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OCT 22

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Chrysler REALLY Wants to Be GM: Advertises "Volt"

I thought it was ridiculous when GM was advertising the Volt two years before scheduled production. But now Chrysler is advertising the Volt, and they're not even GM (yet.)

So, I'm checking my email...I've just received a message from Lyle over at GM-Volt saying that GM has decided who will be supplying the Volt's battery (LG Chem, if you're curious.) And what do I see, but an ad for the only now get levitra cheap "Volt"... from Chrysler.

I mean, yeah, I agree, Chrysler should have had the foresight to start planning an extended range EV three years ago...but they didn't. And now they're obviously regretting that. The full ad reads "Volt - Learn More About ENVI & the New Chrysler Fuel-less Vehicles Today." The ad links to a page discussing Chrysler's recent commitment to produce one of three electric vehicles by 2010. From there, you can explore Chrysler's green program, including a blog for their ENVI environmental program with exactly one post.

Oh Chrysler, can't you at least keep your envy (or should I say ENVI) to yourself? I imagine the name "Volt" isn't trademarked or anything. If it is, GM would certainly have a case against Chrysler, advertising their products with their competitor's products name is pretty clear trademark infringement.

Nonetheless, it's obvious that car companies see GM's dominance in extended-range EVs looming, and they don't want to tramadol free shipping let them dominate the green mindshare like Toyota has done so effectively since the Prius was released. Chrysler's tooth-and-nail fight to get an EV or an EREV on the road by 2010 to combat the generic viagra super active canada Volt has been taken to a new level.

But unless a ton of these cars actually get on look there buy viagra the road, and for a price below $50k, Chrysler's plan to disrupt the levitra Volt is just going to be another limp attempt to gain back their former luster.

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Probably not a great idea
written by HankS, October 23, 2008
I know merging would help prop-up the companies in the short-term, but the Volt doesn't appear very competitive or likely to next day cialis be the GM/Chrysler saving car they're looking for.

I've posted my views here a few times on the cost of the Volt vs other hybrids (namely the Prius and viagra femele new Insight), even with tax credits aimed at the Volt it still doesn't make a lot of sense:


This leaves GM and Chrysler very venerable to any moderately priced ($20k - $30k) upcoming plugin hybrids, which presumably would also qualify for some portion of the tax credit.

Unfortunately it seems like the US car companies are always lagging behind, either in technology or competitiveness (which, in today's economy, is more important than ever).

I'm hoping they're able to quickly bring down the cost of the Volt. If/when it's able to start under $30k I could see it being a big hit.
written by Ken Roberts, October 23, 2008
That's probably more Google's doing than Chrysler's. 'Volt' was just a keyword. It saw a green car reference and attached a green car ad from Chrysler. That's how they make their money.
written by EV, October 23, 2008
With Chrysler's announcement, they are not competing with the Volt. Chrysler announced a Sports Car, a Mini Van and a Jeep. The Volt is a Sedan. Further, it still makes sense for them to merge for the extra bulk buying power four lines of electric vehicles would require.
I'm hoping they're able to quickly bring down the cost of the Volt. If/when it's able to start under $30k I could see it being a big hit.

That Tax Credit you mentioned will bring the price to under $30k at current estimates. So, that would mean you are saying it will be a big hit?
written by HankS, October 23, 2008
That Tax Credit you mentioned will bring the price to under $30k at current estimates. So, that would mean you are saying it will be a big hit?

I'll look into it, but last I heard the Volt est was ~$40K, with only $7500 knocked off for the tax credit (~$32.5K).

If the car was around $28K-$29K it would compare favorably to the current Prius regarding purchase price (assuming similar option pricing) and cost to drive.

In that case I would certainly consider the look there similar viagra Volt, again not as a replacement for the Prius, but when our second car dies.

Regarding popularity; there seem to cialis australia be a large number of people who dislike the way the Prius looks, I think a car with similar benefits and different styling will do canadian cialis for sale well.
Saddened reader
written by iratepirate, October 23, 2008
This article sucked. Stop whining about how Chrysler is using the word volt. It's just an advertising scheme. Be more productive by talking about things that accually help solve global warming and U.S. energy needs. I'm glad this wasn't the first article I ever read from this site other wise I wouldn't have come back.
written by EV, October 23, 2008
I'll look into it, but last I heard the Volt est was ~$40K, with only $7500 knocked off for the tax credit (~$32.5K).

