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NOV 22

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"In the days of cheap gas, Honda has always been in the wow)) price cialis forefront of fu..."

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Honda Debuts Eco-Assist Gauge Cluster

This Wednesday at the LA Auto Show Honda debuted its new Eco-Assist fuel economy enhancement technology with the new Honda Insight Concept. This technology is hot on the heels of other manufacturers that have been releasing detailed fuel economy displays on their hybrid cars, and should be very competitive with these other products.

The Honda Insight, which also made its North American debut at the same time, will come equipped with the new Eco-Assist display in the spring of 2009 when the Insight first goes on sale in the United States.

Eco-Assist is more than just a display; it's a full fuel economy enhancement package. Besides the scoring function, which rates how you drive and order levitra from canada encourages more economic driving, Eco-Assist offers and ECON mode, which tweaks the drivetrain to be even more fuel efficient. Perhaps the most visible and interesting feature is fda approved viagra paypal the speedometer background, which glows a certain color depending on how you're driving. This gives you instant feedback without the trouble of trying to read an extra set of numbers off the dash.

Honda hopes this feature will help propel the Insight, with it's low $18,500 starting price to projected sales of 100,000 units in North America annually. Personally, I'm looking forward to a test drive where I can see how the functions work in the real world.

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Cool, this is really...
written by HankS, November 23, 2008
Cool, this is really shaping up to no prescription be a nice car.

I'm hoping for good crash-safety ratings, and ideally an ESP package, while still coming in under the current Prius in price.
written by gary, November 24, 2008
Blue is the worst choice of indicator colour for a vehicle. This is because blue has short wavelength which makes it difficult for eyes to focus on it. This vehicles dash looks like it was designed by a Chinese MP3 player company.
Blue color...
written by Doc Rings, November 24, 2008
The fact that blue is harder to focus on at night, actually makes it a good background color, and may enhance the non prescription cialis from canada white numerals overlayed upon it.
Honda has always been innovative
written by Ray Kabigting, December 12, 2008
In the days of cheap gas, Honda has always been in the forefront of fuel economy. And they have gained a darn good reputation on building good and economical vehicles. If they only followed the business direction of woman and cialis Honda and some of the Asian auto manufacturers, perhaps the big 3 US auto companies will not be in this deep financial hole where they need to be bailed out by us taxpayers.

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