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"the new Stella 4 stroke 150cc scooter is rated at 140 mpg. How about ..."

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Honda Planning Hybrid Motorcycle

Can a hybrid engine be shrunk small enough to fit within the very narrow confines of a motorcycle? Honda thinks it can do it and cialis mail order if I was going to bet $700 billion of female viagra pharmaceutical taxpayers' money on that gamble, I would place the bet on Honda.

The Japanese automaker says it is working on viagra next day shipping hybrid motorcycles and the first models could be on the market within two years.

By 2011, Honda plans to take it even one step smaller and introduce scooters with hybrid engines.

The problem with making hybrid motorcycles have been compacting all the components of a hybrid engine and making it efficient enough in such a small surface area that the vehicle can actually travel a decent distance.

The first roll out with the motorcycle will be for engine displacements between 200 and 1,000 cc and Honda claims the hybrid motorcycles will be 50 per cent more fuel efficient. The automaker thinks production costs could be kept reasonable by using common components in its current lines of hybrid cars and motorcycles.

Next will be the electric scooters ranging from 50 to 125 cc.

The smaller electric motorcycles will only be able to run about 18 miles, or 30 kilometers, on one charge.

Via Mainich News

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written by LetsGo, September 30, 2008
Already done. Piaggio MP3 HyS hybrid scooter.
written by Anonymous, October 01, 2008
Looks like the Piaggio you mentioned is still being tested.

I've been looking for a hybrid/electric motorcycle for sometime, and it seems like it's been a long time coming. Vectrix seems to be the only electric one that's available, but it's hard to best price cialis buy one when there isn't anywhere in my area where I can test drive one. Plus, they're still very expensive for what you get.

I'd be super excited if Honda actually put its muscle behind this. I think motorcycles/scooters are going to be an important way for people to maintain their commuting independence while being eco- and budget-conscious. Electric cars are great, but what about those of us who can't afford 30-40 grand?

I really hope Honda's experiment works and this takes off.
R&D Manager
written by hlomayne, October 02, 2008
Speaking about expensive hybrid cars, anyone can simply convert their vehicle into a water power hybrid in 10 minutes and cheap cialis 20 mg 60 pills for just $250.00 at! And it is possible to drive your car on water alone, using's hydrogen generator hybrid kit
You meet the nicest people on a Hybrid m
written by Hi-Fi Guy, October 02, 2008
I hope Honda are successful and create a big market for hybrid motorcycles. BMW, Ducati, and Triumph need to pay attention to this announcement too.
Does this make sense?
written by Rob Malthus, October 02, 2008
The smaller electric motorcycles will only be able to run about 18 miles, or 30 kilometers, on one charge.

OK, this makes no sense. Why does an electric scooter have gas engine displacement specs? Editor!? Where are you?
written by Thumprr, October 02, 2008
Biggest question is why is this necessary? Honda's own 250 Rebel gets between 75-90 mpg in normal use. Most motorcycles, even of the sport variety, get 40 mpg or greater. My 650cc single regularly tops 60 mpg. If there was just a little technology applied to achieving the viagra india best possible efficiency out of gasoline engines, there would be no need to suffer the additional losses in weight and complexity offered by a hybrid.
Can't wait to get one!
written by jmanjam, October 03, 2008
Hope to follow link 5mg levitra see these efforts make it to production. Bring back some of that early honda retro-styling too :)
written by Nunya, October 04, 2008
Honda has the 250cc Rebel/Nighthawk rated @ 66 MPG.
A small sized beginners bike.

Harley has a Sportster 883cc rated @ 60MPG.
Full sized riders bike.
written by gabriel, October 11, 2008
i like the thought that it can run 140mpg, i would be a sure hit in Asia ( china, India and Philippines)it can drastically decrease the amount of cheap levitra generic carbon dioxide emissions in china and i asia. but how is it produced? is it greener
Vice President and GM
written by Vaughan, March 25, 2010
the new Stella 4 stroke 150cc scooter is rated at 140 mpg. How about a motorcycle or scooter with battery primary power and a 50cc motor running to keep it charged up. A 50cc motor running at a medium idle for charging would require very little fuel....smilies/shocked.gif

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