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OCT 06

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"Why are the autos companys so slow in making a all electric Car, are t..."

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European B Zero EV – Tres Chic

Meet the electric car B0 (pronounced B Zero and not BEE-OH) - the offspring of a partnership between French industrial giant Bolloré and Italian car firm Pininfarina. It looks oh-so-sophisticated, and has already received a rave review from CarTech, which called it the best looking small car at the buy tramadol fed ex 2008 Paris Motor Show.

The four-seater, four-door hatchback has a 153-mile (246 kilometres) range and a top governed speed of cialis brand 80 mph (129 kilometres per hour) and nifty looking solar panels build into the roof and hood. Originally conceptualized in 2004 as a two-door model, the B0 today has added more doors and shrunken the battery size.

The B0’s secret weapon is its lithium polymer (LMP) battery, which is paired with an ultracapacitor. The latter stores energy and allows for regenerative braking and acceleration capabilities. The battery can recharge in a few hours and, although not confirmed, early pricing reports place it around $23,000 - not including the price of leasing the lithium-ion battery packs.

Best of all, B0 is not a prototype but an actual production model. More will roll out of its Turin factory by the end of 2009.

Via AutoBlogGreen, Automobilemag

Image Via Pininfarina

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Why lease the battery?
written by Hank, October 06, 2008
I haven't heard of that before, is there a benefit to the consumer?

Looks cool though, and I like the ev range and price.
Leasing batteries?
written by Doc Rings, October 06, 2008
When the cost of leasing batteries is amortized, what will be the cost per mile? Will that relagate any economic benefit of electric (vs. gasoline) a null point?
We need ecogeek to give us some analysis of owning batteries vs. leasing.
written by bob, October 06, 2008
I require a range of 100 miles while maintaining a speed of 60mph over hilly terrain with the heater or ac, radio, and wipers running. This car is close but I bet the specs aren't there yet.
THIS is what i've been waiting for
written by Lisa, October 06, 2008
hybrid, shmybrid. This little car looks kickass for an electric, and is tantalizingly accessible to North Americans in the foreseeable future! It looks like a wacky version of my Toyota Yaris, which is great. I could drive this car down my street and only have a few people look twice.

Some questions:
- safety regulations... i do know that there were some questions regarding the viagra soft generic quietness of electric vehicles...
- also- misquote- all sites and viagra tablets 100mg Pininfarina themselves, refer to it as a "supercapacitor" not ultracapacitor...
- also, just to re-iterate, there are NO official quotes on price.... just speculation.
- what would it cost to maintain solar panels?
- and i can't find ANY reference to leasing the batteries, just one obscure comment on a few online blogs... the official sites of both Pininfarina and Belloré both do not make reference to this...

still, this is a very real step into a tangible shift of serious eco-automotive production.
What the ##$@
written by Jason, October 06, 2008
And the GM volt is the best the US can come up with! IF, and I mean IF the specs come out close why would the most of overight delivery viagra us ECOGEEKS pay for a nearly twice as expensive GM volt with it limited mileage. Oh because it can run on gas. Thats not what I've been waiting for. It just makes me hate US auto industry. They should have learned from the 70's oil embargo... Instead they marketed new and improved styling, faster, bigger more powerful... blah blah blah... for years and years. Until now the look there buy viagra australia auto industry has been telling us thats what the American consumer wanted. No, it what the auto industry has wanted to sell the American consumer and did a great job marketing it to us. Well NOW we want electric cars!!! where are they... Oh Japan and Europe.

So the big three are about to collapse because nobody wants a Hummer, Ford F350 or Yukon and the best gas mileage is around 35 mpg. So now they see their sales plummet over 40% because their cars cost too much to buy and cheap order prescription propecia too much to run.

Expect them to ask the government for help, because they failed at bring the American masses an alternative 5 years too late... I say let them fail... Its the free market right?

