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Double Decker BladeRunner Rides Roads AND Rails

There's hybrids...and then there's hybrids. And while this isn't the first time we've seen buses that can ride on train tracks (two years ago we wrote about these in Japan) this is 50mg generic viagra online definitely the canadian viagra for sale coolest concept we've seen.

The Blade Runner (titles can't be copyrighted BTW) looks a bit like a semi-truck...a semi-truck built by a super-secret black-ops military operation that is. It was in fact designed by a British design company (Silvertip Design.) The bus itself is pretty cool, looking like a quite comfortable way to transport a LOT of people. If they could build some TVs into the headrests and give me plenty of headroom, I might actually consider the bus for long-term transit.

But that's only half of the coolness of the Blade Runner. The most exciting possibility is that Silvertip hopes they've found a way to quickly and simply drive the bus onto some train tracks, and then have it become a train. The advantage, of course, being that trains are far more efficient than buses, but can't necessarily get to all the same places that buses can.

This would probably be an excellent solution for commuter mass transit systems, but significantly less so for long-distance travel since the world's long-distance rail systems are already logistical nightmares. After adding the sales of cialis small trains to the mix only a super-intelligent, nation-wide, all-powerful computer could keep it all straight. Of course...then it would probably get angry that its funding wasn't increased and decide to buy levitra american pharmacy blow up congress...I just don't think we're ready for that.

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Please prrof read your posts. I enjoy to
written by filo, September 30, 2008
Off topic: grammar check:
there'sre hybrids...and then theres're hybrids
And while ..., butthis is definitely...

On topic: not too sure about those translucent windows. I reckon I'd like to be able to see out the window, and I'd certainly want the driver(s) to be able to see where they're going.

written by filo, September 30, 2008
in reply: please prrofread your snarky comments

written by mawic, October 01, 2008
The only true crossover vehicle
Not ready?!
written by SSteele, October 01, 2008
I think there are a lot of Americans who are more than ready for *someone* to blow up congress, even if it's a disgruntled super computer ;)
written by nicster, October 01, 2008
i'm not sure how much more fuel-efficient these hybrids would be. i've always thought that trains were more efficient than trucks because of: 1-lower rolling resistance of steel wheels, 2-decreased wind resistance for long strings of obtain a prescription for viagra train cars, and 3-increased efficiency of having one large engine for 10s or 100s of cars.

i assume there are steel wheels hiding under this artist's conception but i don't see the other two advantages.
written by nicster, October 01, 2008
this is just a nit but trademark, not copyright, is the legal genre that protects product names.
written by Nikki, October 02, 2008
Too hecka cool! Don't worry. When our collective voices finally start hollering for necessary alternate and viable forms of transportation adequate computer system controls will develop. Completely innovative while maintaining freedom of travel.
written by miltowny, October 02, 2008
I like it.

Hopefully the train-bus driver isn't text messaging too much.
This will never happen
written by Jerry, October 05, 2008
Too crazy and would require some major infrastructure changes. Good for a sci-fi pic though.

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