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OCT 09

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"This scooter using oil or electric ?..."

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180 MPG Hybrid Scooter Available Now for $3k

First Peugot one-ups Honda's 2-wheeler hybrid promise, now an unknown start up in California called ELV Motors has beaten them both with the ultimate in efficient transportation...a 180 MPG hybrid scooter. Of course, they've made some compromises that Honda or Peugot would never make on one of their vehicles...most importantly, a top speed of 40 mph.

To remain ultra-efficient, ELV's scooters use a small, 49 cc engine to power a small electric motor. That keeps the cialis 10mg bikes ultra-light (200 lbs), ultra-efficient, and slower than your average vehicle. But, frankly, most scooters aren't highway ready anyhow, and I wouldn't want to go faster than 40 mph even if I could.

But it beats Honda and Peugot in two other important ways. The MSRP is $2890 and it's available NOW. For a faster, more mainstream scooter, you're going to have to viagra best price wait a few years.

Check out their website for more information on how to get yourself one of these beauties.

Via Inhabitat

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written by Tom Konrad, October 09, 2008
Now that's a vehicle which might do well in the current environment
written by Ken Roberts, October 09, 2008
Sounds like a two-wheeled golf cart.
Compromise? Maybe.
written by Steve N. Lee, October 10, 2008
I never imagine scooters squealing around switchbacks on mountain roads, snow glistening on the roadside. Neither do I imagine a swarm of them roaring down a highway, sun glinting on the driver's shades... I do imagine them gently tootling around a town doing around 20-30mph. So, is a 40mph speed limit a compromise? Well, not in my mind.

That said, it is something of a waste as with a 180 mile range on link for you buy cialis online uk just one gallon of cheap cialis without prescription fuel, you could imagine moseying over to the coast for the day, or into the countryside... but only if it was within about 40 miles. Sitting on a scooter for hours and hours and hours crawling along the open road at 40mph must be so incredibly tedious.

I think the designers would have been better opting for an mpg of 160/170 and adding another 10mph to the top speed.

On many urban journeys, a high top speed isn't that necessary, but out on the open road, there's nothing worse than seeming to get nowhere fast - our car developed a fault in the Mojave desert and we were reduced to driving at 30mph - you won't believe how long it takes to get somewhere when the scenery just never changes!

Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'
written by Clinch, October 10, 2008
This does seem like an ideal scooter, but that said, a scooter isn't realy an ideal vehicle.
Wow Thanks!
written by Light Harmony Gratitude, October 10, 2008
Thanks for posting this great scooter! . . . I'm going to read into this further!

LHG :shop:
LHG :blog:
written by Anon, October 11, 2008
The issue isn't that you would want to go over 40 mph on a regular basis. It's that sometimes you need decent acceleration at the top-end of your speed range in order to avoid getting into an accident -- something that would be especially important on a scooter, where you don't have a metal cage around you! Urban speed limits are often 35mph, which means people often go 40mph or more. So, generally, a scooter with a top speed of 40mph would be fine. But what happens when you're tooling along at 35mph, and all of a sudden someone starts to weave into your path. You just won't have the pop to accelerate up to 43mph to avoid the situation. You'll be forced to brake and hope you don't get thrown. That's why I would prefer a scooter that will go 50mph or more.
written by be free, October 12, 2008
a lot of complaints and concerns... in Europe we've successfully used scooters (mopeds, in both "motorcycle style", and vespa or scooter style), for years -- and they work fine. sure they can't replace cars, sure they can't replace motorcycles or freeway ready two wheelers, but they work fine if you only need to travel a couple of miles here and there, and in the country side they are a must for teenagers since they can't drive until they're 18 (in Sweden). and when it comes to wine mixed with tramadol Italy, people drive these type of buy ultram online no rx vehicles everywhere (of course, they are especially suitable for smaller streets that have been around since way back before cars were even thought of)...

at least in cali, i find people pretty complacent, and it's due to the still rather cheap gas prices. in Europe gas prices are three times as expensive, it used to be four times as expensive before the US gas prices shot up -- and Americans will learn how quickly priorities and best place to buy ultram attitudes change quickly when they have to.

as far as safety goes, coming from a part of the world where two wheelers (including bicycles) are more common than cars, all i can say that as a city vehicle this is levitra pfizer an excellent option that is no less safe than anything else. there is no license in Sweden to drive one, but schools have programs for teenagers who tend to be less responsible. and that's what it all comes down to, education, and supporting cities who build roads with two wheelers in mind.

my dad got on as a second vehicle for a while to save money. this is how my mom got around in the 60's when I was a kid (I'm 43), and she had a child seat and helmet's for both of us (she lived up a steep hill, and commuted about 5 km a day)
written by sn, October 13, 2008

(You guys keep making the generic levitra professional same typo over and over.)
written by Zapino, October 15, 2008
I have had an electric scooter for the past six months and i can really tell you that I could not be happier with it! it is affordable, simple to operate, silent, and best of all there are no running costs that i can notice!
written by 150ccscooter, November 25, 2011
This scooter using oil or electric ?

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