$35-40k is what I heard, which includes a complete batter replacement. By the way, there are other reasons why a lot of people want the volt besides any possible economics. One main one is political (for lack of a better word). It doesn't use gas for 40 miles when you can plug it in. I don't mean anything about CO2 here, I mean people who just want to stop importing Oil into the US. Playing off of that, you can get a lot of people to buy the volt. The reduction in the trade deficit will have real economic reprucusions with that.

Lets do some quick figuring. Say each volt drives 30 miles/day (about average) on electric (11k/year). Figure that this saves 1 gallon/day. My experience is a 12 year lifespan for vehicles (GM is going with at least 10 by warranty). Savings of 4380 gallons of gasoline. IF we could convert Oil completely to Gasoline, we'd get ~54 gallons/barrel. So, say 80 barrels less imported. Oil is currently at $70 and probably won't go much lower. On average, I'd guess it will be higher over the overnight cod tramadol next 12 years. Savings of $5,600 of oil no longer imported. Figure that is at least $4,000 in current dollars, probably more. Multiply by the number of volts bought.

My personal reason for really wanting a volt is branded cialis that it is all electric drive, and I'm an Electrical Engineer. You see where I'm going with this? My current car will only be six years old in 2010 and I don't (currently) plan on replacing it till 2016 (assuming no problems).
Electric Cars Are Not Our Best Technolog
written by William, October 24, 2008
electric cars are good but we have engines that split water and produce a profit. is Dennis Klein's Clearwater Florida company. It's been shown on Channel 6 news and his engine runs on water and nothing.

The car gets 100 miles per 4 ounces of water. That is better than an electric car.

I demand.
The Volt is a hoax
written by Anonymous, October 25, 2008
The Volt does not exist. It is yet another paper/concept car from GM. Big whoop. How stupid do people have to be to get fooled over and over again by the same bogus claims from the same industry players? GM makes concept cars every year that they have NO INTENTION of ever selling. These designs are essentially marketing gimiks intended to fool people into thinking GM has better engineering or styling or cachet or whatever than they actually do. I believe that there will eventually be a product called the "Volt". Will it be as technologically advanced and hit the specs that GM claims? What, are you four years old? By the time GM manages to get a plug-in hybrid out the door and into peoples driveways Toyota and Honda will be LIGHT YEARS beyond in technology and innovation, as always. And let's not even get started about high efficiency diesel technology.
written by crossoverwriter, October 25, 2008
I think the Volt will be a realized dream. I went to no prescription levitra the NYC auto show and saw some cool stuff this year. The Volt had gone on to an Asian car show, but we saw photos. I think especially w/ an Obama presidency, Detroit will be retooled and we'll see some real spitfire competition w/ the Asian markets.
Personally I want a VOLT NOW!!!!!
Volt - We need it live - not deadbody
written by Unni, October 27, 2008
I think Crysler just want to say we are in the game without any plans they just want market to think they are in the game.

Volt - again i believe its time to ask : Who killed the cheapest propecia uk electric car : Look at oil prices :- they are way down from summer. Now they keep it same till the Electric car idea dies and cheap discount levitra then they make it Up and may be they even fund Gm for selling all the big ones.

Lets see when they come with real volt on road.
Neat Smiley Faces
written by John Doe, October 28, 2008

smilies/smiley.gif smilies/wink.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/grin.gif smilies/angry.gif smilies/sad.gif smilies/cool.gif smilies/tongue.gif :- smilies/kiss.gif
written by Patrick, October 28, 2008
3 years ago Chrysler was managed by Mercedes. I think Hank needs to just give Chrysler's current management the credit they deserve instead of similar cialis bashing Chrysler like the idiot he seems to be. Improvements in Chrysler products are already showing up in show rooms. Look at the interiors of the New Ram, the 09 Patriot and 09 Compass. Not the Crappy Crap Mercedes was putting in the Chrysler products. Give Mercedes the credit they deserve here too. It would be good if Mercedes buyers would realize the crap they're being sold is so overpriced and would stop buying their crap.

GM seems to be getting a lot of credit for a car not into production yet. Does Hank know Chrysler is partnered with GE for the battery systems. GE is much larger than GM and they are an electrical company which GM is NOT!

GM with electric is just like GM & Diesel.

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