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OCT 03

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"I'm tempted to get a Volt, mainly for the reasons stated by Mike D. I ..."

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U.S. Government Will Buy $7,500 Of Your Chevy Volt

No one has been pleased to see the price point of the Chevrolet Volt continue to rise. Initially engineers were pleased to hear that I'd pay as much as $30,000 for the car. But now, with Honda on the scene with an $18k hybrid, GM has been project a cost closer to $40k than $30k.

Well, that might all change thanks to buy cialis where a bill passed today (amidst a bunch of other good news for car companies.) The Bill gives a tax credit to buyers of plug-in vehicles. Each plug-in automatically gets a $2,500 cut, then you get an additional $417 per kwh for batteries greater than 4 kwh. That works out to $7500 per Volt, which could push the base price below $30k.

The tax credit will only apply to the first 250,000 plug-ins sold, and will be phased out over the course of the following fiscal year. In the end, it will cost the federal government about $750 M.

So get ready to buy your plug-ins folks! The price just dropped more than the cost of my current car!

Via GM-Volt

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written by noflash, October 03, 2008
What's your current car?

250,000 limit?
written by Loosely_coupled, October 03, 2008
How many are going to be sold per year or month? Is the 250,000 for ONE model or an aggregation of all PHEVs?
written by odograph, October 04, 2008
The US Federal debt passed $10,000,000,000,000 this week. We are a degenerate democracy if we add onto that $7,500 for every new car sold.

I believe one of the founding fathers said something about democracy lasting until voters realized they could help themselves to the purse.
Still long payback
written by Hank, October 04, 2008
I'm not sure - the payback on the Volt even at $30K is still really long.

The real problem is 40 miles of gas-free driving doesn't save much when compared with high mpg cars like the Prius and buy cialis online canada the new Insight (based on numbers from the latest Insight article).

When compared with the visit web site generic viagra canada MSRP price differences, even after the tax credit, the gas savings doesn't look very appealing at all.

Quick calc on ROI for Volt based only on gas saving (at $5/gal) -vs- purchase price (at $30k), and not including the electricity to charge it:

The pay back -vs- the Prius (at $25k) is around 4 - 6 years, and -vs- the Insight (at est $20k) is around 6 - 10 years.

The Volt seems to stretch more into the luxury car realm, where cost doesn't translate into "more" (is a Lexus really better than a Toyota? not $10k - $30k better imo).

Unfortunately the Volt doesn't strike me a very luxurious car, nor does it seem likely that Chevy will make solid inroads into the luxury car segment. So it's hard to tell what this car's identity is and who it's for.
written by Alfred, October 04, 2008
More importantly, how does this affect the Aptera?

According to the plug-in Aptera Typ-1e ($27,000) has a 10 KWh battery which makes that model roughly $20,000 with this credit. This is very good news.
written by Herm, October 04, 2008
You are doing the cheap viagra from canada wrong ROI comparison, compare it to a BMW 328 at $33k

then do the fuel savings payback.. ;D
written by Hank, October 05, 2008
Yeah, but in one instance you're getting BMW, in the other a Chevy - not really an apples-to-apples comparison. I can't see too many people ditching their 3 Series for a Volt. ;)

I guess my confusion is in the way the Volt is talked about; pushing the gas saving and partial gas-free usage. But the savings side of the equation doesn't really add up.

Again I think it's a good looking car, and thankfully a change from the Prius shape/style (was starting to worry that all high mpg cars would end up looking like that). But it doesn't seem like luxury material.

Just my $0.02 though. :)
What the fuck?!
written by Hachi-Control, October 05, 2008
You're not willing for a federal bail-out of Wall St, potentinally saving the viagra canadian health houses of millions of your fellow citizens, but the government giving a private car company tax money to the best choice viagra sales in canada make it cheaper for the upper-Middle class people who can afford a 30,000$ car to buy it?

Americans are crazy.
Price of Gas
written by Uncle B, October 06, 2008
Using todays price for gasoline for your calculations at under $4.00 a gallon isn't quite kosher either. When the Arabs and OPEC find out we are printing funny money, they will engage in "Purchasing Power Parity Pricing" for oil, and if they don't go to the Euro, they will want over $14.00 U.S. per gallon in the near future! Hang onto your belts boys , it's gonna a be one helluva ride!
written by Hank, October 06, 2008
The calcs were based on $5/gal, not today's prices.

But even at $8/gal you're still looking at 3 - 5 years payback.

$14/gal is extreme, if things got that bad in the next 5 years I'm not sure how the country would cope. I'd almost fear a war over permanently acquiring a few oil rich countries. :(
written by Mike D, October 06, 2008
Everyone is best price for generic viagra missing the point.

The idea isn't that you will save money by buying a volt (in the foreseeable short term at least).

The idea is that you will be part of low cost viagra fast getting this country off of its addition to oil This will play a huge roll in energy independence. If that doesn't float your boat (and it's ok if it doesn't) then at the least you're playing a major role in making the automotive shift off of gasoline and onto something that can be (hopefully in the future will definitely be) produced with much less emissions than burning gas. (Think clean coal, arguably nuclear, maybe one day moreso from renewables).

This is definitely the generic viagra online prescription right direction. Besides, it would be comforting not to give a damn about gas prices that day/week/month.

The Honda Insight that was just announced is doing well for high mileage at a low price. But it is not at all a step towards getting off of oil and gasoline.
Don't neglect residual value
written by Tanker, October 10, 2008
Calculating payback based on the cost of gas, and miles driven, is making a questionable assumption, namely, that depreciation is the same.

The biggest cost of a car is depreciation. The Prius I bought in 2005 cost about what a Camry did. 3 years later, at 40K miles, the Prius is worth about $5k more than that Camry would be. Yes, it's been cheaper to operate, but the main value lie in the shallower decline in value.
Other countries
written by Peter, October 10, 2008
I hope the European Union do a similar step. It is time NOW.
Flintstone Technology
written by Ray, October 10, 2008
Has anybody seen the human powered car. Fred Flintstone was so ahead of his time. maybe just add one of those electric motors form that company in NH. The Volt sounds a bit pricey, even with the incentives. I'll stick to my waste vegatable oil Hybrid corbon neutral 300 MPG greaseCar until there is tramadol 100 mg fed ex delivery such a thing as a green lobbiest.
I'm tempted...
written by Bellsky, October 16, 2008
I'm tempted to get a Volt, mainly for the reasons stated by Mike D. I also have solar panels, which means that I would be making my own energy to power the car. That would probably affect the payback time. Still, even with the govt $$, it's pricier than the Insight. I have the original Insight and love love love it! Gas numbers for the new one are disappointing.

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