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AUG 29

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"General Motors has reportedly settled on which bettery......"

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GM Picks Running Mate for Volt

Just as the two major American political parties are announcing their vice-presidential nominations, another significant running mate selection in the green transportation sector has been decided, although an announcement of the selection has not yet been made.

General Motors has reportedly settled on which bettery maker it will use for the lowest price cialis forthcoming Chevy Volt, but they are not announcing their choice yet according to GM's Vice Chairman, and leading Volt advocate, Bob Lutz. GM has been working with two major battery manufacturing teams, A123/Continental and CPI/LG Chemical, on the development of cialis canadian cost the batteries for the Volt.

In addition to being ready with their battery selection, development of the Volt has been proceeding, and an unveiling of the production version of the Volt will be "fairly soon" according to Lutz.

"The Volt is real ... and test work is progressing nicely," Lutz said. "We haven't hit any obstacles so far for the batteries. They are all performing flawlessly. It's almost scary we are not seeing any problems with the batteries."

An announcement of the battery partner selection will be made by the end of the year. The Volt is expected to be available late in 2010.

via: Detroit Free Press

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written by j, August 30, 2008
i really like you guys in general and i think green tech is really interesting but battery only has one e generic viagra india
"settled on which bettery maker it will use "
written by J, September 03, 2008
General Motors has reportedly settled on which bettery...

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