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OCT 14

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"Both electric and hydrogen vehicles will require massive and expensive..."

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New Electric Car Leaves the Tesla Roadster in its Dust

If you’re dreaming of generic cialis pill going electric, but also want to visit web site cialis pfizer india go fast, Venturi has designed a new all-electric roadster capable of reaching 160 mph, leaving the buy softtabs viagra Tesla Roadster in the dust. 

Introduced at the Paris Motor Show, the Volage uses Michelin’s Active Wheel technology, encasing two electric motors (one for propulsion, one for suspension) and brakes within each wheel.  Putting all the power in the wheels allows for the slim, lightweight, carbon-fiber frame and greater vehicle control.  All this amounts to extra speed.    

Michelin’s Active Wheel technology has been around for years and showcased in a few concepts, but no commercial applications have been available yet.  Production on the Volage is scheduled to being in 2012, so we’ll see if the technology finally makes it to us consumers.  

Here are the recommended site female cialis specs: 

Horsepower:  295
Torque:  171 pound feet
0 - 60 mph:  5 seconds
Top speed:  160 mph
Distance per charge:  200 miles 

Like the Tesla Roadster, this car also looks cool.  No word yet if the price will be as steep.   

via Inhabitat 

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written by Doug, October 14, 2008
0 - 60 mph: 5 seconds

In those 5 seconds, the Tesla roadster will be leaving this thing in the dust.

Clearly, the power level is similar, but they've set it up to maximize top speed rather than acceleration.

But if they've resolved the "unsprung weight" issue and are keeping the vibrations from the wheels from damaging those electric motors too much, then this could be a useful innovation.
Just what we need - 160 MPH and no driv
written by kery bradshaw, October 14, 2008
Why bother talking about these impractical cars - they can't sell the Tesla - they won't sell any of these. Even if they did, it wouldn't affect anything. Why are environmentalists living in a dream word - 20 million electrics on wow look it discount cialis the road would barely affect the demand for crude. McCain seems to be the only one who understands the need for a practical battery. Obama's so brainless he thinks a million electrics will do wonders (cost of subsidy : $7 billion dollars). A million EVs wouldn't register the slightest effect on anything. Didn't anyone ever learn simple mathematics around here?
written by Dave, October 14, 2008
Obama's so brainless he thinks a million electrics will do wonders (cost of subsidy : $7 billion dollars). A million EVs wouldn't register the slightest effect on anything. Didn't anyone ever learn simple mathematics around here?

Yes. Perhaps they should spend the $700bn on 100m electrics and let Wall St go to hell.

Fancy seeing you here KB.
written by Doug, October 14, 2008
...they can't sell the Tesla...

They have a huge list of people waiting to buy one. Their biggest problem has been getting a proper transmission to match their high-powered motor (now solved).

...20 million electrics on the road would barely affect the demand for crude...

Why would it stop at 20 million? If we have an industry capable of producing that many EVs, it's only a matter of time before the full fleet switches over.

There will be plenty of challenges, yes, but, as your apparent hero McCain has pointed out, we need to get off foreign oil as soon as we can. And, as McCain used to point out, getting a few more million barrels/day from our remaining domestic reserves won't even come close to doing so.

McCain seems to be the only one who understands the need for a practical battery

No, that would be everyone. Telsa's etc. are for the early adopters, to start pushing the technology. You need real-world feedback to figure out the best ways to improve them.

The fact that you don't see that shows just how utterly blinkered you are. Or you're just a pathetic liar, like your candidate.

Didn't anyone ever learn simple mathematics around here?

I think you have a lot more to discount cialis online learn about reality than a little arithmetic.

(Everyone -- sorry if I'm feeding a troll, but it just feels good to beat down a slimebag once in a while).
written by odograph, October 14, 2008
Sounds like a word problem: If a tesla leaves California in 2008, at even 65 MPH, how fast would a venturi, leaving in 2012 have to go, to catch it in a year?

(IOW, anybody can say what the intend to do years from now, GM has been doing with the volt for a long time.)
written by Kyle, October 15, 2008
written by Kyle, October 15, 2008
Bah.. I'm sorry. I think it's 338.52mph!
written by Alias, October 15, 2008
By all accounts the Paris auto show was over run with electrics. Good for us! A lot of auto companies seem to think that EVs are the way to dig themselves out of the hole they find themselves currently lodged in.
written by Gert Buettgenbach, October 15, 2008
The most important aspect about the Tesla and the Venturi is that they are icons. They are ordered by the rich and real pharmacy discount the famous not because they are electric. VIPs will seek to distance themselves from us (the masses) by possessing these design icons. Like always this will create a powerful trend that we will follow, like it or not. Only that this time around it is a trend that I truly believe helps to wow it's great levitra discount safe the click now cialis online 50mg planet.
Two (and a half) Questions
written by Penina, October 15, 2008
What is the current max distance per charge for EVs? What about for less snazzy ones?

And can someone confirm whether they've solved that "unsprung weight" issue mentioned by Doug? I really like the concept of Active Wheels.
wheel motors
written by jimmy, October 15, 2008
it's interesting that a no. of companies have decided in the wheel motor approach although i have yet to see any significant data on how these will pass a durability cycle where they undergo salt splash and belgian pave? Concepts are great at generating interest but making them reality is a different matter.
Whoever Becomes President Will Have to S
written by Mehul Kamdar, October 15, 2008
Frankly, I think we need to forget about political arguments here and be happy, instead, that both Presidential candidates and their parties are looking at more efficient vehicles. It hardly matters who wins - the American public is rightly angry about being swindled by oil producers and distributors and anyone in politics who does not look at supporting efficiency in transport and in power generation etc will be shown the door in the future.

