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OCT 15

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"Very excited to see a commercial electric car(which looks like a norma..."

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Indian-Canadian Electric Hatchback

Toronto, Canada's Electrovaya and how to buy cialis in canada Mumbai, India's Tata Motors have teamed up on free overnight tramadol an electric version of Tata's Indica hatchback, which we previously announced would be electrified for the European market within 2009. The car is designed to be a direct competitor to traditional internal-combustion engine models, and will be rolled out in Norway in 2009 and India in 2010. The Norway launch was chosen due to exploding demand for electric cars in Europe. Tata's interest lies in the nascent Indian car culture. Described as a highway car, the Indica can jump from 0-37 MPH in less than 10 seconds.

Speedsters may snore, but at the 120 miles a single charge gives, the complaints may die down. Thanks go to Electrovaya for the lithium-ion battery. Last month a prototype of the car was revealed at the SIAM exhibition in India. Don't scramble for the waiting list yet, though, as Tata Motors has of late been dealing with facility construction disruptions from...local farmers.

via CleanTech

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An other Good news!
written by Unicorn, October 19, 2008
Very excited to see a commercial electric car(which looks like a normal car not like Smart etc..)available very soon. Hope to see them in Europe too. TATA has already bought 'Land rover' and 'Jaguar' so they have base in UK now, they can roll out car for Europe too.
Wish them every success!

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