I'm going pay a few $$$$ more and have a B0 shipped to the US just on principal.
written by Doc Rings, October 07, 2008
The downside to all electric at this time for the cheap cialis order online majority of Americans, is that besides the 40 miles a day in commuting, we like to use the car to go to Grandma's house 350 miles away, or other "weekender" trips that fall outside the current all-electric range.
That's where the increased cost of a car like the Volt makes some sense, but it would be nice if the gasoline powered generator only added $5000 to the price of the Volt, not $20,000. For that, I could buy both an all electric commuter, and a used Honda Insight for $8,000 for those weekend trips.
written by nicster, October 07, 2008
a great idea for the ev industry would be to include free access to a rental car for maybe 10 days per year. then consumers would have what they really need, an efficient vehicle for commuting and an inefficient vehicle for those very few times where they really need something else.
written by Me, October 07, 2008
Doc Rings good point and Nicster hit the we use it levitra generico nail on the head too. We live in a country where people buy an F350 on the chance they will need to viagra endurance haul something. Plus the its a throw back from the macho big truck, small member thing. But its true!

Whats needed is a change in habit and mindset through mainstream marketing... change it from love everything NASCAR, big, fast, powerful to smooth, sleek, quiet and energy efficient. Make big loud stupid cars and trucks what smoking has become in advertising. Because thats what going to have to happen to change people attitudes.

The whole silent car and blind people issue. The need for everybody to have cars that make noise so that 0.1% of the population can hear them. WHAT!!! NO! I think the blind should have to get some kind of sensor to let them know a car is near. The whole notion that street noise and hwy noise is a good thing makes me sick and when our society has the ability to buying viagra uk have cars that make no noise we add speaker under the hood to simulate NASCAR also makes me sick. This is why I live in the country. I wouldn't mind living within a city if it didn't have all the noisy cars and traffic issues. Mass transit, bikes, walking, green space. Less roads! Ok, that was my last rant.
No noise! :)
Fast recharge
written by Jogger, October 07, 2008
If you combine ultracapacitor with batteries you can charge them within 5-10 minutes and off you go. That's the way.
Tres Chic indeed
written by Alias, October 08, 2008
Thing is there are a lot of EVs coming out that will inspire us to go Ooh la la!

@Doc Rings This seems to be the most sensible view, an EV in its present form is good for most commuting and around town trips.
Word on the street
written by miltowny, October 08, 2008
I have some sources telling me that this is an american designed system. Little known project by Johnson Controls.

Keep an eye out for a chery version of it as well.

It wouldn't surprise me if a few lesser known companies like these prevail in the next 5 years.
Johnson Control -Saft >< Batscap
written by Steetcreed, October 21, 2008

I presume you confused the JC joint-venture with Saft (an old french based batteries producer) and Batcap, the battery arm of Bollore and the supplier on this car.

JC-Saft is going slowly into production too, they signed some agreement with Mercedes and others. But it is a different technology.
Why lease batteries?
written by didcrywolf, November 17, 2008
My understanding is batteries last 4 years while cars can roll for 10 to 15. Trying to amortize the batteries would make the lease payments and the residual value of the car separate. If more sustainable battery technology comes out later than the risk to the leasing company is separate... I think that model makes sense for finance companies...
Amazing that most EV batteries is still coming out of Japan...
written by don, December 22, 2008
Try driving one of these undersized cars on our freeways, like the smart car ...very dangerous in wind.No thank you.
written by Lem, December 30, 2008
The car would have to go AT LEAST 250 miles on one charge before it's even an option for people living outside a city. Yeah, there's still a bunch of how much levitra us left, thank goodness.

And at $23,000 , gas would have to go up to something like $8 per gallon before it even comes close to saving me any money over my 30mpg Hyudai.
written by dig, January 22, 2009
What happens when all these batteries ware out? How are they going to be disposed of?
Electric cars
written by nick, April 07, 2009
Why are the autos companys so slow in making a all electric Car, are they in bed with the big Oil people or what? it is all in the electricial systems they can put a nice generator in each wheel and cheap levitra 40mg give it a range of over 18 hundred miles i did and i am making 3 per day for 19 hundred dollars, thanks nckdf

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