viagra overnight delivery horsepower but also on style.
In other words: Afzal Kahn did not need any convincing.

Note the date: Feb 20th 2009, Project Kahn will be releasing their latest product:

The cleverly evolved new ‘Smart RSL Wheel’ (Bright Silver Paint) by Project Kahn wheels gives the Smart Car a fresh and masculine appearance whilst retaining its unmistakable character.
Complete with maximum agility, safety and ecology, the stunning Kahn 6.5x17 – 7X17 Wheel bestows an aura style and self-expression.

Kahn, who has carved an international reputation for applying old-world craftsmanship and the finest materials to turn standard cars into bespoke works of art said: “Project Kahn is facing up to what now seems to be increasingly well-established trends towards smaller, more fuel-efficient cars for personal transport.

“We have successfully steered products and services towards high end users for many years. However, we are confident; the new Smart wheel will delight select consumers who own distinctively styled Smart cars throughout the world.

“Look out for a fresh body styling kit and number of exciting Smart related products in the coming weeks and months ahead.”

Kahn has designed wheels, interiors and body kits for Range Rover, Aston Martin and Bentley amongst others.

And recently, he received much acclaim for adding his bespoke touch to the SsangYong Rexton R-Line - so enthusiastically received by visitors to the SsangYong British motor show stand, that distributors Koelliker UK, had no hesitation in adding it to their range.

Our elegant and sculpted alloy wheel designs are evolved through skilled artistic innovation and usefull link best online generic cialis state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology.

Project Kahn’s innovative manufacturing process, luxurious materials and components are without equal; the seductive blend of refinement will no doubt satisfy the most demanding customers.

It is our duty at Project Kahn to predict and outmaneuver the market in which we operate, releasing products to satisfy even the tramadol no prescription no membership most demanding of cheap viagra from india customers. So feel free to finasterid generic uk visit

For more information on the Kahn RSL Smart Wheel contact John Khan

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