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NOV 20

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"To relieve the American Economy of the support of the OPEC parasite na..."

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MINI-E Makes World Premiere at LA Auto Show

On the first day of the LA Auto Show BMW Group's MINI division made the world Premiere of their much anticipated MINI-E electric car. While the car is not yet ready to be put into production, MINI will be releasing 500 units on lease to drivers in California and rx generic viagra New York in order to study the car's performance in the real world. If you want to sign up for the possibility of cialis best deal getting one of these leases, visit the MINI-E website and sign up.

MINI emphasized that this car was not a mere design study, but was ready to go into production after some important feedback from real life usage and some tweaking of the function of the car. The company also stressed the need for a better electric charging infrastructure in the United States, while at the same time noting that in the case of electric vehicles it was possible for technology to precede infrastructure. This means that although a network of charging stations across the country would facilitate the use of electric cars, the lack of levitra online without prescription that network doesn't make EVs useless.

To debut the car, the Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles was brought out on stage and taken for a test drive. Unlike many of the other presentations, the MINI unveiling seemed a bit more friendly during the wow look it next day levitra awkward silence when the very long charging cord was being wound up. Then came the test drive, where the Deputy Mayor and her driver drove off stage for about 15 seconds, at which point the presenter asked the audience, "Did you hear anything?"

The obvious answer was no. Even though the MINI-E packs a 150 kW motor, can do 0-60 in 8.5 seconds, and tops out at 95 mph, it didn't make a sound as it rolled off of the stage. To underline the efficiency of their new offering, MINI pointed out that the car could drive 5.5 miles on just 1kW (about 10 cents) of energy. When was the last time you could drive 50 miles for under a buck?

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written by PleaseStopEmbarrassingYourself, November 20, 2008
Kilowatt (kW) is a unit of power not a unit of energy. I think you may mean kilowatt*hour (kWh), a unit of energy, which is why we pay for our energy bills based on how many kWh we consumed and why energy is levitra buy now priced in $/kWh.
any idea
written by michelle, November 20, 2008
why just SoCal and NY/NJ?
we've linked to cialis 50 mg you. THANKS!
written by jasmine, November 20, 2008
just wanted to say a quick 'thanks'! we've linked to your site because it is eco-rad and levitra professional mail order no prescription we think that others might agree. check us out if you'd like:

very briefly and basically, we are a daily eco awareness resource - rounding up the online green gems of the day in hopes of usefull link levitra pharmacy spreading the good green word. that's all. enthusiasts, i suppose.

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Toward a Green Future
written by Cameron Adams, November 21, 2008
Put me on the waiting list! People are buying high-mileage diesels and gas-electric hybrids as quickly as VW, Honda, Toyota et cheapest cialis online al can build them. Mini would do well to join this movement.
Author of this article is confused
written by fred, November 22, 2008
The author of this article is very confused about how electrical energy is measured. Said author really isn't qualified to write such an article. GreenMorons rule.
Author of this article made only a typo
written by Chris, December 03, 2008
- 150 kW engine
- 5.5 on just 1kW
GREEN tips at
written by Kym Allen, December 17, 2008
I found these great green tips at

Dreaming of a GREEN Christmas

Rethink Gift Wrapping
Americans throw away 25% more trash during the holidays. You can reduce a portion of your holiday waste by using alternatives to wrapping paper. Tap into your creative side by using newspaper, magazines, old calendars or even fabric to wrap presents. You can also save money by reusing recycled paper or any other materials around your home to viagra online india decorate wrapped gifts.

Send holiday e-cards, or print your card on recycled paper
You can save money and the environment by sending a free holiday e-card to your loved ones. Using recycled paper is another way to save the buy generic viagra cheap environment because recycled paper helps reduce demand for wood, conserves natural resources and generates less pollution during manufacturing.

Consider real, not artificial, when choosing your Christmas tree this year
Real Christmas trees are both renewable and recyclable. They are grown on similar viagra tree farms specifically designed to produce trees for the holidays. Artificial trees may be the right choice for some people, and can be cost effective in the long run. However, some artificial trees are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a potential source of hazardous lead, and once those trees are thrown away, they’ll be in a landfill for a long, long time.

Recycle your Christmas tree
A real Christmas tree is 100% biodegradable. By recycling your Christmas tree, you can reduce 690,000 tons of levitra 50 mg materials that are dumped in landfills. Check your city’s local listings for curbside or drop-off locations for recycling.

Shop for Green Gifts
Browse for holiday presents for your family and friends. By purchasing eco-friendly gifts, you can do your part for the Earth and viagra for sale on the internet at the same time encourage your loved ones to reduce their carbon footprint beyond the holiday season. Also consider gifts, given in the name of friends and family, to environmental charities.

Recycle your beverage containers at all holiday parties
The holidays are filled with delicious dinners and festivities that generate a lot of waste. By recycling your bottles and cans, you can help reduce the 4.5 pounds of trash per person per day that Americans produce.

Source: Department of Conservation, Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Defense, National Christmas Tree Association

Shuttle cars arrive before Obama Bullet Trains
written by Uncle B, November 27, 2009
To relieve the American Economy of the support of the OPEC parasite nations, we must free ourselves from foreign oil! We have the shorter range electric cars already well developed, some even road proven,the Tesla roadster quite appealing, Aptera on the streets, the Volt on the drawing boards, and the BYD "Shanghai Electric Taxis" proven for two years in China and poised for Export States-side! Where is Obama's massive intercity electric bullet train plan? We need a "Manhattan Project" scale plan - no bull Shiite - granted sweeping rights by government as a national emergency to establish an inter-city electric train system to rid our country of interstate highways, jet plane travel, to curtail foreign oil imports, and utilize Nuclear, Solar, Wind, Wave, Hydro, Tidal, and Geo-Thermal resources at home, keeping money in the U.S.A. and to chinese viagra buy balance the goddammit! budget, and stop paying huge annual interest payments to foreign parasites! Come on Barrack, get your Shiite together! Stop pandering to big oil's Afghanistan pipeline to Turkmenistan for Halliburton(Dubai)'s sake! Conscript Armies to build our 400% more efficient steel wheel to steel rail computer controlled freight and passenger system, build this nation on Steel this time not rubber! on concrete ties, not foreign asphalt! Do it before the Asian Fact drives Oil out of reach for the average American patriot! Kick Ass! before America sinks under the best price pharmcy tramadol waves of bayer levitra online pharmacy cheapest foreign debt,more likely than Global Warming, right! Change! Where in Hell is it, I ask?

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