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OCT 24

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"PeaPod How About Peas-of-Crap 20k to go 25 mile per hour and 30 miles ..."

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Chrysler Introduces City-Friendly Peapod

Just last month, Chrysler committed to producing one of three full-size EVs by 2010. The other piece in their green makeover is the Peapod, an ultra-compact EV aimed at urban drivers, also to hit the streets in 2010.

The Peapod will be available as a one-seater, two-seater or utility van and has a 30-mile range per charge. The car was developed by Chrysler-owned Green Eco Mobility (GEM) and prices are said to female herbal levitra start at around $20,000.

The company plans to build the cars in existing factories near key markets to save money and reduce life-cycle CO2 emissions. The downside is that the Peapod reaches maximum speed at 25 mph, which limits its use to either downtown or neighborhood driving.

If Chrysler feels that they are falling behind in the EV race, they're certainly making a huge effort to catch up.

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Urban Charging
written by Greg, October 24, 2008
For something like this I've always wondered how charging the car would be taken care off. Its easy to plug in a car if its sitting in your garage, but what about if you have to park on the street? Or in a parking garage?

This is why I could never buy an EV now, simply because there isn't any place to charge it.
written by Ken Roberts, October 24, 2008
25 MPH? Ouch. I'm fairly certain I've driven golf carts faster than that.
Not practical
written by Brent Whistler, October 24, 2008
I usually disagree when people are whining about the low range or low speed of a vehicle. I'd be able to live 95 % of my life with 45mph and a 40 mile range, but this time I'm going the other direction. This car isn't even as practical as a 50cc scooter. I can't think of a street anywhere in Chicagoland that you wouldn't get honked at for driving 25mph.
25mph? for 20K?
written by Sumit, October 25, 2008
That's laughable - I can't imagine paying $20K for something that can only go 25mph. I'm not even sure I'd pay $2k, given that I could get a far more useful scooter at that price...
written by Jiwon, October 25, 2008
It's good that it's helping to reduce CO2 emission... But would people actually want to be seen in it? It's kind of odd looking.
and 25 mph is not so fast.. maybe if the buyer lives on an island it'll be alright, but even islands have roads that have speed limits over 25 mph. What were they thinking when they made this?
written by Marcia, October 26, 2008
Not a good look
written by Grechen, October 26, 2008
If this car was re-styled to look less like a vulva on wheels then perhaps more men would be interested in driving them.
wah wah
written by Corinne, October 28, 2008
bahaha, this is really a glorified golf cart. 25 mph is so impractical, even for a city. i mean come on, most city & neighborhood speed limits are 30. and this won't even let you do that. but i have to admit, peapod is a cute name for it.
written by Patrick, October 28, 2008
I thinks it's a good effort and overtime as technology improves these vehicles will also improve. It's amazing all the bashing going on yet people are buying them. We're not all in the same living situation so for the individuals that this works for and for Chrysler, KUDOS.
written by DBC, October 29, 2008
How can Detroit be so out of canadian rx cialis touch? Who would EVER pay 20K for something that barely outperforms a golf cart???? They need to look at what the market is missing. How about a hybrid at under 10K? Or cars built with composites which could give the market a 7 seater with better than 35mpg. Or how about just giving up car production and start building wind turbines. Make something useful...
written by Electron, October 29, 2008
It's ugly, slow and expensive. It does a huge disservice to the very concept of electric cars.

Looks like they want to keep electric cars in the corner to prevent them from hurting sales of their current dirty, polluting, unreliable gas cars ... while still using it for 'green' P.R. and keep pretending 'technology is not there yet' for a real car.

For the same money, give me a Tesla versus 5 of those glorified golf carts anytime !
written by Peter, October 31, 2008
I prefer Comarth, with a 7,500 euros price.

Better range (100 km) and price.

better than nothing?
written by Sarah, November 02, 2008
I like to be positive, and especially see positive changes. However, even if the argument is that the technology is not there yet for a faster moving peapod, likely it's the design as much as the technology that is preventing these little cars from travelling faster. They simply do not look safe enough for highway driving. It's good to move forward to green technology, however, this is a waste of their efforts since most consumers live in the metropolis, where faster driving is required. If you need only travel at 25mph, then you are likely not going as far, and in which case, a scooter, electric bike, or on foot are better cheaper options. Back to the drawing board boys, try harder.
Peapod: Cool idea but what about practic
written by Kat, December 06, 2008
Safety would be a high concern for me as this little guy could easily be demolished by one fender bender.

Ever read Internal Combustion? Green technology was around at the turn of the century. It's about time green cars are finally being manufactured.
Goodbye Chrysler
written by Oped, April 26, 2009
PeaPod How About Peas-of-Crap 20k to go 25 mile per hour and 30 miles on a charge.
Maybe these car companies should go out of business if this is the best they can do.

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