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OCT 23

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"Although it doesn't specifically say this in the generic levitra india article it would seem..."

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Green Lights Forever

Never wait for a red light again - hit every green. Sounds tempting, doesn't it? Audi is currently testing a device called Travolution that does just that. The in-car gadget searches for wireless signals from nearby traffic lights and order levitra pill calculates how fast the driver should go in order to sail right through.

Special transmitters fitted inside traffic signals send messages to cars in the vicinity letting drivers know of the time remaining until the next green phase. When everything syncs up properly, drivers know how fast to drive in order to make it through before the light turns red.

The system, which was developed by Audi and traffic management experts in the carmaker's German hometown of Ingolstadt, improves synchronization of traffic light networks to reduce stopping times. It also reduces the number of actual stops needed by creating a communications link between cars and the traffic light network.

Reducing stops will reduce fuel consumption and pollution, giving a whole new meaning to going green.

Via Daily Mail and Wired

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But officer..
written by Aaron, October 23, 2008
...the car told me if I went 50 mph then I'd make the try it generic levitra in canada green light!

I've yet to cialis quick hear about the threshold of distance versus speed for this and I'm curious. Anybody know?
written by Ken Roberts, October 23, 2008
This is a neat concept. I can see this becoming big in 20 years.
get out of my brain
written by Ian Garrett, October 24, 2008
There are a number of streets in the Los Angeles area that I travel regularly that I've figured out how to miss all the reds on. Victory Boulevard from the 170 highway to Woodman avenue is cheap levitra online a non-stop breeze at 40 mph
This concept gets the green light.
written by Steve N. Lee, October 24, 2008
Apart from the obvious - people breaking the speed limit to try and reach that green - this sounds like a great idea.

I'm sure we've all been sat at a red light, wondering why we are, because there's no one else on the road anywhere in sight in any direction. Yep, that's great fun.

This device could help cut congestion in cities; cut journey times; reduce driver frustration (so reducing accidents)... so many benefits. With the big plus being, of course, that we use less fuel to get places, helping save the environment. (Not to mention saving our cash when fuel prices are sky high and viagra generic usa money is so tight!)

The only drawback may be that people simply don't pay attention to such devices. Or, if you have to wow)) branded cialis hit 30 to reach the green light, but the car in front of you is only doing 27! Yep, maybe it might not cut so much driver frustration.

Over all I think the pros out number the cons significantly and this could be a great aid for drivers.

Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'

wireless signals in traffic lights?
written by rohan, October 24, 2008
So Audi will be installing devices in all the traffic lights that transmit wireless signals about the light's status? What is Audi's plan to sell this to the government? Basically, speeding is a real concern here, so I wouldn't think the government would be very excited about incorporating this technology into their infrastructure...
It doesn't have to be "faster".
written by David Keech, November 04, 2008
Although it doesn't specifically say this in the article it would seem apparent that if you were approaching a light that was already red then the pfizer levitra 50mg system would suggest that you slow down a little so that it goes green just before you get there.

I already do this manually simply by looking ahead by 100 or 200 metres but an electronic system that actually knows when the lights are going to change could be even more accurate and therefore even greener.

It doesn't have to involve speeding up to beat the red light. The lights themselves could also take into account the cars in the area and change their behaviour to allow more of order cialis online without prescription them to get through without having to buy real cialis online stop.

It sounds like a very smart idea to me.

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