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Hybrid Busses Becoming All the Rage

Staten Island is levitra professional sale changing over 15% of its bus fleet to hybrid electrics. Within two years, they’ll add 159 Next Generation Orion VIIs to their stash, helping to cut down on pollution and natural levitra fuel use and becoming the first municipality in the where to buy ultram online whole U S of A to get these green busses.

Busses get a ridiculously bad gas mileage, and the hybrid version will boost that from 2.5 mpg to 3.4 mpg. While that’s still horrible, it is definitely an improvement. More efficient busses are a concern of many cities, especially as a way to jump much closer to carbon cutting goals. Ann Arbor grabbed a few last year, and companies are working on better hybrid versions to further clean up city transportation. Perhaps we’ll someday see a version of Toyota’s wireless electric hybrid pulling into city stops.

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written by Paul, September 11, 2008
We've got 5 Gillig/GM/Allison busses here in Madison, WI too. I've never ridden on one, but they're a lot quieter from the outside.
written by MikeDC, September 11, 2008
move over Fresh Kills, SINY now has hybrids :-)

written by Eric, September 11, 2008
While I was at school in Ann Arbor, MI I noticed that they've started using some hybrid biodiesel buses for their AATA public transport. I've never been a fan of hybrids, but biodiesel is definitely one technology I can support! The hybrid buses were a lot quieter though, so I suppose it's worth it in vehicles that size.
written by drivin98, September 12, 2008
One bus, two buses. :D
written by jake3988, September 13, 2008
Let's say a bus travels 50000 miles a year (this is probably underestimating since they're going almost constantly, every single day)...

2.5mpg you'd use 20000 gallons of fuel. Yes, 20000 gallons.
3.4mpg you'd use about 14700 gallons of fuel. A savings of over 5000 gallons.

So it may not look like much, but it really is. Multiply 5000 gallons by the number of buses in major cities around the world and you could imagine the amount of levitra 20mg price fuel we could save just by increasing this by a measly .9mpg.
The Whisper - 17mpg bus !!!
written by Boirs, October 19, 2008
What happened to "The Whisper" from the Dutch company E-Traction?

They were promising 17mpg or better back in 2007 :(
written by arjan heinen, April 25, 2009
we are almost ready
best regards

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