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"With all of the green technology out now that people are paying for, h..."

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New Mercedes-Benz Tells You When to Shift

We’re starting to see elements added to levitra india pharmacy cars that help tell the driver when and cheap viagra paypal how to save gas, rather than having the driver rely on gathering their own tips and implementing them. Nissan’s Eco Pedal is one such gadget. And now Mercedes-Benz has their own.

Their new C-Class will have a C 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Prime Edition that will help drivers save fuel by telling them when to switch gears. A display will inform the driver of generic cialis next day delivery the best time to shift to maximize mileage. We’ll be able to see this in action this fall, when about 5,000 of these models exit the factory. The model is part of the BlueEFFICIENCY series that will have various green-ish measures such as reduced weight, better aerodynamics, and improved fuel consumption. All rather ho-hum measures, but it’s something.

Via SmartPlanet, CarScoop

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editorial director
written by Seth Bauer, September 11, 2008
My roommate's Volkswagen Rabbit from the we use it online cialis cheap 1970s had the same feature.
written by Max M., September 11, 2008
BMW has this feature for months.....
Not new
written by Karsten, September 11, 2008
This feature existed in cars in Germany 15 years ago. It was a little light that went on when it was a good time to shift.

But then again, not much is really new anymore. It just gets rediscovered and marketed as new.

Nice Pic
written by Mark, September 11, 2008
I know it is not the point of the article, but glad you used the picture of the agressively styled and good looking C63 AMG. It is an amazing looking car but gets a quite poor 19MPG highway.
written by Eddy De Clercq, September 12, 2008

Why not consider a robotic gear box like mentioned in this blog? It can change gear on look there 50mg cialis retail price a more efficient way while keeping the most ideal moment for that situation in mind. I drive with VW with such a DSG box and I don't need to look at a display to know when to change gear and concentrate on traffic.

written by Brandon, September 12, 2008
My 1991 Jeep Wrangler had this feature. In fact I think every Wrangler has this feature. This is nothing new or unique, just marketing. It makes me sick when companies take things that have been around for years and make it look like they invented the idea yesterday.
Is that really that special?
written by Barett Steenrod, September 14, 2008
Good for Mercedes, teaching people how to shift!
My old 1993 Saturn SW2 with the stick did the click now cheap 25mg levitra same thing! Although in the spirit of EcoGeek, I am sure the Mercedes is very good site levitra how much much more precise about it in a way that can increases MPGs.
written by Jake G, September 15, 2008
my $11,000 1995 chevy cavalier had this feature as well. whoop-de-doo
shifting gears
written by Scotty, September 19, 2008
With all of the green technology out now that people are paying for, how about some love for the simple manual transmission? Better fuel economy, better performance, yet 90% of Americans are too lazy to shift their own gears.

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