Politicians act only when they are rpessured to do this and discount cialis india the American public is doing a fantastic job of making all politicians act on the environment and on energy. I think we need to keep the pressure on and co-operate with everyone who wants what is environmentally good. Let us just be happy that something good id being done because of people-pressure.

People Buy The Roadster Because It's Ele
written by Tom Saxton, October 15, 2008
Gert Buettgenbach wrote:

They are ordered by the rich and the famous not because they are electric.

That's actually not true. Many Roadster owners bought it because it is electric. I personally would never have purchased another sports car if not for the opportunity to help support a company developing technology to help solve global warming, economic dependence on order generic cialis foreign oil and the national security risk of funding our enemies.

I have spoken to quite a few other owners and all of them have listed the importance of canada cheap levitra EV technology as the primary thing that brought them to make the buy viagra us purchase.

I can't speak for the mega-rich and famous, but I assure you most Roadster owners are buying to support the company and technology. Of course there's no denying that driving a cool car is a nice benefit. For me, though, that's just a way to get people to notice the car and ask questions about the technology.
written by ClapForTink, October 15, 2008
Tesla cost = $100,000 fully loaded (base model $98,000) = rich and famous.

If Teslas aren't about being rich and famous, and see and buy cialis 50 mg be seen, they wouldn't have put so much effort into its hot and sexy styling.

People who claim they buy Teslas strictly for its green tech could have, for the same dime, bought five EV fuglies and donated four to charities to auction off or traded them to four average income families for their gas guzzling polluters. So why didn't they?

Tesla pre-sold 650 units in the US, 250 are available to UK and European markets, each = 1,150 units for 2008.

Likely dent on the climate change calamity model = 0

At current rate of production, years needed to reach 1,000,000 = 869.5

Likely ego-boost and image-gloss to levitra pure the rich and famous who bought them = serious MSM liberal uber-cool cache at 1/3 the price of a Ferrari - until they realize it's missing the sexy Ferrari roar because EVs run virtually silent. But they'll make up for it with the roar from their uber-superior hot air.

Overall impact of Tesla on EVs and the average consumer = same as Ferrari sales impact Suzuki sales (ie. 10 years later they'll get a similar tech at a price they can afford at a quality Ford can afford to pay)

Keep in mind too that most people who buy Teslas own other non-EV cars, like SUVs, and likely hire idiot-service cars like limos, as well as service larger-than-life homes they barely live in that can house at least two or more families, like Gore.

Considering how the calamities told of in the Gore bible are destined to happen in our lifetime, the extravagant funding being spent for all this experimental green tech might be better spent on claiming territories north of the tundra line and creating livable biospheres for the hundreds of millions as equally "destined" to be traveling there in our lifetime in caravans of U-hauls.

Tesla update:
Tesla Motors Zaps Another CEO and Lays Off Staff

Lehman Bros. also backed a lot of green initiatives in its portfolio.
written by Karsten, October 16, 2008
Yes, the Tesla and this car will be toys. Not designed to be practical or to be used by those who need basic transportation for people and stuff. It might help with creating more efficient vehicles, however, these cars are not purchased because they are efficient (not buying them is more eco-friendly!) but because having a cool & electric car is popular right now in this target group. Once the rich decide or are told that something else is cool, they will buy that. You have to do something with the money once you have much more than enough. Ultimately it has little to do with caring for the environment.

I cannot see that the levitra professional 20 mg engineering and money required for those high performance vehicles would not be used MUCH WISER in other areas. It may not be as much fun to work in those other areas and levitra for cheap canadian pharmacy you may not receive the admiration of the rich and powerful but that is a matter of how you define "fun" and what you consider important in life.

BTW, there is a HUGE difference between wanting to viagra online shop uk buy something and actually being able to do it. It is easy to do the right thing if money for a Tesla or the vehicle above is not impossible to find in your life.

Whether they like it or not, poor people still pollute less.

written by Brian Green, October 19, 2008
Can I ask where one is supposed to put the groceries in one of these things? I would much rather they spend the time putting together a family sedan that people can afford.
Not sold
written by Alain, October 20, 2008
I prefer the styling of the Tesla, ten-fold. Not to mention the whole purpouse of Tesla starting out with the Roadster, to build the Sedan (BMW 5 series ish), leading to the family car (Mazda 3 ish). It's a smart business plan.

So for the uber-rich buying the Tesla's (I would too if I could) they may not be making much of a dent environmentally, but in the long run they're supporting a company that will use the capital to make more affordable EVs.

By the way, I will be selling a car in 2025 that runs on thought, made of CO2 emmissions, and looks super cool, and goes 0-60 in 0.3 seconds... Yeah, I like this game.
written by Ghonadz, October 26, 2008
Both electric and hydrogen vehicles will require massive and expensive infrastructure changes to make their "fuel" widely available. Oh, electricity is everywhere but fast charging large battery packs is going to be tricky. On the other hand, the new air pressure vehicles that the French have developed and which will be on the road in America in two years, require a much smaller and less expensive infrastructure change over. Just putting some high pressure air storage tanks hooked to a bigger compressor into the existing gas stations would serve the purpose. No worries about replacing batteries every ten years either. Check it out:

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