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"Even though I'm an American, it kind of bothers me when other American..."

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UK Driver’s School Grades on Eco-Driving

New drivers practice and best price for generic cialis study to learn the visit our site buy canadian viagra online rules of the road. In the U.K., new drivers are also being tested on how they can become more efficient drivers.

The Driving Standards Agency, which examines new drivers, is beginning to test not only proper ways to cialis soft india stop and go, and how to park and shoulder check, but also how efficient a driver should be. Efficient driving, such as not speeding too much and avoiding sudden brakes, could save motorists a whole month’s worth of the best place levitra shop fuel each year, according to the government agency.

New drivers will be tested during their examination on the proper way to gear up or down and how to look further down the road to reduce stops and starts. The motto for new drivers to absorb is: Gears are for going, brakes are for slowing.

Other lessons new drivers will be taught is to remove unnecessary clutter from their cars and not to regularly use roof racks to improve their fuel efficiency. The plan is to get driving instructors to help new drivers learn how to be greener while on the road.

While no one will be failed for not knowing how to improve their fuel efficiencies, the driving agency hopes that the next generation of motorists will be better eco-drivers.

Via BusinessGreen, Telegraph, photo via svonog


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written by Clinch, September 12, 2008
Being a UK learner driver, I have to say that I don't like this, learning to drive is difficult enough, without having things like efficiency and buy cialis online site eco driving distracting you.
The main aspect of learning to drive should be safety, and I don't think anything should get in the way of this.
We need this
written by Kelsi, September 15, 2008
I live in the US, and with how high the gas prices are right now, I think we need to employ this. If people learn how to conserve gas from the very begginning, then we'll save a whole lot more gas and fuel emissions!
Gas Prices
written by Andrew, September 15, 2008
Even though I'm an American, it kind of bothers me when other Americans complain about high gas prices. I visited Europe at the beginning of the year and gas was going for around €2.50 a LITER, which converted to canadian pharmacy for tramadol gallons and dollars is about $13 a gallon. So quit complaining and drive smart.

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